This guide will present you just how to adjust the oil in the infection of the development motor that the Harley-Davidson Sportster.

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The evolution Sportsters have wet clutch and also primary drives. The is encourage to readjust the oil at 1,000 miles, climate every 10,000 miles after that.

The manufacturer recommends using 20w50 oil. Make sure that the oil you use is approved for wet clutches. Many automotive oils space not, so we recommend purchasing an oil that specifically states it"s recipe for use in motorcycle transmissions. 75w90 equipment oil is often substituted for 20w50 engine oil in this application.


Using a 5/32 Hex or Allen screwdriver, unscrew the 2 screws indigenous the main chain inspection cover.

Your investigate cover may not it is in round, depending on the year. However, it will be in the very same location and also secured by comparable screws.

The transmission drainpipe plug is situated on the underside of the infection on the left next of the bike, close to the kickstand bumper.

Insert a hefty duty spudger or comparable prying tool into the gap between the clutch investigate cover and the transmission housing near whereby clutch cable beginning the housing.

As you pour, clock the clutch investigate hole. Make certain that the oil level stays listed below the sheet of the clutch investigate hole.

Before re-installing the primary chain investigate cover, make sure the rubber O-ring ~ above the inside of the main chain inspection feet is clean and properly seated.

Also make certain that the rubber o-rings room clean and in appropriate condition before replacing the screws in the main chain inspection cover.

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Using a T27 screwdriver head, reinstall the clutch inspection cover. Install the screws in the complying with order:

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yet you cant use equipment oil for cluthc!!!

car motor oil i do not know be used for cycle cluthc!!! Motorcycle motoroil CAN!

I change my my transmission oil exactly how it showed and yes the spring through the nut on the end came off and I placed it best back. Now I have no stress and anxiety at every in mine clutch basically I have actually no clutch anymore. This is the first time I"ve taken the investigate plate off throughout a transmission fluid change. Ns usually drainpipe it and also automatically just put one quart in. What might I have done wrong?

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