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Hey All, How challenging is the to adjust my torsion keys myself? The tricks are currently on the truck, yet I don"t think they room at the essential height. If i were come raise them by tightening them, would certainly I need to take the torsion bar off through the unload tool, or deserve to I work roughly that?Thanks!

I understand this is one old post but browsing on torsion keys, it appeared to best fit my problem.I just adjusted the stock tricks on mine 13 2500. Prior to I started both rears were at 42 1/2 and the former left to be at 40 and also the front best was at 39 1/2. After adjustment, I acquired the former left come 40 7/8, the front right to 40 3/4, the left rear checked out 42 3/4 and also right rear down to 42. I drove it roughly the block and then tweaked the keys just enough to acquire both fronts to 40 7/8, the appropriate rear stayed at 42 and the left behind dropped 42 5/8. I knew the rears would adjust after raising the front end yet I thought they would remain equal.I"m acquisition the truck in top top Friday because that alignment, will they have the ability to equalize the rear through the alignment procedure or execute I should something else?Thanks,

I wouldn"t worry around 5/8 the an customs at all.There"s not much they can do about it anyway. That won"t ache anything.Usually the left next of the trucks end up sagging a bit anyway due to the fact that the gas tank and also driver is constantly on that side. I"d bet if you to fill the tank ot will almost make them even.
1 turn does not equal 1", I"ve turned that 5 times and only acquired an inch out of mine keys. Just to conserve you part time.
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Thanks, I simply wanted to make sure I didn"t perform anything stupid. That did go surprisingly easy. I"ve viewed other posts talking around the variety of rotations, so i knew not to counting on a collection number. I I probably might of gone greater but didn"t desire to mess v the ride as well much.
1 turn does not equal 1", I"ve turned that 5 times and also only got an inch out of my keys. Simply to conserve you part time.

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Yes, one revolve doesn"t normally equal one inch, it"s normally one turn for a 4 minutes 1 of one inch. If you"re having to make an ext turns than that, that only way your torsion bars are getting fatigued and will only obtain worse with an ext age. You might need to look right into replacements eventually.