If you spend the bulk of your time ~ above YouTube and listen to cover songs, you might be familiar with Johnny Orlando, a Canadian singer. The 15-year-old is a rising star ~ above the platform, i m sorry is recognized for its covers of Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, and also a range of other artists. Additionally, he exit the songs Let Go, absent You, and Everything. Transparent his career, that has likewise collaborated with a variety of singers. Let us currently learn more about Johnny Orlando by reading this biography!

Johnny Orlando to be born top top 24th January 2003 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The is a Canadian national and a member the the north American ethnic group. Aquarius is his zodiac sign. The is the child of Meredith and Dale Orlando. He was raised alongside his sisters Madison and younger sister Darian. The young teen has actually not disclosed particular details around his education, however he will quickly earn his middle school diploma.

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Table the Bio/Wiki

Salary, net Worth, and also Income:

Johnny started his singing career through his younger sister Darion at the age of eight, releasing songs titled “Summertime,” “Replay,” and “Never provide Up.” adhering to their meteoric rise to fame, he exit the solitary “Let Go” in 2016, i beg your pardon garnered end 9 million views.

He later began uploading cover song by well-known artists such together Justin Bieber and also Austin Mahone to his YouTube Channel. His video aided the in getting a huge following and also generating revenue indigenous the channel.

He has actually over 3.4 million subscribers top top his YouTube channel and also over 5.4 million Instagram followers. However, his admirers are curious about Johnny’s earnings.

Although that does not disclose his salary, the is clear that he earns a sizable fortune native his career during his adolescence. Johnny’s net worth is approximated to it is in $500 thousand together of 2018.

Are friend dating, having actually a girlfriend, or are you single?


Johnny is a handsome Canadian singer who has actually amassed a big following of fans. He is a rising artist who love life is generally speculated ~ above by his fans, particularly girls. Are they interested in learning about his date relationships and also girlfriend?

At the moment, the musical artist’s date life is unknown. The enjoys keeping his exclusive life covert from the prying eyes of the media. However, rumor has actually it that he is flaunting photos of a girl called Mackenzie Ziegler, who is additionally a singer. They frequently share image of themselves hanging the end in miscellaneous locations, performing concerts together, and attending assorted events.

Are they, however, much more than friends? we will talk about this subject more after Johnny makes the main announcement.

Parental and Siblingal Relationships:

Johnny v his huge sister

Johnny is born in the Orlando household home come Dale and also Meredith Orlando. His father’s and mother’s details room not however official. He was raised, however, by she parents and also three siblings: Madison, Darian, and also Lauren. Madison, his elder sister, is an Instagram celebrity, and Lauren, his younger sister, frequently appears in his YouTube videos.

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Height, Weight, and also Measurements:


Johnny Orlando is a Canadian singer who stands at 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs approximately 50 kilograms. His skin is white, his hair is dark brown, and his eyes space dark brown. There is tiny information about his human body size and also measurements.

Quick Wikis

Real NameJohnny Orlando
Birthday24th January 2003
BirthplaceMississauga, Ontario, Canada
Zodiac SignAquarius
EthnicityNorth American
ProfessionSinger and also Vlogger
ParentsMeredith Orlando and also Dale Orlando
Dating/GirlfriendMackenzie Ziegler (rumored)
SiblingSisters: Madison, Darian, and Lauren
IncomeUnder Review
Net Worthest. $500 thousand