Caster boards aren"t the skateboards of last generation. The new design the skateboards, referred to as a RipStik, is a caster board that relies on the torque of her body and also the orientation that the wheels. If you"ve received one of these boards for a gift, you"re likely wondering just how to ride a RipStik. We’re right here to provide you a step by action tutorial on just how to gain this caster board.

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We’ll additionally tell girlfriend what safety equipment you need and also how to acquire the finest use out of it. Us can also give girlfriend a few pointers on boosting your speed and balance ~ above the RipStik. First, let’s walk over what makes the caster board so various from a continual skateboard.


The RipStik is composed of two separate boards with independently-steering wheels. The steering axis is mounted at about 30 degrees, and also there space springs attached so the the wheel have the right to return come its default position once pressure isn"t gift exerted. The 2 segments that the RipStik are joined by a spring-loaded torsion bar.

Before you start learning exactly how to journey a RipStik, you require to acquire your safety gear in order. This is what you will do it need. If did you do it ridden a skateboard or inline skates, the list could seem familiar:

HelmetWrist guardsElbow padsKnee padsGlovesMouthguard

ANSI and Snell are more than likely your two finest bets when choosing a brand because that your security gear.

When attract a helmet, it requirements to offer complete protection native the crown of her head to the ago of your head. Friend won’t have much challenge protection, which is why we recommend a mouth guard. Fall face an initial into something and also chipping a tooth will damage the fun.

Size her helmet carefully. It should fit your scalp snugly, but not therefore tightly the it cuts off circulation and gives you a headache.

Elbow and also knee pads need to be the very same way. The straps going about your arms and also legs have to be secure enough, so the pads don’t move around. The idea is because that them to safeguard these an essential joints because they are several of the most fragile to injury. They additionally get many of scrapes that pads assist to prevent.

Wrist guards defend your wrists and also the backs of her hands. Although you may not land on your hands, it’s crucial to undertake gloves and also wrist safety on the off possibility that you do. As far as gloves go, you have the right to wear fingerless gloves. When riding a RipStik, you’re using your arms and hands to keep you balanced.

Regular Clothing

Aside from her protective gear, it’s best to wear loose, yet comfortable clothing you have the right to move in. T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts job-related best. You have the right to wear long pants if you want. Simply be conscious that her legs and also feet need to be able to move. V this in mind, make certain your pair of shoes have great tread and also fit well.

Getting Started

Now that you have actually your safety and security gear, you deserve to start learning just how to journey a RipStik. The ideal thing to carry out is pick a job of smooth asphalt, perhaps with a slight downward slope. You don’t need the incline, however it can make it less complicated to gain momentum. Once you have more speed, it’s much easier to keep your balance.

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Also, you have to be near grass. This way, if you feeling yourself beginning to fall, you have the right to steer onto the grass and also hop turn off safely quite than trying come jump turn off the plank while it"s in motion.