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Patients who have broken their toes are often familiar with the sudden pain this form of injury have the right to cause. It might be daunting to relocate the impacted toe, and also can show up to it is in bruised or swollen. In serious fractures, a popping sound might be heard together the bone breaks, and also it may protrude indigenous the skin. Typical reasons why this injury can happen may include stubbing her toe versus a item of furniture, unexpectedly stepping turn off of a curb, or dropping a heavy object onto it. To do a ideal diagnosis, one X-ray is normally taken, as this can assist to determine the level of the fracture. The foot might feel far better when it is resting and also elevated, followed by taping the hurt toe come the toe next to it. This technique may be valuable in providing the support that is required as the healing procedure takes place. If friend have damaged your toe, please consult v a podiatrist that can carry out your with correct treatment options.

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A broken toe have the right to be very painful and lead to complications if not correctly fixed. If you have any concerns about your feet, call the podiatrists native InStride Foot & ankle Specialists. Our medical professionals will treat your foot and ankle needs.

What come Know about a damaged Toe

Although many people try to prevent foot trauma such together banging, stubbing, or dropping heavy objects on your feet, the unfortunate reality is the it is a common occurrence. Offered the reality that toes space positioned in prior of the feet, they frequently sustain the brunt of together trauma. Once trauma occurs to a toe, the an outcome can be a painful break (fracture).

Symptoms the a damaged Toe

Throbbing painSwellingBruising top top the skin and also toenailThe inability to move the toeToe appears crooked or disfiguredTingling or numbness in the toe

Generally, that is ideal to stay off of the hurt toe through the affected foot elevated.Severe toe fractures may be treated through a splint, cast, and also in some cases, young surgery. Due to its position and also the press it endures with day-to-day activity, future complications can happen if the huge toe is not correctly treated.

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If friend have any questions you re welcome feel cost-free to contactour offices situated in phibìc Carolina and also South Carolina. Find for an office located near friend . We offer the newest diagnostic and also treatment technologies for all her foot and also ankle needs.