Randy Travis

Randy Travis Biography

Randy Travis is an Americansinger because that countryandgospel music. He is also a songwriter, guitarist, and also actor. Moreover, he has actually acted in number of movies like Texas Rangers, Fire down Below, and also The Million dollar Kid.

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Travis thrived up ~ above a landscape farm and also began singing as a son with his brother Ricky as The Traywick Brothers. Additionally, he later on won a country Music singing challenge at a club in Charlotte.

Moreover, he moved to Nashville to go after a recording transaction in1982. He acquired hired atThe Nashville palace to sing and cook. Later, the recorded‘Live in ~ The Nashville Palace’and he acquired a dealwith Warner Bros. Records where he was championed and also signed by Martha Sharp.

His first single “Forever and Ever, Amen,” from 1987 was really popular and also helped Travis receive the very first of 7 career Grammy Awards. Additionally, his album ‘Always & Forever’ took Album of the Year in ~ the 1987 CMA Awards. In addition, he scored the masculine Vocalist that the Year and solitary of the Year.

Afterward, that turned come gospel music and also released his solitary ‘Three wood Crosses’ in 2002. Moreover, the song went come number one top top the Country and Christian charts. In 2003, it was the CMA Awards tune of the Year.

Moreover, he has actually scored eight Platinum certifications and four Gold documents in his career and is among the Country’s top-selling artists. Currently, Travis makes public performances because his career was in 2013 as soon as he experienced a stroke.

Randy Travis period

How old is Randy Travis? Randy is 62 years old as of 2021. He was born Randy Bruce Traywick top top May 4, 1959, in Marshville, phibìc Carolina in the unified States. In addition, Travis celebrates his birthday on May fourth every year.

Randy Travis Height

Travis stands in ~ a height of 5’9″(175cm) and his weight is75 kg.

Randy Travis Family

Travis is the second-born child out that his 6 siblings. His parents are Bobbie, a textile factory worker, and Harold Traywick, a turkey farmer. Moreover, Harold is likewise a equine breeder, substitute institution teacher, and construction business owner.

In addition, Travis in addition to his brother Ricky to be advised to seek their musical talents by your father. Moreover, their father was a large fan that Hank Williams, George Jones, and Lefty Frizzell. Travis began playing guitar at the age of eight and also would song in the Church the Christ Choir.

In 1979, Travis along with his brother began performing at local clubs and talent contests. The two brothers were well-known as the Traywick Brothers. However, Travis often argued with his father and also shortly dropped the end of high school. He came to be a juvenile felon and was arrested for numerous offenses choose theft and also burglary.

Randy Travis mam | Children

Travis got married to his first wife Elizabeth Hatcher in 1991. However, he later divorced Elizabeth Hatcher top top October 29, 2010. They had been married for 19 years before the divorce.Later, Travis gained married to his second wife Mary Davis Travis on march 21, 2015.

Randy Travis stroke | Illness

on July 7, 2013, Travis to be admitted to a Dallas area hospital for viral cardiomyopathy after ~ a viral top respiratory infection. He remained in a major state at the time.

On 10th July, Travis endured a substantial stroke and had surgical treatment to relieve press on his brain. 5 days later, it was announced that he to be awake and alert ~ undergoing mind surgery. Moreover, his love was also pumping there is no the help of life assistance machines and also he remained in the process of recovery.

On July 31, 2013, Travis to be released from Baylor heart Hospital in Plano, Texas, and entered a physical therapy facility. Unfortunately, he was unable to sing or speak and for more than one year. Additionally, Travis had to rely on a cane come walk adhering to his stroke.

Travis recovered his voice after ~ close to three years the rehabilitation and also therapy and also could sing again in 2016.Unfortunately, Travis endured permanent damages in 2017. This disabled his best hand and also limited his decided and capability to sing. However, Travis proceeds to do public appearances yet no much longer sings.

Randy Travis Death

Travis endured a stroke but he is tho alive and doing well.

Randy Travis Arrested

in 2012, Travis to be arrested for crashing his car in a construction zone and also was discovered naked in the road. Prior to his arrest, Travis had actually walked right into a convenience store previously that night, naked and asking because that cigarettes.

Travis was charged with driving under the influence, threatening police officers, and also retaliating against a police officer. However, Travis was later on released after paying his bail. Moreover, Travis took responsibility for his actions and apologized because that his statements.

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Randy Travis net Worth

Travis has an estimated net worth of $9 million. Additionally, his revenue is largely attributed to his career as a country music singer and gospel singer.

Randy Travis Songs

A Gift the LoveA male Ain’t made Of StoneAn Old Pair of ShoesAnts top top A LogAnythingDay OneFuture pops MeDon’t Take her Love far From MeFeet ~ above The RockForever and Ever AmenI Can almost Hear her WingsI Won’t need You AnymoreI’d Surrender AllIf ns Didn’t have YouIf that Ain’t One point It’s AnotherLong top top Lonely (short ~ above Pride)Send my Body residence On A Freight TrainSmoking The Hive

Randy Travis Movies

Texas RangersWhite RiverJohn john In The SkyFire down BelowJohn Grisham’s The RainmakerAnnabelle’s WishEdie & PenFrank and JesseThe attempt Of Old DrumBaby GeniusesThe Million disagreement KidShooterBlack DogBoys will certainly Be BoysDead male RevengeYoung Guns