The horse"s day

The horse"s work is no the same as a real day.

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The background of the work is top top the left next of the horse"s page. A horse"s day starts when it wakes up in ~ 8 a.m. Every of the horse"s actions bring away a specific amount the time. Because that example, meals take 30 minutes.

Your horse must be put to bed before midnight (horse time), after i m sorry time horses have the right to no longer bring out actions. The only exception is foaling, which can take place at any type of time. To save a horse in peak shape, you should put it to bed no later on than 10 pm.

Your equine needs to be boarded in one equestrian center so the you can put it come bed in ~ the end of the day.

Foals the are less than 6 month old deserve to be bedded down even if they room not boarded in an equestrian center.


Once your steed is bedded down, the will immediately age at the moment of the site"s upgrade (07:00). when it wakes up, a new day begins. In the game, horses age 2 months every time they wake up.

If you have not put your equine to bed, it will not age immediately during the night. This means that if you room not playing, your horse will not age. In stimulate to period it without wait for the following day, you need aging points. You will sometimes find some when your equine wakes increase (it will certainly be mentioned in the history). If not, you deserve to purchase aging points with passes.

There are two items indigenous the Black industry that enable a horse to get about the aging rules:

Unlike aging points, these items must be assigned come a specific horse.

After that is 25th birthday, your equine gets old, and also its health and wellness and an abilities begin come decline. If you take an excellent care the it, your horse deserve to live up to a best of 35 years. If you give your equine the Philosopher"s Stone, it i do not care immortal and also its an abilities never decline.

> 1.2 - Weather and seasons


On, the seasons last one week. Fall starts top top the very first day that each real month. Because each season lasts 1 week, Winter starts on the 8th, spring arrives on the 15th, and Summer start on the 22nd. Summer lasts till the end of the actual month, climate the bike of periods starts again the following month.

In-game seasons have actually an impact on the amount of grass in meadows. Over there is a the majority of grass in productive meadows throughout the Spring and also Summer, yet it gets scarce in winter.

> 1.3 - Rankings

In each ranking page, you deserve to view her ranking by utilizing the connect "Display my place in the rankings" situated at the optimal of the page.

Use the number in red or eco-friendly with a - or + personality in front of them come assess her day-to-day progress.

General ranking

On this page, you will find:

Overall ranking that players. Warning, just your 10000 steeds with the most an abilities are taken right into account because that ranking purposes.Ranking of football player having derived the many trophies.Ranking the the richest playersRanking through seniorityRanking the popularity, i beg your pardon is calculated based upon the variety of visits by various players the previous day. A player visiting a profile an ext than once each work does no raise the location of that page, just one visit per day will certainly be taken right into account.The ranking the the breeders

On this page, you have the right to view:

ranking for breeders v the most horsesranking for breeders who cared because that the most horses during the ahead dayranking for breeders who won the many competitions throughout the vault dayranking for breeders that won the many rosettes during the vault dayranking for breeders who sent out the most equines to sky this month ranking for breeders who sent the most equines aged over 25 to heaven this month ranking because that breeders who sold the most steeds to the safe Haven this monthOn the first day of every month, the player that won the most rosettes during the previous month will be forgive a special horse. Every month, you can win one of the newly released breeds.The ranking the the steeds

Because all equines are no necessarily lucky in competitions, castle may also be ranked according to either overall skill or a details skill. Therefore, girlfriend will discover a ranking because that each skill.

You can likewise filter the ranking that the equines by breed and also thus watch the best individual of every breed.

In every of these rankings, you may display the place of your own horses and also monitor your progress.

The steed victory ranking

Horses space ranked according to their results in competitions. There is a basic ranking and also one because that each kind of vain (trot and also gallop races, cross-country, show-jumping...). Steeds that have the highest possible record of achievements are obviously great champions with superior skills, yet they are additionally horses who trainers have regulated their job in the many intelligent way possible.

Creation Ranking

On this page, you"ll find:

Ranking the breeders who own the most horses with a golden AppleRanking the breeders who own the most steeds with a Retired gold AppleRanking of players who have proposed the many creationsRanking of football player whose creations are the most typically used in the game
Items indigenous the black Market

You have the right to exchange particular Black industry items with other players.

Access is granted as soon as you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.

Every week, the variety of trades you deserve to offer or accept room limited:

Less than 15 work of seniority1 exchange
Between 15 and 30 job of seniority2 exchanges
Over 30 days of seniority3 exchanges
With the Pegasus Account3 extra exchanges
In order to trade, you also must follow these rules:Your karma needs to be greater than 6Your account have to be validated by your parents if you space under 16 year oldYou can not trade v a player who has the very same email address as youYou might only make one trade with the exact same player per weekItems indigenous the shop

You can offer 3 items from the store (apples, saddles, etc.) to your friends every week and receive item in return. Accessibility is granted once you finish the apprentice breeder objectives.

You may only offer away one item to the same friend per week.

Visit her friends" pages to gift items native the shop!


You must follow some straightforward rules come play in the finest of conditions: Never provide out your password,do not register on sites that pretext to market you overcome so as to steal her account,choose a password that is difficult to guess


You can permit authorized friend to access your account and also take care of it once you are not available. The Account Sharing switch will let her co-managers access your account because that 30 days till you log in in again. This way, they will have limited access to your account. They deserve to take treatment of her horses, yet they will never have the ability to delete her account, your equestrian center, your reproduction farms, or offer your horses.

Warning, co-management of your account should not be entrusted to someone you perform not know. Any type of undesired activity on your account by a co-manager continues to be your responsibility.

Passes room an in-game currency. They give you accessibility to far better services and also products 보다 the ones you can achieve with Equus.

Passes enable you to:purchase aging points,

To get passes:

you deserve to win overcome if you placed your steeds up for sale in exchange for passes and players buy lock

In order to gain a happen in among these ways, your email resolve must be confirmed, or your game must be showed by her parents if you room under 16.


You can change your an individual info at any kind of time native the Account page.

Please note that because that data defense purposes, account that are inactive for an ext than 180 days will be deleted automatically.


After weaning it, conveniently board your equine in an equestrian center so you deserve to put it come bed.

To execute this, use the connect at the top-right of the page to pick an equestrian center. Friend can select an equestrian facility according come its price or the prestige. Friend may additionally search because that the equestrian center of a details player by providing the player"s identifier.

Once you have actually selected one equestrian center, you must select the expression of the stay, and also then simply confirm. The course, your equines do no all have to be boarded at the same equestrian center. Furthermore, friend can readjust centers as often as friend like.

You can prolong the boarding many thanks to the i m sorry is placed next come the end day on her horse"s page. The center manager will decide to accept or decline your request. It"s also feasible to questioning the manager to reserve a crate for you in his establishment.

Choosing a center

The equestrian facility that you select will have actually an influence namely on:

box size: the bigger package is, the an ext morale a equine bedded over there receives once it wakes upthe top quality of bedding used: mares will shed less power when offering birth if the high quality of your bedding is goodThe money girlfriend earn for the objectives your horse accomplishes: the price is instantly calculated follow to the boarder"s prestige. (the price presented on the center"s page is the amount received by the owner that the steed performing the mission)the grassland prestige: the higher the grassland prestige is, the more fodder your steed will have the ability to eat for free when grazingif food is available, such as fodder, oats, carrots or mashes: you deserve to then give some to your equines without having actually to take it from your inventory.the presence of tools that allows boarders to advantage from that for totally free if they have actually the equivalent specialtyLocation of Equestrian Center: an abilities increase twice as fast throughout rides if the place of the Equestrian center corresponds to the kind of drive your steed goes on.Instances of horse being bought or evicted

Remember to inspect the profile web page for the facility where you desire to board your equine to avoid any kind of surprises, as you won"t have the ability to cancel the horse"s plank there. The steed will continue to be there because that the variety of days you have paid for. There is one exception: as soon as players to buy a steed whose plank has already been booked in, they have the right to cancel it throughout the 7 days complying with purchase.

If your equine is evicted from the box they were in due to the fact that the box has come to be too worn or the equestrian center was deleted:

either you are reimbursed for the boarding sum that is leftor if reimbursement isn"t possible, your equine will be moved to a box of the same quality in Ow"s equestrian facility for the continuing to be duration of your stay. You have the right to cancel your horse"s board in the 7 days following the move if friend wish.

Cancelling a horse"s board doesn"t provide you the appropriate to it is in reimbursed.

Colts and fillies

Foals remain with their mom until they are 6 months old.
During that time, they feed on your mother"s milk exclusively. If the equestrian facility where the mom is boarded offers carrots, the foal can eat part for free.

Weaned foals can only eat fodder.When they start training, you can provide them oats. Make certain they eat properly: not also much, not too little.

The adult horse

An adult draft steed needs fodder and oats.Food quantity depends ~ above the amount of job-related provided. If the food is not appropriate, they will acquire fatter or thinner, which have the right to incur wellness damage.The horse deserve to eat a particular amount of fodder for cost-free depending one the top quality of the grasslands in the equestrian center where the steed is boarded. It likewise depends on the season: grass is much less abundant in the winter 보다 it is in the spring.Some equestrian centers offer fodder and oats to their boarders. This enables you come feed your horse entirely for cost-free if they room boarded in such an equestrian center!

Weight problems

Several messages will warn friend if your horse is also fat or too thin. If this is the case, girlfriend will have to take action. If it"s as well thin, friend will have to provide it as much feed together possible. If it"s too fat, don"t feed it.


You deserve to please your horse by providing him carrots. They also restore few of his energy. They can be given away for complimentary to boarders by equestrian centers who prosper them. Make sure you pick the ideal equestrian center!

Other football player can provide apples to your equine to rise his morale.


In order to aid you store your equine in shape, you deserve to use mashes that will certainly restore:

10% energy10% morale5% health

Only steeds that are more than 2 year old. Additionally, after ~ 25, steeds no much longer recover wellness from mash.

Just choose with fodder, oat and carrots, some equestrian centers can give mashes away for free.

There room three gauges that provide you one indication of the physical problem of your horse: energy, health and also morale.

Each time your horse performs one action, it results one or number of of that is stats. You need to pay close attention to that energy. If your horse is exhausted, it deserve to die.Ideally, bed it at 10 p.m. At the latest, with at least 20% energy. If your equine is listed below 20% energy, it will not recoup properly and might even die if below 5%.

How carry out you regain a horse"s energy?

by feeding themby stroking themby offering them a mashby bedding them. The equine recovers about 5 time the power they had actually when they went to bed. Mental though the if you bed your equine when their energy is 0, they will offering them something to drinkgive them few of the sugar you will uncover while performing actionsby giving them a carrot

How perform you restore your horse"s morale?

by organize themby providing them a mashby giving them something to drinkif another player provides them an apple

Finally, wellness increases naturally as time go by.

Morale problems

When a horse is age with much less than 20% morale, his wellness drops. The lower his moral is, the quicker the health drops. To prevent that, don"t forget come groom your horses every day and to put them in an Equestrian Center.

Health problems

The health of a horse under 25 declines when:

This horse is also fat or as well thinYou have not taken an excellent enough care of her horseThe horse"s energy has dropped listed below 20%You have not groomed your horse the ahead day

After 25, the health of horses and also ponies that perform not have the Philosopher"s rock will decrease gradually according to the age of the horse.


You will certainly find, there, everything that you have to take care of your horse. In the miscellaneous departments, you may purchase:

food and also treats come please her horseequipment to go into competitionsbonuses to boost your horse"s performance

The price of details items transforms depending on your purchase and sale by various other players.

On this page, in the bottom right, you can view item that are in her inventory and plan for renewing your stock. If necessary, you deserve to sell this items at the store. The keep will acquisition them for much less than the asking price. Friend can likewise sell droppings developed by your horses. To market something come the store, click “Sell Items” on the store page.

Note that you deserve to only market what you have actually in her inventory.


The Black sector is a an extremely strange and peculiar place. Remain on your guard as soon as venturing the end there, the powers of items uncovered there may be so strong they have the right to be frightening.

The item on the black sector may it is in purchased v passes.

These items might not it is in handed under from parent to offspring. They can not be moved from one steed to another, and also they cannot be recovered when the equine dies.


In order for your steed to have the ability to compete at the age of 3 years, you have to pick which riding layout will it is in its specialty. The varieties of competitions your horse will it is in eligible for will rely on that is specialty.

Horses that specialize in Classical Riding can get in speed races and cross-country, show jumping and also dressage competitions.

Horses that specialize in Western Riding can get in barrel racing, cutting, reining, west pleasure and trail class competitions.

To select your horse"s specialty, pick their riding type in the Competitions box.

You can adjust your horse"s specialty till it will the age of 5 years.


Once your equine is specialized, you need to purchase a saddle blanket, a saddle and also a bridle that complement its specialty. You can uncover these items at the breeder"s store. Over there are numerous designs and also quality levels available.

Some equestrian centers do different types of equipment accessible for your steed for free.

In order come make her horse an ext efficient in competitions, you can also equip him with an ear bonnet and polo wraps.

You deserve to then give these items come your horse from the horse page.

This tools will never ever wear out. You cannot eliminate it, only replace it.

If you replace your horse"s equipment, the old devices will be destroyed.

The skills

On, there are 6 skill categories:

Stamina rate Dressage Gallop Trot Jumping

The maximum skills that a steed may reach throughout its lifetime through the tasks that friend will have actually it bring out is identified at bear according to its breed and also ancestors. Castle vary, therefore, indigenous one individual to the next, even within the same breed. However, as logic dictates, a trotter will certainly never become a champion level racer! As the potential of a equine cannot be extended infinitely, there will come a time when your steed will no longer progress. that is as much as you to develop your horse"s skills to their fullest!

There space 3 main ways to improve a horse"s skills:ridestrainingcompetitionsPay fist to her horse"s health. If you train him, have him go on rides, or get in competitions and also he is no at 100% health, the won"t win the maximum number of skill points. If your horse doesn"t obtain the preferably skills, he won"t have the ability to retrieve lock later.

There are 2 an ext ways to boost skills: Playing games when the foal is between 8 and 16 months old; that is feasible to earn approximately 60 skill points this way.Completing goals which become accessible when a horse reaches 2 year old; goals consume 30% energy. Skill progress depends on the quality of the missions listed by the equestrian center where the horse is boarded. Missions give skill point out in the horse"s or pony"s 2 highest potential skills. Remember, skill increases from missions finish when the equine is 25 years old!

When you have actually completed the breakthrough of a horse"s skill, claimed skill is presented in bold form in the horse"s genetic potential. Completing the development means finishing training and rides, and also having the equine earn every the skills feasible in competitions.


Training starts in ~ 1 year and also 6 months because that rides. There space 2 species of rides: forest rides and also mountain rides. Every one develops certain skills:

Forest rides build dressage, gallop and jumpingMountain rides develop stamina, speed and trot

You will check out the stars that the an abilities frame (in the facility of your horse page) fill in progressively. Note that gaining an abilities is limited, and also after a certain time, your horse will no longer obtain anything by doing rides.

When your steed is 2 years old, it deserve to start training. every skill calls for a particular training. Each training calls for 3 hours. Girlfriend can integrate several training types during your horse"s day, but constantly check its power level and also what time that is top top its background so that it have the right to get enough rest. Remember, you need to bed it down at 10:00 pm at the latest!

When your steed reaches 5 years old, you deserve to go on coast rides. These room special rides throughout which girlfriend can change the allocation of her horse"s skills by carrying them from one ability to another. The much longer the ride, the greater the transport of skills. Warning, the move is minimal and corresponds to 2.5% of the hereditary potential that the horse.

Remember, if your horse"s morale isn"t in ~ 100% as soon as it goes for rides top top the beach, the transferring of skills will be less than optimal and also lost for good.


They show up in a framework in the horse"s page. These are points included to the skills, but they are not to be puzzled with the skills. They may make a difference in the outcomes of the competitions, but do not count for the minimum required for the competitions.

They may be connected with:

in ~ the facility at i beg your pardon the horse has actually been boarded follow to its reputation with various items bought native the store, top top the Black industry or discovered during activities performed by your horse

They are also displayed through a + authorize in former of them as soon as you hover your mouse over the "Skills" frame.


When your steed is 3 year old competitions can begin! In order for your equine to compete, you have to specialize it into one type of competition and also give the a saddle blanket, a saddle and a bridle that match its specialization.

The competitions will permit you to earn money follow to your success but additionally to boost the an abilities of your horses. Together their potential is no unlimited, there will come a time as soon as your horse"s an abilities will no much longer be enhanced by competitions.

Every competition has actually a challenge rating that determines the minimum and the maximum skill level because that the steeds who have access, regardless of which discipline is selected. Every equestrian facility sets the desired difficulty rating for its competitions.

At the beginning, your equine only has access to competitions for steeds with fewer 보다 20 wins. As soon as it reaches 20 wins, any type of pending registrations because that competitions are canceled. It will certainly then have accessibility to more high-prestige competitions.

You cannot enter an ext than 2 horses from your stables in a competition.

On every horse"s file page, among other information, you"ll discover a an overview of the horse"s victories and results in competitions.

Classical talk Competitions

Classical talk competitions are for steeds specializing in classical Riding that have a classical bridle and saddle. There space 5 kinds of competitions:Gallop and trot rate races are minimal based top top gallop ability level because that gallop races, and trot ability level because that trot races. Horses also need good speed and dressage skills if you desire them to end up being champions.Cross-countryis a really physical discipline that requires high stamina, good jumping skills and high docility. Registrations are minimal based ~ above the stamina skill.Show-jumpingrequires outstanding jumping skills and high flexibility. Because these competitions are timed, a show-jumping horse also has to clean obstacles quickly. It is registered is limited based top top jumping ability level. In a show-jumping contest, horses deserve to commit fouls, each including 1 second to their final timer.Dressage contests emphasis on the rate of a steeds pacing, i.e. Gallop and trot, but more importantly, ~ above dressage skills. Occasionally, a horse deserve to perform particularly well, which boosts its score and grants you a bonus the 100 Equus.

Western riding Competitions

Western talk competitions room for equines specializing in west Riding that have actually a western bridle and also saddle. There space 5 type of competitions:Barrel Racing is a timed gyeongju that needs speed, stamina and also gallop skills. The goal is come slalom approximately 3 barrels as quick as feasible without knocking them down. Competition it is registered is restricted based ~ above speed.Cutting requires high stamina and also speed in order to store a calf under control. It additionally requires a high level the dressage. Competition registration is restricted based ~ above stamina level.Reining is a dressage discipline that takes location at a gallop. High stamina is likewise a requirement. It is registered is minimal based on gallop level.Western pleasure is a self-control that requires great trotting skills, but additionally dressage and also stamina. It is registered is minimal based top top trot level. Horses deserve to commit fouls, each including 1 2nd to their last timer.The trail class is the tantamount of the dressage dispute for standard riding. A trail course horse needs wonderful dressage skills, but also an excellent trot and also jumping skills. Registration is limited based top top dressage level.


Please note, native 60 days of seniority in the game onwards, your steed may lose some morale when they carry out not finish very first in a competition. Don"t worry, this ns of morale can easily be revived with a little rest and also some treats!


You can approve bonuses come your equines in bespeak to make them perform better in competitions. Certain bonuses have the right to be discovered while completing objectives with your horses (such as the hoof pick or the comb). Various other bonuses can be purchased by visiting the save or the black market. Once calculating vain results, bonuses space directly used to skills and have actually an influence on the last result.

New football player just beginning their video game will obtain a special bonus. Don"t it is in surprised if some equines seem to execute exceptionally well, they"ve got a little help to get a good start in the game!

Competitions because that low-level horses

Some competitions are limited to low-level horses only. Low-level equines are steeds that

had less than 20 winshave no skills over 2380which have no an abilities with a hereditary potential over 3320

This value is recalculated every night.


The grand Prix is a week-long championship. It consists of 5 heats total, one warmth per day. There room 2 different Grand Prix: classical Riding and Western Riding.

Classical Riding cool PrixCross-countryTrotShow jumpingDressageGallop
Western Riding cool PrixCuttingWestern pleasureReiningTrail classBarrel racing

Each occasion lasts 10 hours and also requires 99% energy. Football player may go into two that their equines in each event.

A ranking is excellent each day and extraordinary gifts are handed out:

For the winner: 400 for the second player: 200 because that the 3rd player: 100 for the fourth player: 1 x Horseshoe StudsFor the 5th player: 1 x piece of CloudFor the very first 100 players: 1000 EquusFor all contestants: 500 Equus

At the finish of the 5 events, ~ above Saturday, a cool Prix weekly ranking is displayed: only the ideal performance in each occasion is counted. To it is in ranked, friend must have participated in the 5 events of the week.

Sunday there are no events, it"s rest day for her horses.

Following the weekly grand Prix ranking:

The top 10 obtain an award on their profile page.The optimal 100 ar finishers obtain a 7-day access to the fountain. The fountain replace instead instead the trough and also triples energy and morale gains.

There are special bonuses because that the cool Prix, which for example allow you to alleviate the energy your horses spend once registering, to give skill bonuses come your completing horses, and to register four horses in each event instead that two. You"ll find these bonuses in the Horns the Plenty.

Please note that the cool Prix joining of a horse is canceled if friend loan or offer it.

Access is granted as soon as you finish the apprentice breeder objectives.


Horses have the right to breed beginning from 2 years and 6 months.

With her stallions:

Make windy covering supplies with a limit of 100 per day.Make a reserved offer come a details mare, including one the your own mares.

With her mares:

Choose from the general public coverings.Accept a reserved offer, including from one of your own stallions.

A covering costs between 500 and also 7,500 , uneven the stallion is yours.

In addition to that, over there are in between 100 and also 2,500 in vet costs, according to your Equus reserve.


pregnancy lasts because that 12 months. Starting from the 8th month, because that 50 Equus you have the right to ask for an ultrasound in bespeak to recognize the foal"s gender, breed and coat in advance. As soon as reaching this phase, the mare can only take missions.On the 12th month of pregnancy, friend must contact the vet and make certain your mare is boarded at an equestrian center. If you don"t call the vet, girlfriend will shed the foal.

Once the foal is born you have the right to name it and also start taking treatment of it. Once it is separated indigenous its mom at the age of 6 month you will have to board it in ~ an equestrian center.

Foaling is the only activity that can take place after midnight in the horse"s history.

Keep in mind that it is no necessarily beneficial to cross-breed a mare the excels in dressage v a steed whose height skill is speed. Your offspring will certainly not necessarily be much better in each of these characteristics. It is encourage to breed in between horses the excel in the same skill.

Foaling is a tiring suffer for a mare. There have to be an interval the at the very least 10 months in between the bear of the last foal and also the next covering.


You have the right to castrate your males that are in between the ages of 2 and a fifty percent years old and 6 year old. Your equine will come to be a gelding. It will certainly no longer be able to reproduce, yet it will acquire a bonus (stamina: +8, speed: +8, dressage: +4). Gelding a equine takes at the very least two hours.

Note the it is not feasible to offer Zeus"s Lightning Bolt to a gelding, and also that castration is irreversible.

The foal

The foaling go smoothly, a foal is born. Its breed is figured out by the bulk breed in that ascendants if they room not "pure bred". Its cloak is selected at random among the coats authorized by the foal"s breed.

Your foal"s capacities depend on the genetic attributes of its parents as well as their maintain level and competition achievements.

The foals the you produce remain through their dam, in the very same box, until they are 6 month old. They perform not should be boarded during this period, and they feed solely on your dam"s milk.


Unicorns are really rare and reproduce virtually like simple horses.

Breeding is only possible between unicorns of the same breed. You"ll then need a little luck to get a unicorn foal.

Every day, you have the right to activate 2 unicorn spanning sessions, that deserve to be triggered whenever girlfriend want. A session is caused the minute you covering a female unicorn, ~ you have actually confirmed. Native that moment on, you have actually 60 secs to cover every the other female unicorns the you great to cover.

Once you"ve supplied up both extending sessions, you have to wait it spins the next day (after the day-to-day update) to have the ability to cover her unicorns again.

Remember, you may only covering a unicorn at the very least 10 real hrs after its conception or after its previous covering.Therefore you might want to an are out your extending sessions.


Donkeys deserve to only reproduce 3 times in your lifetime, and also only with an additional donkey. This is the only species whose hereditary potential decreases v every generation.When a male donkey is placed up for sale, any type of coverings that has offered that haven"t yet been embraced by a female are canceled.

Draft horses

Draft horses can only each other 3 time in their lifetime, and also only with one more draft horse.

When a masculine draft steed is put up for sale, pending coverings that have actually not however been accepted by a mare space canceled.

Genetic potential

The hereditary potential of a horse is calculated according to the genetic potential and also the BLUP that its parents.

Once a foal is born, its genetic potential deserve to no longer increase

Innate skills and skill progression from playing and also conducting missions are not included in the genetic potential. This method a horse"s an abilities can exceed the values listed in their genetic potential.

Stars awarded for excellence

The award because that excellence is a green star the you will find under a horse"s genetic potential. It indicates that the steed excels in that details skill. The is rare, as it is the culmination of a breeder"s considerable work in terms of training and also careful choice of breeding stock. That is forgive to superior horses!

To knife a star the excellence, the horse must have reached 100% that the genetic potential in the skill in question. That is possible to obtain additional stars in a skill for every 10% of additional genetic potential reached in the skill.

Excellence stars room awarded in ~ a foal"s bear only, since a horse"s hereditary potential cannot change once it is born.

Inborn skills

These are an abilities that the horse has actually right indigenous birth. All foals perform not necessarily have actually inborn skills. They are dependent on the foal"s parents, their hereditary potential and their BLUP. Thus a foal may be born v 10% stamina, for example.

A foal cannot be born with an unfavorable skills. If the mean BLUP that the parental is below 0, climate the foal will have no inborn skills.

These inborn an abilities are collection at birth. Lock are included to the genetic potential.

Note that inborn an abilities are incorporated to the skills, because of this it is feasible to exceed the value indicated in the genetic potential. This reliable value is what will count for the minimum skill necessity for competitions.


The BLUP value is a genetic index. The plays a duty in breeding due to the fact that the parents" BLUP values influence the foal"s hereditary potential and an abilities at birth.

It is calculated follow to:

the maintain level (rides, pure training and also competitions) got to by the equine in that is 3 best an abilities the variety of competitions the horse has won, ideally at the very least 20 that is age, the BLUP deserve to reach 100 only as soon as the steed is at the very least 10 year old

Based on this parameters, the BLUP worth will constantly be somewhere between -100 and +100, -100 gift the minimum value and also +100 gift the maximum value a horse have the right to reach.

The greater the parents" typical BLUP values, the higher the opportunities for the foal to have actually a high genetic potential and also innate skills.

Moreover, if the parents" median BLUP worth is below 0, the foal will have actually no innate skills.

In order to obtain the best feasible foals, it is recipient to choose horses through a high BLUP value as reproduction partners, or at the very least a optimistic one, i.e. Horses that space well-trained and also who have performed fine in competitions.

What are the various methods of earning money?

missions: your horse receives a specific amount the money depending upon your equestrian center
competitions that your equines take part incovering provides if you have stallionsthe revenue of a horse from your stablesthe revenue of droppings created by her horsesthe sale of items from her inventory items come the store
The reproduction farms

Breeding farms permit you to regroup equines that belong to you, whoever their breeders are.

Access is granted as soon as you finish the apprentice breeder objectives.

You have the right to register an extra reproduction farm per 60 days of seniority as much as a maximum of 5 breeding farms.


By subscribing to a Pegasus account, you deserve to register as much as 50 reproduction farms. Additionally, you can regroup every these reproduction farms under 5 categories, each through its own color, in bespeak to discover them more easily.


Any breeding farm can make a name for itself and also build that reputation based upon the horses it produces. You have the right to register an affix and add it to the name of the steeds that you have produced. This affix might not be eliminated by future owners of horses developed in your reproduction farm. You cannot include it to the name of equines that were not born in your reproduction farm.

Access is granted when you finish the apprentice breeder objectives.

You can develop an extra affix every 30 days of seniority. Girlfriend will additionally get much more affixes by subscribing come a Pegasus account.

You have the right to have several affixes and also give them based upon the breeds you use, because that instance, or in order to identify lineages within a details breeding farm concentrated on this or the breed.

The breeds and also the blue star

There are plenty of different each other on, for horses and ponies alike. You deserve to separate purebred horses from these with combined breeds via the genes tab top top the horses" sheet. Additionally, purebred horses have a blue star ~ above the sales and coverings pages.

Breeding restrictions

By taking care of your horses, girlfriend can discover ageing clues or bonuses (whip, tub of grease, etc.) and also you will earn Equus (with goals or competitions, because that example). However, when you wake up up end 1000 steeds in a day, these gains space disabled. They space reenabled the following day.

Horses have the right to be sold and purchased in between players in exchange for Equus or Passes.

After each sale, 10% the the final amount will certainly be offered to to fill the Piggy Bank.

For example, if you sell a horse for 5,000 , 4,500 will be attributed to your account and also 500 will go into your Piggy Bank.

When the Piggy financial institution is full, friend will be able to unlock special momentary offers.


The moment you placed your steed up for sale, you can no much longer take treatment of it. it is immediately paused and also stops aging. The will start aging as usual again when it has been bought. Note that the horse will avoid aging when it"s been put up because that sale, also if the seller just took treatment of the that same day.

You can"t buy earlier a steed that you marketed in the 10 days after having made the sale.

The auctions

When marketing a steed at an auction, girlfriend can set a starting price. Potential buyers will certainly bid on this price. In the critical 30 seconds, every time a player areas a bid, the moment left prior to the sale end is reset come 30 seconds. The steed will be transferred to the player who placed the highest offer at the finish of the sale.

During the auction, the money is taken from the greatest bidder, if the players that placed the first bids will be reimbursed. If no one has actually made an sell by 48 hours, the equine will stay with the seller.

Auctions can be canceled if no one has bid on lock yet.

Players with the Pegasus Account have the right to start auctions for passes.Direct sales

Direct sales allow you to offer your horses much faster as compared to auctions. You directly pick the sales price for your horse, and also it can be purchased at any time.

You may cancel a straight sale before it has ended if no one has actually bought her horse. The equine in inquiry will instantly return to your reproduction farm 30 job after the start of the sale.

Access is granted as soon as you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.

The scheduled Sales

It is also feasible to reserve a sale because that a details breeder. If you choose this option, just the player that you have chosen will have the ability to buy her horse.

Access is granted once you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.

Safe Haven

The safe Haven is a refuge because that horses. Horses and also ponies staying there acquire to live the up far from the hubbub of the competitive world.There you deserve to sell:your horses for 400 your unicorns and also non-unicorn equines born come unicorn parents for 2,000

Selling a horse to this sanctuary is not like selling a horse to a player. Once the sale is completed, you can not buy your steed back, and the sale price is fixed.

You can team increase with various other players and also collaborate in stimulate to improve a breed.You can join approximately 2 teams.

A team is do of a founder and other players. The lot of obtainable spaces within a team depends on the variety of VIP players inside it, v 4 spaces every VIP member. A team have the right to at most only organize 20 players, also if over there are much more than 5 VIP players registered.

In stimulate to sign up with a team, girlfriend can:

Found your own team if you space a VIPaccept an invite from a team

Each team has actually a public web page that deserve to be customized, and special forums restricted to team members.

In order come make communications within a team easier, team messages have the right to be sent to every members the the team.

Additionally, you can book horses or coverings because that the whole team.

The founder can assign duties to each team member, such as the ideal to control the windy page, recruiting or team forum moderation.

You can leave your team at any kind of time. If you are the founder the the team, you can appoint a new founder from among the team members that are additionally VIP players. If you do not appoint a founder, a new founder will certainly be appointed automatically. However, if there space no VIP players left in the team, the team will be dissolved.

Lending horses

You have the right to lend your equines to your team mates. This way, your team will not acquire stuck if you leaving for a while.

Lending a equine is excellent from their horse page, comparable to offering that horse. You re welcome note but that you deserve to only lend horses that wear the team"s affix, and that you have the right to only loan 3 steeds at a time.

When who lends friend a horse, that horse:

remains in your reproduction farm between 2 and also 4 dayscannot get Black sector items or bonusescannot be marketed or sent out to safe Havencannot be registered to a cool PrixThe team affix

You have the right to use an affix the is shared across all your team mates because that all steeds belonging to the breed that you all collaborate ~ above together. Just purebred horses deserve to receive the team affix.

Team compensation pool

When placing a horse with the team"s affix ~ above sale, friend can choose to market it on instead of of the team. The passes of the sales are then included to a neighborhood prize pool.

This prize pool deserve to be distributed among team members by the team administrator.

Rating an affix

Riding horses, ponies, unicorns, and unicorn ponies team affixes are reviewed for a rating ~ above the first day of every month if:

at the very least 20 equines wearing the affix are born throughout the ahead month and alive in ~ the moment of the notationthe best horse attract the affix has a greater genetic potential 보다 the previous finest horse native the same breed upon the very first day that the vault month

Team affixes that satisfy these criteria space then sorted based on the ideal genetic potential of the equines born under that affix. Stars are then given to the 3 ideal affixes for each breed:

the best affix: 3 starsthe following affix: 2 starsthe third affix: 1 star

Prizes space then provided to every member the the teams that obtained their affix rewarded:

3 stars: Morpheus" Arms2 stars: Chronos" Timer1 star Zeus" Lightning Bolt

Please keep in mind that you can not receive much more than 2 prizes every month native ratings, also if girlfriend are component of 3 or much more teams that gain rewarded.

Team rankings

You can compare your team v others many thanks to miscellaneous rankings:

the best genetic potential of steeds born v the team affixthe variety of horses born through the team"s affix transparent the monththe variety of rosettes won by horses wearing the team"s affix throughout the monththe variety of times when horses wearing the team"s affix have been ranked in the peak 1000 in cool Prix competitions transparent the monthTeam prestige, which is the result of the 4 ahead rankings as well as affix ratingsUnicorn teams

You deserve to restrict your team come unicorn breeding.

Unicorn teams use their very own ranking system.

Affix rating for riding unicorns and also pony unicorns works exactly the same as with affixes for riding horses and ponies, other than that unicorn affixes room ranked amongst themselves only.


The Creation an are is a place where you have the right to propose illustrations come be supplied on and also win passes if lock beat the vote.

These illustrations may be equine coats because that the gold Apple or landscapes because that the Helios" Ray.

The Creation room is for all languages (English, German, French...). That means if you suggest an illustration and it wins the vote, it will be easily accessible in every languages.

How it works

The selection procedure takes place every month, and follows a certain procedure. This month:

Proposing illustrations1st October 00:00 » 5th October 23:59Everyone can propose illustrations utilizing the black PearlVoting6th October 00:00 » 14th October 23:59Players of every languages poll on the illustrations when they have actually been validatedSelectionThe most well-known illustrations are selected and sorted by categoryPublishing26th October 10:00The selected illustrations are released online in every of the site"s languagesRewards

Proposing illustrations deserve to be quite lucrative! The work an illustration is published, every illustration earns that author:

10,000 various numbers the passes for different types of illustration:
for a golden Apple coat v no limitation on the number of uses and 2,000 for a coat with a limited number that uses.
3,000 for a Helios" beam landscape

After voting, if her illustration is not selected, you will be refunded the overcome you invested proposing it.

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Winning illustrations will be released online in ~ the Black sector every month at the very same time (this month: 26th October 10:00). Also, every month, a couple of Golden apple coats will certainly be published online because that a restricted time only. As soon as they run out, they will be gotten rid of from sale.

Remember, the Creation an are is for all languages, for this reason illustrations the win can be from any kind of country!

The team reserves the appropriate to delete a production from the game, whether it has been deactivated or not. The players who have used this creation will be reimbursed through the initial worth of the item.