i just deleted ny instagram. Do you think effy would have instagram in now & period or would she no follow the rest & simply live her life there is no validation of likes & comment by various other people?

I perform not think Effy would have an Instagram, however if she walk it would certainly be just for some close friends. She would certainly not look for validation and also wouldn’t bother with editing and enhancing pictures and also stuff. In any type of case, I execute not think she would have actually some barisalcity.org inspired Instagram. Also, she would not post often.

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anonymous asked:
would effy undertake a handbag? i require handbag inspo from her however she"s never ever carrying one! 😭 i feel prefer she"s so carefree & go"s with the circulation that she wouldn"t need one... Yet i need one.

I think she would certainly most most likely wear a backpack. Once it comes to handbags, she would go v something an easy and lose, without strange and confusing patterns. I have actually actually posted prior to some handbags she would wear. But you can, of course, choose any black handbag and adapt come your very own style. Effy wouldn’t provide this a lot of thought and would not bother much.


cotton asked:
what would certainly effy perform if a boy started openly flirting with her? would she flirt back? bat she eyes? store quiet?

She would certainly most definitely flirt back. You deserve to actually see her doing it through Cook. Yet I think that if the boy would certainly be an ext of a loser, she would certainly make fun of him.

effysworldsstuff asked:
What execute you think Effy would wear at a musical festival? and also how do you think one might start talking an ext like Effy? Both what she says and how she states it. I know I deserve to watch the episodes yet still.. Haha wanted to hear your opinion. Give thanks to you ^^
Well, around the festival, ns answered the previous one^^ simply do no look choose you tried also hard.

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And secondly, around the talking, I believe you might keep a neutral ton (not the annoying form lol) and also use a many smart ass sarcastic answers when asked irrelevant shit. Also, using swear words to add an Effy vibe to it (not as well many, that’s cook hahah). Periodically you could also include a little smirk in ~ the end, just to sort of display your personality (could be a to add if you’re trying to flirt). Again, don’t make it look together if you’re trying as well hard. Save it casual and smart, as with she was. Perform not talk also much, occasionally use quick or no answers just to make it clear that you’re making one a favour by talking to them. You can be typical at times, however never refer weakness. She’s yes, really confident in everything, so shot to show that also in your way of speech. You can be an ext open through your friends, however even v them she is inside of her people most the the time. Display them support once you can, yet do not acquire too much into their lives. Also, do not be rude because that no reasons.