Height isnot an advantage when speak racehorses but, as the tallest jockeys everdemonstrate, that no barrier to success either.

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While being tiny helps keep your weight down, few of the ideal horse jockeys ever before were taller than you could think. The has additionally meant an early end come careers in the saddle, specifically for professional riders of flat thoroughbreds.

The tallestjockeys have it tougher, yet it’s still precious celebrating their exploits on thetrack. A link between height and weight is the theory behind BMI.

Just come geton our list of the top 10 tallest jockeys ever, riders had to be much more or lesssix feet (around 1.83m) in height.

That meanssome really famous names indigenous weighing rooms worldwide like Steven Arnold,Richard Hughes, Tony McCoy, Ruby Walsh and Johnny Sellers – the tallest jockeyever to victory the Kentucky Derby – miss out on the cut.

10.Joseph O’Brien

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Country: Republic that IrelandHeight: 5ft 11in (1.8m)

At a the shade under six feet tall, Joseph O’Brien was born right into the powerful Ballydoyle horse racing operation run by famous father Aidan. In spite of his height, he was irish champion level jockey in 2012 and also retained that crown the adhering to year.

Horseracing is an extremely much a household affair because that O’Brien. He took pleasure in multiple successesaboard St Nicholas Abbey overseas, and completed Epsom and also Irish Derby doubleson Camelot and also Australia because that owner-breeders Coolmore.

By 2016,however, Joseph found his weight ending up being a problem.

He retiredfrom the saddle as a result and began his training career, saddling horses bothover jumps and also on the Flat. Group and also Grade 1 success for the racehorses in hiscare is no surprise after those great days riding for his dad.

9.Ryan Mania

Image: Twitter/PAracing
Country: ScotlandHeight: 5ft 11iin (1.8m)

Auroras Encore sprung a 66/1 shock in the 2013 Grand national for north of England trainer Sue smith under high Scottish jumps jockey Ryan Mania.

Afterwinning the world most renowned steeplechase, just 18 months later on this riderfound that no longer got a kick out of the all.

Behind the scenes and also aged simply 25, Mania struggled with his weight, so quit the saddle.

He becameassistant come Scottish racehorse trainer Sandy Thomson, however improvements insports nutrition aided him rekindle his love of riding and also keep what heweighed down.

Maniareturned together a jockey during the fall of 2019. Due to the fact that then, he has won threevaluable handicaps for the Smith and also Thomson stables who have constantly supportedhim.

Mania’sexample highlights that also the tallest jockeys can, with cautious managementof their diet, expand their careers.

8.Andrew McNamara

Image: Twitter/RTEsportCountry: Republic the IrelandHeight: 6ft (1.83m)

O’Brien isfar indigenous the only famed Irish family members name in steed racing.

AndrewMcNamara stood 6 feet tall in his stirrups, yet still had actually a fabulous careeras a jumps jockey. While brothers Robbie and also cousin john Thomas (JT) both sufferedserious injuries, he won few of Ireland’s biggest National hunting races.

Theyinclude the irish Champion Hurdle and Gold Cup in ~ Leopardstown, the man Durkanand Champion Chase about Punchestown, and the 2010 Irish grand National.

McNamara cited earlier problems, and managing his weight as result of his height, as factors for retiring from the saddle aged 32 in 2015 to come to be a trainer.

Besideswinning north Ireland’s many prestigious horse race, the Champion follow atDown Royal, he likewise enjoyed Cheltenham Festival glory in 2006. McNamara steeredNewmill to success in the two-mile Queen mother Champion Chase.

7.George Baker

Image: Twitter/PAracingCountry: EnglandHeight: 6ft (1.83m)

The boy ofa farrier in the steed hub the is Lambourn, George Baker thrived up in one ofthe foremost horse racing areas in England. The is the joint-tallestjockey of modern-day times to ride a winner in among the brothers Classics.

Bakerpiloted Harbour law to a sensational success in the St Leger that 2016 whenodds-on favorite Idaho unseated Ryan Moore in ~ Doncaster. It wasn’t his six-footframe that compelled Baker into retirement, yet a destructive fall in ~ St. Moritz inSwitzerland the adhering to year.

Horsemenand women flocked to the Alpine resort city to take component in a White Turf meetwhere races took component on a frozen lake.

Bakerthankfully recovered indigenous a bleed top top the brain and is currently an occasional punditon the racing TV channel in the UK.

6.Donnacha O’Brien

Image: Twitter/FrancescaJane_x
Country: Republic that IrelandHeight: 6ft (1.83m)

Back come theO’Brien family, and also the youngest child of Aidan. Joseph’s infant brother Donnachawas also a two-time irish champion flat jockey during a short-lived job inthe saddle.

There weresome significant highlights, however, favor back-to-back 2000 Guineas wins on SaxonWarrior and Magna Grecia.

Donnachadelivered in the 2018 ireland Derby top top Latrobe together well. Retirement the followingyear aged simply 21 to be inevitable because he was among the tallest jockeysriding in the British island at the time.

Like hisfather and also elder sibling, O’Brien is now a racehorse trainer.

He haswasted no time in emerging a reputation for dealing with promising young fillies.Fancy Blue winner the Prix de Diane, regarded as a French Classic and also equivalentof the Epsom Oaks, over the summer of 2020 as soon as O’Brien had only been trainingfor ripe months.

5.Louise Moeller

Country: DenmarkHeight: 6ft 1in (1.85m)

The onlyfemale among our tallest jockeys is Danish rider Louise Moeller.

Competingon the Flat, she speak stateside at Gulfstream Park in 2002. Details of her exploitsin the saddle are hard to find, however Moeller took out an amateur patent theprevious year and stood over six feet tall.

By 2003 andfollowing her pilgrimage to the US, she became an apprentice before transforming fullyprofessional the complying with year.

Moeller enjoyed at the very least 70 winners from practically 500 rides and, while the puts her some way off the finest female equine jockeys today, she should be related to as a trailblazer for tall ladies taking part in races.

4.Bruce Hobbs

Image: Twitter/AnaglogsDaughtr
Country: USA/EnglandHeight: 6ft 1.5in (1.87m)

Youprobably didn’t recognize that the tallest jockey ever before to success the world’s mostfamous steeplechase, the grand National, was born in lengthy Island.

That to be BruceHobbs, who partnered American raider Battleship come Aintree glory in 1938 afterwinning the united state equivalent.

Hobbs wasalso successful in the Welsh Grand national at Chepstow the season aboardTimber Wolf. Although the overcame a career-threatening ago injury, that retiredaged 25 and also began training horses like so plenty of of the tallest jockeys on ourlist.

A decoratedwar veteran, Hobbs served the Queen’s own Yorkshire Dragoons during world War2, make the location of Captain and also receiving the military Cross.

His Palace home stables in Newmarket are currently the site of the brothers National equine Racing Museum.

3.Stuart Brown

Image: Airene Comique-Brown via Twitter/SusieBlackmonCountry: AustraliaHeight: 6ft 2in (1.875m)

We have tohead down Under to discover the tallest skilled jockey ever.

Stuart Brown might not have had huge success in famed horse gyeongju in Australia of global renown, but he was famous in his native new South Wales.

Somesources say Brown was 6ft 3in, yet then quote his elevation in centimeters in ~ 187.That puts that slightly below that in royal weights and also measures.

Managinghis weight was a genuine issue, according to his mother, come the level that heabused his body.

The sad story that Brown’s fatality from lung cancer aged 43 in 2015 quiet highlights too many of problems facing the tallest jockeys today.

Starvation toget down to the required weight can have an adverse effect on both physics andmental health.

2.Patrick Sankey

Country: WalesHeight: 6ft 7in (2.01m)

Besides theprofessionals, there are amateur riders. Patrick Sankey renders our tallestjockeys perform for winning a Point-to-Point race at Bredwardine in may 2019.

Standing atjust over 2 meters tall, he reflects that height deserve to be overcome.

On the flipside, Sankey sweet in 10lb overweight. You can mark equine Galbally King upfor carrying this extra burden. This again illustrates how daunting it is fora tall human to keep how much they weigh down.

Sankey willprobably never have the ability to turn professional, because a male of his dimension willhave a clear and obvious struggle to make the weights for equine racing underrules.

Between theflags, however, he have the right to say that holds the record.

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1.Manute Bol

Image: Twitter/CDCHistoryCountry: Sudan/USAHeight: 7ft 7in (2.31m)

Here’s one thing you never ever knew around horse jockeys – the tallest to ever ride in a race was NBA facility Manute Bol. That was elevating money because that the war-torn country of his birth, Sudan.

It may have only been in a charity event, yet it tho counts.

Bol waslisted by the NBA as being seven-and-a-half feet tall. He additionally tried his handat hockey and boxing. The drive took ar at Hoosier Park simply north ofIndianapolis in the autumn of 2003.

If only allof our tallest jockeys were as noble as Bol. Although playing significant leaguesports had carried him a family member level that fame and also fortune, he didn’t forgetwhere he came from.