R&B singer Tank announced Wednesday in an emotional Instagram post that he is “going fully deaf” in his right ear and losing listening in his left.

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“So i’m going with something right now, and also I want to use my instance to encourage her situation,” he stated in the video clip before share the news. The musician and also actor, born Durrell Babbs, said he’s additionally suffering native dizziness and also “can’t go a straight line.”

The 45-year-old, who has actually written music because that Aaliyah, Jamie Foxx and Keyshia Cole, claimed the diagnosis appeared to come “out the nowhere,” and also he’s been seeing doctors and also taking medication since.

“It tho hasn’t given me a factor to offer up,” the continued, hoping his resilience in light of the news might be an inspiration. The “When We” singer promised to keep his fans updated with advancements in his treatment. “Imma record the procedure just to present you the fight.”

In an update Thursday, Tank spoke about his most recent doctor’s visit, sharing that his hearing had actually tested lower that day. The visit also revealed that he has a deviated septum, i beg your pardon the musician met with great humor. “We’re gonna have the ability to fix that, and also hopefully my vocals will have the ability to sound better.”


“Listen, if you choose my music or my acting, speak it now,” he continued in a moment of reflection. “Don’t wait till i’m deaf or in a wheelchair ... I want to be able to celebrate and also dance best now. Everything flower you desire to provide me, I want to smell that flower.”

“I love friend babe and also don’t problem I deserve to talk louder,” his wife, Zena Foster, joked ~ above Instagram. Tank — that has an ext than 1.8 million Spotify followers — obtained an outpouring of assistance on the platform, including from Foxx and Kevin Hart. “Prayers up king....stay solid and stay positive....Love u champ,” Hart stated in comments.

Tank has actually received 5 Grammy nominations end his career, including an R&B album nod in 2007 for “Sex, Love & Pain.” The album’s titular song, along with “Force of Nature” and also “This Is exactly how I Feel,” fight the peak 10 ~ above the Billboard 200 list.

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“I’ve do platinum documents for everyone else, yet this the very first time I’ve unable to do platinum on my work,” the songwriter and also producer said The times in so late 2018, ~ “When We” became his first platinum single that summer. It feels prefer I’ve cracked some type of password that can offer us all a brand-new lease ~ above life in ~ this period in the game.”

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