Headlight misalignment is common. However, the worry should no go unresolved for also long. Learn how to adjust the headlights here.

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This article uses to the Toyota Camry (1997-2011).

As you usage your Toyota Camry, her headlights can become misaligned and interfere with your driving ability. When this is a problem in terms of roadway safety, the repair chin is actually fairly simple. So much so, in fact, you can readjust your headlights ideal there from the safety and also security the your very own driveway. Friend won"t need specialized tools, and the process takes only around an hour come complete. However, it"s necessary to note: Making certain your headlights are appropriately aligned and changed is a task that you will must come ago to again and also again together you rack up an ext miles on her Camry. Take into consideration it as important (and repetitive) as gaining your engine oil changed or her tires realigned.

Step 1 – Park your vehicle about 25 feet from a flat, vertical surface

It"s recommended the you usage your garage door or a wall. It"s ideal to finish this job at night as soon as the complete intensity of her headlights deserve to be captured against the flat, upright surface.

Figure 1. Measure up the distance using your ice measure.

Step 2 – pop the hood of her car

Pop the hood of your vehicle to accessibility the very first screw you"ll it is in maneuvering in this action to properly adjust your headlights. This screw is located on the passenger"s next of her car, near the windshield washer reservoir. When you relocate to the driver"s side of her vehicle, it will be located simply forward of your battery, close to your main relay infused panel. Grab your owner"s hands-on if you need added help in identifying these parts. Otherwise, take her wrench and also fit that securely ~ above the convey bolt.

Figure 2. This is a screw you"ll it is in looking for.
Pro Tip

If her headlights are fitted through two mediate bolts, you"ll require to change them both to complete the alignment process for each headlight.

Step 3 – walk clockwise or counterclockwise

Turn the convey bolt in a clockwise direction to adjust your headlights in an increase direction, and counterclockwise to change them in a downward direction.

Figure 3. Turn the wrench in one "anti-clockwise" direction or a "counterclockwise" direction together needed.

Step 4 – change both headlights

Rotate the mediate bolt ~ above both political parties of her Camry until each side is even with the other. In various other words, her headlights should develop an even line (or row) that light against the surface ar of your garage door or a wall. If one next appears higher or lower than the other, make an adjustment together needed. Continue making adjustments until both headlights space evenly aligned.

Figure 4. Headlights should show up evenly aligned against the wall.

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Step 5 – inspect your work

Stand back from your vehicle to check the symmetry and also make adjustments. Law so will certainly ensure your headlights are properly adjusted and all set for nighttime use.