Rob Thomas has actually opened up about the terrifying minute he learned his wife, Marisol Maldonado, would need mind surgery, and also says the one year due to the fact that the operation, she is tho recovering.

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"She has an excellent days and bad days," the Matchbox Twenty frontman called ET before hitting the phase at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre last Thursday. "She to be out through me the last pair of days, yet today she's staying on the bus due to the fact that L.A. Shows have lots of people and also it's too lot stimulus. But she's ago on the road and also we've been having actually a an excellent time… she just needs to pick she battles."

The previous model has long endured from one autoimmune condition similar to lupus, a battle Thomas wrote around it in his 2009 fight "Her Diamonds." she fight against the debilitating illness additionally inspired lot of Thomas' recent solo record, The an excellent Unknown.

But just as she was turning a corner with she health, the couple were devastated when an MRI revealed a lesion top top the base of her mind last year.

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The news came as Thomas, 44, was in the center of touring The great Unknown, and also prompted an prompt halt come his concerts.

"I thought God to be laughing at me," the "Trust You" singer confesses. "It was yes, really weird since we thought she was coming the end of this entirety thing, then all of a suddenly we're in the center of tour and find that out. Suddenly everything shuts down. Everything in your life is around the tour and also the record, then unexpectedly none the that's important and you simply tell everybody to go away."


"We satellite in a parking many in Chicago for 2 weeks waiting for results, climate went back to brand-new York and also got the surgical procedure done," the continues. "That was the hardest part. The idea the the human being you depend on most and who has always given you toughness is in a place where girlfriend don't know what's walking to occur was tough. Surgery is scary and also you hear all these fear stories, so that was the scariest time."

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The couple persevered v the grueling period, admirably transforming some of their darkest days into cherished times. Cutting board recalls passing hours in Chicago by setup out to have actually fun with his wife, that co-manages his career and also runs their Sidewalk Angels Foundation, which helps animal rescue groups.

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"It was practically like Life Is Beautiful. Us turned it into this great time, camping the end in this parking many in Chicago." back Maldonado is still taking points easy, Thomas says she's tho his "right-hand person… and micromanaging everything!" and he remains in awe of his wife's resilience.

It was the stamina that inspired much the his latest record, even prior to her latest health and wellness scare. Songs including "The an excellent Unknown" and latest single "Pieces" came about in between doctors' appointments in Mexico, whereby the award-winning songwriter spent hours "hanging in the desert" if Maldonado to be undergoing therapies for her autoimmune disease.

"Sometimes come get far better you have actually to acquire worse," cutting board reflects. "She just kept fallout’s apart and 'Pieces' to be born the end of that. And 'The good Unknown' is around her resilience and how through all these things she walk through, she bounces back time after time and also is way stronger 보다 I've ever been."

The pair will note their 17th wedding anniversary following month, yet Thomas is unfazed by together milestones.

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"We play ourselves top top the back every anniversary, but at the same time as soon as we obtained married the idea was that us were walk to be married as long as we're alive, so we don't want to make too big a deal out the it. We were always headed this way, therefore it's just about continuing that promise."

It's no the only milestone comes up because that the Songwriters room of Fame award recipient.

October marks two decades since the release of Matchbox Twenty's stop debut album Yourself or Someone favor You. Spawning hits including "Push" and "3am," the document catapulted the tape to global stardom and also two years of unfaltering success.

While guitarist Kyle cook announced his departure from the team in April (citing a malfunction of communication and also conflict over touring plans), thomas is hopeful the band will certainly reunite because that a YOSLY anniversary tour.

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"Kyle's still not talking to me," admits Thomas. "But I intend it's just since I'm top top this tour … mine schedule can sometimes it is in a burden on the guys. I'm pretty sure by next year we'll all have actually sat down and figured miscellaneous out. Fans want to see united state play and also I can't carry out it there is no Kyle, so we just need to make the work."

In the meantime, cutting board is thrilled to have actually resumed his solo tour, teaming up with Counting Crows, whose command singer Adam Duritz is a longtime pal. The girlfriend watch every other's set every night, climate reconvene end texts.

"We have actually a team text through me, Adam and also the lead singer that our assistance act, K Phillips, for this reason as shortly as we get on the bus ~ the display we're like, 'How was this evening for you? What are you doing on our day off?'"

Road life these days is a stark comparison to Thomas' at an early stage days in music, throughout which the "used that rock star map at every ar that embraced it," reveling in booze, drugs and also partying, and also getting into negative relationships come fuel his songwriting.

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It wasn't until the bear of his now 18-year-old kid Maison, native a previous relationship, and also meeting Maldonado that the three-time GRAMMY winner rotate his life around, and also these job what was once a party bus is now a family home.

Maison join the tour in July, even jamming out with his dad on stage in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina, yet has now commenced studying at Berklee college of Music.

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Thomas couldn't it is in prouder to have his boy adhering to in his footsteps, miscellaneous he claims was led through "nature not nurture."

"He's been sending out me photos of his dorm and sent me his attend to so I can send the money!" the says. "He's a very cool kid, and also it's a good feeling as soon as your son gets up and also plays guitar v you onstage. And then you're ~ above the bus hanging v friends and he bring away his iPod and also starts playing music the blows you away and makes you and also all her friends go, 'Shit, that's good!'"

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"He's 18 and also just a quite guy, whereas ns was a douche at 18," cutting board adds. "He's much simpler to be approximately than i was."

While having actually a child navigate the music industry and also the darker temptations that accompany the might issue some parents, cutting board is confident Maison won't stumble under the exact same dangerous route he followed.

"He doesn't drink, and also it's a different people now than when we to be kids. Drinking, smoking and excess is just not cool anymore and also I'm yes, really happy about that, because as much as I had actually a an excellent time and found my own means out of things, the would've been a lot less complicated if I'd never had to uncover my method into them… so I'm glad the he won't."