there is no riddle school 6. Over there is simply riddle transfer. If you desire the ans, u get a flower and also give it come zack how do beat Riddle School 2? clock the walkthrough.

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Riddle Transfer is a Flash video game made through JonBro (Jonochrome). It is a spin-off come the Riddle School Series, and also is also the sequel come Riddle School 5. It came out on June 6th, 2011, and also is the second-to-last video game in the series, prior to RIddle Transfer 2. Collection The game adheres to after Riddle School 5, wherein Diz bring away Phil, Zack, Smiley, and Phred to their planet, Earth. Unfortunately, the ship ...
 · Jonochrome (previously recognize as JonBro) break up his well-known puzzle speed game series Riddle School v a two component story called Riddle Transfer. As with the previous games, girlfriend play as Phil, but this time you aren't escaping native school. You room on your means home earlier to planet after being kidnapped by aliens once your…
ANSWERS: Riddle School 1: 1. Click sharpener at teacher's table. 2. Walk east and open locker next to the fountain and also take room pass. 3. Click phibìc to go inside ms. Cophey's room. 4. Click on trash have the right to to take it feather duster then obtain out that the room. 5. Walk east and go within the janitor's closet.
Riddle Transfer takes location right whereby Riddle School 5 left off, and also is the sizeable very first part of what will certainly be a five-part series. Phil Eggtree has actually saved his friends and also rid the human being of the alien leader Viz, but his journey earlier home doesn't turn out exactly how anyone can have predicted.
 · For the moment being, the Riddle School series is very buggy in Newgrounds' substitute for Flash Player. To play a functioning version, download Riddle Transfer right here until the Newgrounds Player is perfected. Click this switch on the GameJolt page: say thanks to you every so much for continuing to enjoy the series after every this time. ~ Jonochrome (AKA JonBro)
RIDDLE TRANSFER 2 walkthrough by Jonochrome (JonBro) * i recommend making use of this walkthrough just if you need to. WALKTHROUGH---Click with the opening dialogue until you reach the portal room. PORTAL ROOM. Click the purple power box top top the left. Usage the power Room keycard ~ above the keycard slot. Go ago with the red arrow. Click the eco-friendly circuit box.
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Riddle Transfer is another in a lengthy line of fantastic, addicting allude and click adventure gamings where the key goal is to escape! search for covert items, combine them and use every little thing tools girlfriend can uncover to escape from the strange facility and get Phil to safety! Coupled v an intriguing story, Riddle Transfer is certain to have you wanting more.
Riddle Transfer cheats, cheat codes, Riddle Transfer walkthroughs and hints update on through community.
Riddle School is a fun game of mystery and puzzle solving and also the very first title in the Riddle School series. You are stuck in school in a boring class and also you desire to escape! girlfriend must connect with miscellaneous objects in the classrooms and hallway and try to deceive and also confuse the teachers and shot to leaving the school and your boring class! This video game has a basic click interface, fun gameplay and also ...
 · Riddle Transfer 2. This particular day is the 10th anniversary that Riddle School, and also it's been five years since Riddle Transfer was left v an unresolved cliffhanger. The story is at critical complete. This game was produced fans the the collection and will just make total …
 · Riddle School 3 is a point-click game flash game accessible online with Girlfriend play as a character called Phil Eggtree whose score is to escape the school. This wikiHow teaches you the fastest method to acquire beat the game.
Riddle School 5 a \"final\" video game of the Riddle School series.. A review of the game is as follows: Phil wakes increase from a dream and escapes his room, obtaining to a substantial hallway through the score of saving his friends native an alien spacecraft.






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