Wives and also former partner of celebrities are few of the most-followed people on miscellaneous media platforms. Hardly ever does a main elapse before a point or two comes up about them. Shaunie O'Neal, the previous NBA legend's wife, has had a same share of media coverages.

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Shaunie O Neal bio

Shaunie was born Va'Shaundya Karlette Nelson on November 27th, 1974, in Wichita Falls, Texas. At 10 years, she moved to Los Angeles along with her parents. She attended and also graduated native the college of southern California.

How old is Shaunie Oneal?

Shaunie O'Neal period is 46 years as of 2020. Before her marriage to the basketball legend, very tiny was known about her. Significant information on her childhood life, beforehand education background, siblings, and also parents has not to be disclosed come the public.

Illustrious career

Shaunie Nelson O'Neal is an executive, management producer of several of the best and also most-watched television shows in the united States. She began as a movie marketer for FOX Entertainment and then went front to create her own shows.

The mom of five developed a display called Basketball Wives. The display revolves about the fascinating lives of basketball players' wives and also girlfriends. It likewise highlights pertinent concerns such together parenting styles, self-esteem, single motherhood, and the influence of nursing on children.


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In 2016, she additionally produced Shaunie's home Court, which is a reality display that adheres to her life and that of her family. Shaq ex mam is also a businesswoman and also a philanthropist. Through her partnership through Chinese Laundry, she started her repertoire of footwear. She sells modern-day and stylish designs in ~ a price selection of between $79.95 come $200.

Shaunie the "Basketball Wives" throughout Christmas solemn event on Skid row at Los Angeles Mission. Photo: Robin l MarshallSource: Getty Images

Additionally, she has actually been part of plenty of programs targeting the unfortunate civilization in society. In 2011, she organised an event alongside popular musician Brandy to raise proceedings for the underprivileged. Several artists attended the event, among them Flo Rida, Amber Rose, Eva Marcille and Elise Neal.

In 2012 and also 2013, she took component in the Mission Christmas eve for the Homeless.

What is Shaunie network worth?

Shaunie O'Neal net worth is $35 million. She earned she staggering wealth as a result of her marriage to Shaquille and likewise from her quick rising career as a producer. She own a shoes line, which is second source that income.


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Shaunie and also Shaquille O'Neal marriage

Shaquille O Neal ex wife - Shaunie, to be the apologize of the athlete's eye as soon as they started dating from about 1998. At the time, the NBA legend was play for Los Angeles Lakers.

Interestingly, the pair came into the connection with children of your own. Shaquille had a daughter named Taahirah, when Shaunie had a son named Miles.

After date for a while, the pair ultimately tied the knot in a mystery wedding in ~ the Beverley Hills Hotel on December 26th, 2002. Even before they officially gained married, the couple had currently had two children together.

Shaunie (L), NBA legend Shaquille O"Neal (R) and family during the cool opening of Shaquille"s in ~ L.A. Photo: Michael TullbergSource: Getty Images

While everything could have showed up great, there were troubles within their marriage. The very first big cracked was noticeable in 2007 once the NBA legend filed because that divorce. That alleged that his wife had actually been secretive around her assets and also funds. Luckily, they controlled to store their disagreement aside and also divorce files away, and also tried to repair the broken pieces.


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Unfortunately, in 2009, things dropped apart once much more and the 2 filed because that divorce. This time around, ~ above the soil of infidelity. Apparently, the two had been cheating on one another. Shaunie also hired a exclusive investigator to unearth the details of her husband’s infidelities.

Who are Shaunie O'Neal children?

The well-known television present producer had a child of her own before she met and also began dating the NBA legend. When they were still dating, the two had actually two children together, and upon marrying, they expanded their household with an additional two kids.

Shaunie ONeal youngsters with she ex-husband Shaquille are Shareef (born in 2000), Amirah (born in 2001), Shaqir (born in 2003), and also Me'arah (born in 2006).

Among Shaunie O Neal children is she stepdaughter called Taahirah. She is the earliest daughter the the NBA legend v her previous girlfriend - Arnetta Marie Yardbourg.

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After the separation, Shaq and Shaunie went different ways. However, lock still keep in touch and also meet native time come time to cave out with their children. On whether there space possibilities of lock getting ago together, none of them has actually openly talked about it.

The two have moved on. Her ex-husband has so much dated numerous women, consisting of Karrine Steffans, Dominica Westling, Laura Govan and also Nicole Alexander. Shaunie, on the various other hand, also tried date as well.

Immediately after your divorce, she met a 23-year-old model dubbed Marlon Yates. Shaunie O Neal boyfriend was 12 years younger 보다 her. She described him as "very mature" and included that the age difference gave your relationship more fun.

Actor Marlon Yates Jr. (R) and Shaunie during the premiere the "Straight Outta Compton" at Microsoft Theater. Photo: Jason LaVerisSource: Getty Images

Sadly, they damaged up in 2016, and also she can be solitary at the moment. Throughout a chat on VH1, the Basketball Wives executive producer and also creator was asked why her companion of six years to be not showing up on the 5th season of she show. She said,

Maybe due to the fact that that relationship, it doesn’t exist anymore.

Shaunie O Neal children are her source of joy these days. She enjoys being a solitary mother, living v her children and taking great care the them.

Social media presence

Shaunie is an energetic member of the social media fraternity. She boasts of a huge following top top her various social media platforms.

As a social influencer, she uses these tools to reach the end to she target audience around the world. You have the right to follow her to keep yourself update with some of her posts.

The American television personality Shaunie O'Neal is indeed one of the many famous and also respected females in the united States. Having come into the limelight since of her marital relationship to an NBA star, she has had to work tough to keep her status. She is truly a voice come reckon with amongst many people roughly the world.

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Source: barisalcity.org

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