Even in the modern age of progressive football, a great deal ofyouth academies placed size over all else as soon as they"re scouting their ranks because that the next "big" player on their books.

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However, if Lionel Messi"s job is something to walk by - or that of Juan Mata or Santi Cazorla- there"s a lot to be said for gift born v a short centre of gravity.

But let"s be honest, what matters most for a effective career in football is talent -something couple of are born with, even if it is you have actually designs on a towering centre-back or a diminutive forward.

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Still, soccer trivia is entertaining and it"s fun to look in ~ both ends of the height spectrum. barisalcity.org looks at several of the tallest and smallest football player in the beautiful game...

Who space the tallest footballers?

Before us start, let"s gain some perspective. When someone claims "tall footballer", many minds go straight to Stoke City"s Peter Crouch, known globally as one of the Premier League"s most towering target-men. However, also at 2.01m (6ft 7.1in) Crouch is much from the biggest - in fact, the isn"t also the biggest Premier League-owned player.

Starting at the "lower" finish of football"s tallest players, some may remember Stefan Maierhofer, now 35, one Austriainternational who continues to ply his profession at SC Mattersburg, or possibly Nikola Zigic, who spent five years through Birmingham City in between 2010-2015, or also Jan Koller, a retirement Czech striker that made a surname for himself at Borussia Dortmund. All three players stand at 2.02m (6ft 7.5in).

Watford-owned barisalcity.orgkeeper Costil Pantilimonis further up the list still in ~ 2.03m (6ft 7.9in), ~ above par v Monaco front Lacina Traore. Less-renowned of players Mikkel Mena Qvist (AC Horsens), Oyvind Hoas (Kristiansund), Even Iversen (Hasle-Loren IL) and Kjell Petter Opheim (retired) space all around the very same height.

EA Sports" popular video game franchise FIFAhad our following entrant, Tor Hogne Aaroy, one Aalesund icon, listed as the game"s tallest player back in their 2015 iteration,while north Irish barisalcity.orgkeeper Jason Mooney, currently with Cliftonville, deserve to boast a similar height the 2.04m (6ft 8.3in).

With Henan Jianye striker Yang Chingpeng up following alongside Croatian barisalcity.orgkeeper Vanja Ivesa in ~ 2.05m (6ft 8.7in), we start to view a pattern creating in terms of positions the game"s biggest players have actually taken up on the pitch.

The affectionately nicknamed "Gentle Giant" Tonny Brogaard – and also a large he to be at 2.06m (6ft 9.1in) - discovered playing time difficult to come by after ~ his many notable move, to Doncaster Rovers. His position? barisalcity.orgkeeper.

Kristof valve Hout

The penultimate names in ~ the huge and tall player store are Paul Millar, a northern Irish journeyman rotate manager, and Kristof valve Hout, Westerlo"s 2.08m (6ft 10in) barisalcity.orgtender.

The tallest player in soccer by all accounts is Simon Bloch Jorgensen, a 25-year-old barisalcity.orgkeeper – and Everton trialist in 2013 – that currently shows up to be without a club. Jorgensen top the table at a huge 2.10m (6ft, 10.6in). Wow.

Who space the smallest footballers?

Lionel Messi is largely regarded as among the smallest players in human being football, however the Barcelona star"s elevation of 1.7m (5ft 7in) pales in comparison to some other shorties who have graced the green grass.

Bournemouth"s Ryan Fraser is possibly the many recognisable name at the larger finish of the small spectrum, yet the Scottish winger has actually plenty of firm in the 1.63m (5ft 4in) club. Franco Niell (Gimnasia), Joaozinho (Krasnodar) and ex-England U21 defender Alan Wright (retired) all count themselves in Fraser"s company.

Ryan Fraser, Antonio Rudiger, Bournemouth, Chelsea

A just centimetre below at 1.62m (5ft 3.7in) watch Elgabry Rangel (retired), Carlinhos Bala (retired) and former Ecuador global Christian Lara added to the list. Other Argentines Juan Cuevas and also Diego Buonanotte come in just listed below at 1.61m (5ft 3.3in).

Former England U17 winger Levi Porter, right now with Shepshed Dynamo, is up next, but shares his spot on the list through ex-Juventus and Monaco man Rui Barros, both players lining up at 1.60m (5ft 3in).

Another Argentine representative now in Maxi Moralez of new York City FC fame, that shares the same quick stature as Daniel "Keko" Villalva – would certainly you think it, an additional Argentine. Both players room 1.58m (5ft 2.2in) in height.

Now we"re gaining to the nitty gritty. Brazilian attacking midfielder Madson, currently of Al-Khor in Qatar, stands in ~ 1.57m (5ft 1.81in). The 31-year-old is join in joint third smallest alongside previous South Africa global Benedict Vilakazi.

Speaking the Qatar, Al-Sadd legend Jafal Rashed Al-Kuwari bring away the 2nd spot at a miniscule 1.55m (5ft 1in). Rashed"s quick stature didn"t stop him from having an iconic play career, however, together he stood for his national side 51 times, captaining lock in number of of those outings. Indeed, David Beckham featured because that the AC Milan side that played in the previous midfielder"s taking leave match.

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And the out-and-out winner is... Shared! Cross-check ~ cross-check suggests the title of shortest footballer is in reality shared in between Polish midfielder Marcin Garuch that GKS Belchatow and 31-year-old Brazilian attacker Elton Jose Xavier Gomes, who currently turns out for Saudi outfit Al-Qadsiah. Both players was standing at 1.54m (5ft 0.6in).