Fish with mindset is an additional monster reproduction game on the apple iphone phone or ipad. In this guide, we will go end the various breeding combinations to help you gain all the various fish each other in the game. You re welcome let us recognize if we have actually missed any kind of of the reproduction combinations. If you have found this Fish with mindset breeding guide helpful, you re welcome be sure to check out the rest of ours Mobile game guides!

For the much more rare fish breeds, the more joy the fish parental are, the more likely the you will acquire the rare hybrids. For this reason always shot to save your fishes happy in the game.

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In addition, shot get together many reproduction tanks together you can. This is just one of the best means to get much more breeds going at the very same time. This is exactly how you can obtain all the Fish with mindsets breeds in the game.

Basic Fish with attitude Breeds

Below is a perform of the an easy fishes the you will need to buy to begin your breeding.

Nice FishMean FishBrave FishShy FishSmart FishCreative Fish

Generation 1 Fish with perspective Breeds

Nice Fish Generation 1 HybridsNice + typical = CrazyNice + Brave = FlirtyNice + embarrassy = PrettyNice + smart = Funny or GreedyNice + an innovative = Clown

Mean Fish Generation 1 HybridsMean + pretty = CrazyMean + Brave = ToughMean + shy = RebelMean + smart = GreedyMean + creative = Paparazzi

Brave Fish Generation 1 HybridsBrave + quite = FlirtyBrave + mean = ToughBrave + shy = DreamyBrave + clever = CoolBrave + an innovative = Cheerleader

Shy Fish Generation 1 HybridShy + pretty = PrettyShy + Brave = DreamyShy + average = RebelShy + clever = NerdyShy + an imaginative = Dancer

Smart Fish Generation 1 HybridsSmart + mean = GreedySmart + quite = Funny or GreedySmart + Brave = CoolSmart + awkward = NerdySmart + an innovative = Artist

Creative Fish Generation 1 HybridsCreative + typical = PaparazziCreative + quite = ClownCreative + Brave = CheerleaderCreative + embarrassy = DancerCreative + clever = Artist

Generation 2 Fish with mindset Hybrids

We have categorized the generation 2 fishes v a generation 1 hybrid plus a single personality fish. Some of these combine can creative multiple results. In addition, they breeds with greater level tier fish (Generation 3+) will also an outcome in generation 2 fish often. If you carry out not obtain a particular breeds, simply keep top top trying till you can acquire them.

Crazy (Nice + Mean) + Brave = AdventureCrazy (Nice + Mean) + awkward = GossipCrazy (Nice + Mean) + an imaginative = Movie StarCrazy (Nice + Mean) + smart = salesman (Also Greedy + Rockstar)Funny (Nice + Smart) + creative = Astronauts (Also wizard + Salesman)Tough (Brave + Mean) + awkward = EvilTough (Brave + Mean) + smart = foolish Scientist or Robber (Also Adventure + Cool)Tough (Brave + Mean) + creative = Pirate (Also magician + Gossip)Dreamy (Shy + Brave) + smart = HoboDreamy (Shy + Grave) + creative = WizardNerdy (Shy + Smart) + creative = Designer (Also Artist + Model)Cool (Brave + Smart) + an imaginative = CowboyPretty (Nice + Shy) + creative = ModelPretty (Nice + Shy) + smart = secret AgentFlirty (Nice + Brave) + awkward = PartyFlirty (Nice + Brave) + creative = rock Star (Also Flirty + Clown)Flirty (Nice + Brave) + clever = chairman (Also Greedy + absent Star and also Adventure + Cool)Rebel (Mean + Shy) + an innovative = Ninja (Also magician + clerk = Ninja)Greedy (Nice + Smart) + creative = popular music star (Also sorcerer’s + Salesman)

Generation 3 Hybrid Fish with mindsets Breeding

The generation 3 fishes room the hybrids the Generation 2 fish to add generation 1. In most of the cases, girlfriend can achieve these high level fish through luck. The chance of gaining these is nice rare and also not 100%. Merely keep ~ above trying to breed making use of these combinations until you obtain the hybrid.

It is interesting that this tiers are frequently the fairytale favor creatures.

Fairy: rock Star + popular music StarVampire: Pirate + AstronautWerewolf: version + AstronautUnicorn: Designer + design or popular music Star + Model

Generation 4 Fish with mindset Breeds

With generation 3 fish hybrids, you can produce these higher level fish with breeding.

Angel: Vampire + Werewolf (However, absent Star + popular music Star has tiny chance of acquiring angel together well)Devil: Vampire + WerewolfGhost: Fairy + Werewolf

Generation 5 breed – The Valuable rock Series

By combine the heart fish native the generation 4 fish breeding, girlfriend can develop these rare rock fish.

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Ruby: evil one + GhostDiamond: point of view + Ghost

Generation 6 ultimate Breed

Congratulations, you have actually reached the end of the video game at the time this overview is written. This is the ultimate fish the is currently easily accessible in the game. Girlfriend can acquire the Fish with attitude Galaxy fish with the following combo.