Coco Jones is an American actress, singer, Youtuber, and also social media influencer. She is finest known for she fabulous acting as Kelsey in “Good luck Charlie” and also as Roxie in “Let the Shine” Tv shows. She is likewise known for she debut self-titled EP and also songs favor “Stand Up”, “Chandelier”, and also “Peppermint”.

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Coco grew up in Columbia, southern Carolina, US in addition to her parents and siblings. She saw a regional school for graduation. She started her career as an actress in 2011 v a Disney display titled “So Random!” as cacao Blue. 

NameCoco Jones
Nick NameCoco
Birth PlaceColumbia, southern Carolina, US
Date of BirthJanuary 4, 1998
Age(as of 2021)23 Years
Zodiac SignCapricorn
ProfessionActress and Singer

Coco Jones Age, Height, and Weight

Coco Jones’s age is 23 years (as of 2021). She is 5′ 5″ high and her weight is roughly 54 kg.

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Career and also Achievements

Coco began her career together an actress in 2011 with a Disney show titled “So Random!” as cacao Blue however, her function in the display was limited. In the complying with year, she showed up in a Tv film titled “Let that Shine” as Roxie. The film to be commercially successful and gave popularity and recognition as an actress to Coco around the world. 

With rising fame together an actress, chocolate acted in several Tv shows and also movies including an excellent Luck Charlie, The Exes, Grandma’s House, flock of Four, five Points, and also Vampires vs. The Bronx. Recently, she was viewed in a Tv present titled “T and also CoCo”.

Besides this, chocolate is a renowned singer, who was previously signed by Hollywood Records. She began singing in ~ the period of 6 from her primary school. In 2006, she participated in a to sing competition referred to as “Radio Disney”, where she obtained fame since of her fabulous song “Real You”. She released she debut self-titled EP in 2010, i beg your pardon ranked optimal in miscellaneous rating charts and also websites.

Coco exit her second EP title “Made Of” in 2013, which to be ranked 10th in graph position. She has also released 2 EPs titled “Let Me inspect It” in 2017 and H.D.W.Y. In 2019. As well as this, cacao sang a few lovely songs including “Stand Up”, “Chandelier”, “Ghost”, and also many others. 

In enhancement to this, cacao has a self-titled Youtube channel with countless subscribers. She largely uploads songs, music videos, and also travel vlogs on she channel. In 2008, she created her channel and began uploading videos. Her many recent videos were Butterflies- Michael Jackson (Coco Covers) and also Working on other Hilarious Ft UNice hair | cacao Vlogs?. 


Mike Jones, a former footballer, and also Javonda Jones, a vocalist are Coco’s parents. Over there is information concerning her siblings as of now. 


Coco Jones hails native Columbia, south Carolina, US.She is a well-known actress, singer, Youtuber, and social media influencer. She started singing in ~ the age of six. White and Brown room her favourite colors. Coco is fond the singing, dancing, traveling, and also playing basketball. Spain is her favorite vacation destination. 

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Abigail Mac is likewise a famous American society media celebrity and also Youtuber.

Net Worth

Coco Jones’s net worth together of now, in 2021 is estimated to be more than $2m.

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sources of income are acting, modeling, singing, recording, live concerts, and also brand promotions.

Social Media

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