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Transform into Raven, the half-Azarathian, half-demon hybrid, that is component of the Cartoon Network TV present Teen Titans. Obtain a costume like one that the five founding members of the DC Comics animated superhero group.Dress in a Purple crow Wig, Turtleneck

Dress in a Purple crow Wig, Turtleneck Long-Sleeve Leotard, 80 Denier Semi Opaque Tights, Purple Hooded Cloak, and Mid-Calf pocket Boot. Acquire Raven’s finish cosplay watch with Crystal Bindi Pack, Antiqued yellow Toned Rivoli Pendant Link, Antiqued gold Plated Circle flat Tag Pendant Link, 5 Stones Chain Bib explain Necklace, and Light Grey confront Paint.

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Other raven Costumes


Bombshell raven Costume Guide

Bedazzle in cosplay together Bombshell Raven, the superheroine member of the teenager Titans native DC Comics.

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Jordan Nikole Kuelling ">

Raven Cosplay Costumes

If you’re trying to find a dark and also mysterious character to cosplay, take into consideration Teen Titan’s Raven because that this season’s conventions. Cloaked in darkness v glossy lavender hair, there is fun to be had showing this renowned character. Most of the pieces necessary to get her look can be uncovered in her closet. A purple satin sheet can make a passable cloak, and also her accessories deserve to be specially bespeak or duplicated if you’re determined to do it all yourself. Stick on gems discovered in your regional craft ar would replicate Raven’s birthmark.

What’s convenient about representing teenager Titans is that there space at least four other personalities to cosplay should you choose to do this a group endeavor. The laid-back Beast young is a fine option as he and also Raven are very close. Cyborg, Starfire, and group leader Robin are additionally a component of her collection and would finish the original starting members the the teen Titans! Be certain to take it a look at our posted pictures for more ideas on exactly how to pull this look at off and also as always, send in her pics!

About Raven

Forced to manage her emotions in stimulate to power in she powers, crow is a serious and cautious character. Frequently exhibiting the many maturity in the group, she is quiet and seemingly there is no emotion. She hides behind sarcastic remarks come deflect any kind of attempts at obtaining close to her. She’s relatable in the like many of us, she fears losing control. She emo mindset makes her daunting to get together with but she quiet manages to attract the commitment of her team members.

Her close connection with Beast young is a sure authorize of her an ext human side. Though they couldn’t perhaps be more different indigenous one another with regard to their personalities, their opposite nature attract and most fans think there is potential because that a deeper partnership down the line. For currently Raven is content to brutalize Beast Boy v her sarcasm and he is happy to return she attention with his straightforward going ways and also desire to make her smile. Great pair cosplay potential!




dress up like Starfire, a cute Tamaran princess that is a member of the Cartoon Network, teenager Titans walk superhero team.


Jade Wilson

be the best director in Hollywood dressed to look choose Jade Wilson, native the movie teenager Titans Go!

Static Shock

Perfect because that young cosplayers, static Shock’s style has countless fun facets to it. Monitor our overview to pull turn off this look!


dress in costume together Starfire, a starting member of teen Titans, the DC Comics superheros ~ above Cartoon Network


watch the part of previous Teen Titan member superheroine, Terra, indigenous DC Comic"s animated TV present on Cartoon Network.

Beast Boy

Turn green like Beast Boy, a starting member of the DC Comics superhero group Teen Titans showing up on Cartoon Network.

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