Discus and also support How carry out I change the language from spanish come english on black ops 2 utilizing backwards ... in XBoX Games and Apps to resolve the problem; ns bought the game from gamestop. Mine xbox language is in english yet for some reason the video game is loading in spanish! aid PLEASE!!...Discussion in "XBoX Games and also Apps" started by Buddy8211 PR, Apr 12, 2017.

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Look in ~ the disc/box to check out if this is a Spanish language version. Black color Ops 2 does not have an alternative to adjust language in game, together the discs were made language/region specific.

Look in ~ the disc/box to watch if this is a Spanish language version. Black Ops 2 does not have actually an alternative to change language in game, as the discs to be made language/region specific.

hey mine xbox live is other language i would choose too changed in english o spanish how i can do that?

I have a friend that purchased the game in Brazil, by default the language was Spanish once they played(their xbox language was set to English), in order for them to adjust it to Portuguese (the other language on the disk), they have actually to change the Language for your Xbox to Portuguese. now in her case, if your default language is English on your xbox and also you're still getting the game in Spanish, then possibly Spanish is the just language that's ~ above the game disk. There's no choice in the video game for changing the language.

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Hello!So, ns contacted the support for this and somehow that is ultimately working to mine liking - the success are in english now. I don't understand what was precisely the issue, but I will write-up things i thought are relevant.It to be sorted one of two people by:1.) who doing miscellaneous behind the curtains (I don't think that's the case, but it is a possibility)2.) Czech republic an ar is somehow linked to spanish language. I have actually no idea just how or why, yet it's an option. I had actually only 1 language installed on my OS windows 10 - czech. As soon as I mounted english/US and changed the language come it (in win10 -> setups -> time and language -> language), accomplishments tab was adjusted to english as well.3.) the achievement tab take away the setups from critical language added to the operating system. Because spanish was the critical language I added (eventhough the was just a keyboard layout), xbox may have actually remembered spanish to be the last language and also therefore switched to it.4.) A random (?) alternative was chosen: My operating system had actually only 1 language mounted - czech. And also since the success probably cannot be shown in czech and also there was no other language installed it determined (somehow) spanish. Once I included a second option - english - xbox account found czech as main then found english as another language on my pc so the is selecting english.I have actually no idea which choice is correct or if they room all wrong, ns was not listed any explanation, simply an info that's a known issue, but it seemed without well-known fix.So what I have done to resolve this for anyone having actually the same worry (it may not help you, but it is worth a try):1.) go to her OS -> setups -> time and also language -> region.2.) readjust it to joined States3.) walk to OS -> settings -> time and language -> language4.) shot to change it come english (us). If friend can't, click the link listed below to access the multiple sclerosis store and find it there and install it. It may take some time (for me the MS store downloads are slow-moving - took me 2 hrs to download)5.) collection the language come english / US, you may as well change your keyboard layout to english (us) as well6.) restart the PC7.) log in, check the success tab - it must be in english now.8.) go to OS -> setups -> time and language -> an ar / language and adjust everything earlier how it was.9.) smile and also enjoy.I expect this will help someone rather too.Have a nice work guys and thanks for her replies here!!