I desire a Darkrai because that an upcoming battle and also I have everything I need, other than for the Darkrai! I understand that you require to acquire Cresselia, however I dont know where to find that either, can anyone help?

I have an excellent news and also I have bad news. Firstly, Cresselia isn"t vital to catch Darkrai. That was the an excellent news. One of the bad news is the Darkrai is an event only Pokemon. Friend cannot catch Darkrai in any kind of game legally. The would have been every well yet I didn"t put the negative news in plural because that nothing. Firstly, there space no Darkrai event happening in ~ the moment, in any type of Generation. So at the minute you can"t acquire it legally at all. However secondly, there are no occasions for BW/BW2 anymore. Together of XY there have actually been no events at every for the older gamings (the same applied when BW replaced DPP/HGSS). So us have an event only Pokemon, that cannot be obtained because there are no occasions featuring it and also there will never ever be any kind of events in the gamings at hand. However, the does not average all is lost.As ns mentioned earlier one have the right to hack Darkrai right into the games. Problem is i don"t know just how to do that and it isn"t precisely safe come do. So that is not best either.That pipeline us through trading alone. You can trade v someone that had obtained Darkrai in an earlier event online. Difficulty is occasion Pokemon can not be traded online, and also you cannot profession online at all no longer in the Gen 5 games as that company was closeup of the door down once XY arrived.

(I"m starting to feel like I"m placing out a fire through a water bucket yet the bucket is full of holes and on fire and the water itself is top top fire, and also I"m on fire and also the fire is on fire.)

So that leaves united state with regional trade. The only means to legally obtain Darkrai in BW 2 is come trade v someone who have it in person. And that strategy works, in spite of how impractical the is.

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answeredMay 8, 2015by FlafpertselectedMay 9, 2015by Pakemans123456789
lel Flaf your description of hopelessness gets to me man. XD
commentedMay 8, 2015by Emty
There is a way to to access events even after they have actually ended(no video game hacking), yet the event will be random and also it may not work sometimes. It functions by messing v the DNS. Doesnt injury anything. Also might not work on real spotty net though.
commentedSep 23, 2020by Nox

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