Im doing pursuits for them at the hoover dam, however can ns actually join them? I desire the ranger armor!! for this reason bad! and if you cant actually join them, who have the right to you sign up with aside from the brotherhood of steel?


No, friend can't actually sign up with the NCR - you'll always just be a unique agent/mercenary. However, if you obtain to chosen with them, Col. Hsu in ~ Camp McCarran will provide you the vital to their safehouse. It'll have actually some NCR Ranger armor (among other things) in crap condition.

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You can additionally join the Brotherhood. Friend can't join the Enclave Remnants, but since you can obtain their armor, friend might as well have joined. Can't join any of the gangs, either, except...uhh...maybe the Khans? ns can't remember.

Actually there is a means to join the khans and become Papa Khans successor. Ns think it needs to be in a legion playthrough.

To get the ranger combat armour, you have the adhering to options:

Kill one NCR ranger and also steal it

Get to "Liked" with the NCR. Hsu in ~ Camp McCarran will provide you the vital to the safehouse which has a set in bad condition

However, if it's simply the look at of the armour the you like, climate you've got added options:

Early on in the Lonesome roadway DLC you can buy the Riot equipment from the commisary

If friend play with the ethical Hearts DLC friend can discover the Desert Ranger combat armour

I typically like the NCR, and also enjoy the look of the Ranger Armor, however I still prefer wearing the DLC armors, favor Riot Gear and Desert Ranger.

Mostly due to the fact that people think you space NCR as soon as you wear faction armor.

You deserve to join the followers of the Apocalypse for sure, don't mental the rest off the height of mine head.

Easiest way to obtain the ranger armor is to usage a silenced sniper rifle while stealth and also blow their stupid top off.

Won't an outcome in a loss of reputation through the family ton listed you don't miss. Simply save right prior to hand in situation you miffed it.

Get the from the ncr safehouse. It is in friends with them and also get the OR gain the survivalists one in honest hearts. It has actually a writing on the mask with white . Its quite cool. The human body armor is pretty good too. Although i was friends v legion and also ncr practically all the moment throughout the video game i turned against the legion and i will versus the ncr. Id favor an indepentent nv. And yes you deserve to make them sign up with the ncr if friend dont death or vote the very first elder under :D

Easy way to gain NCR gear:

Get the emergency radio. Speak to that shit up. Have actually them send reinforcements. Hang earlier and let them perform the fighting, a few will go under (I usually perform this outside the Fiends camp near The Strip). Walk loot the body when whatever is over, bingo free NCR gear. They display up v Rangers occasionally (I think the whole thing is leveled, therefore if you're higher level the NCR will send ranger to aid you).

If you on computer you can obtain NCR mods that let friend join in addition to radiant quest, gear, companions, quarters, ect. I forget which one ns used yet it allows you select which branch you want to be component of and also each branch has it distinct missions prefer deffending bases, clearing out locations, transporting equipment, or protecting the roadways from criminals.

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Wish you might actually join them or the legioj and climb the ranking :/ appears really weird you cant officially sign up with the 2 major factions. Oh well, at the very least you deserve to be choose an official merc for them, and also have their equipment thats cool.

You can join lock by helping your camps, like forlorn hope, they'll offer you the vital to your cache and also then you'll have the armor. Or you can stealthly kill a ranger through night to have actually his armor

Easiest simple to gain armor beforehand is speak to Ranger Andy in Novac. Once you leave he will certainly ask friend to examine up top top Ranger station Charlie, they will certainly all it is in dead and one of lock will have the ranger armor on and ready to loot totally free of karma worries

You can join castle by helping their camps, favor forlorn hope, they'll offer you the key to your cache and then you'll have actually the armor. Or you deserve to stealthly death a ranger through night to have actually his armor