Finn Harries is a renowned British vlogger who runs the popular YouTube channel Jacksgap through his pair brother Jack. Finn Harries is additionally an Entrepreneur and a graphic designer. Moreover, the is a designer and filmmaker and co-founder the the wake up Environmentalist

Table the Biography

Early life and also Childhood

Finn Harries is currently 27 years old as of his birthdate, may 13, 1993. He is indigenous London, England. His full name is Finnegan “Finn” Harries. He is brothers by nationality and also his zodiac authorize is Taurus. He has an the same twin brother, Jack harries who is 2 minute younger come him. Based upon the method they speak to each other in their clips and the vibes they provide out, both these the same twins share a great rapport and also are most likely the ideal of buddies.

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Finn also has a sister named, Emmy Lou. His mother, Rebecca Frayn, is a director that is finest known for directing countless BBC, ITV, and also Channel 4 documentaries. Similarly, his father, Andy Harries, is a producer who produced the U.K. TV series “Wallander” certification ‘Kenneth Branagh’. Moreover, the studied architecture design as a regular day scholar. He i graduated from ‘Parsons college of Design’ on might 28, 2018.


Caption: Finn Harries click a photo with his dad. Source: Instagram

About himself

Finn loves to travel and has to be to locations like Istanbul, Tokyo, and also Orleans among the countless others that he has visited. He additionally loves animals and also has excellent a pair of videos ~ above them. His fondness for animals shows the he is a really compassionate person and is a really warm person. Regardless of being a superstar in the world of YouTube, he has absolutely no airs about himself and hence is a very relatable personality.

Career and also Professional Life

Harries comes from really humble and also down-to-earth family where both his parental are right into films and also productions. Even while he was a college student he was an extremely concerned about the environment and also believed that it was the responsibility of his generation come take initiatives to defend the environment. It to be this reason apart native others and his vast love because that traveling that he smartly merged into one forum.

Finn wasn’t constantly a component of Jacksgap. His first appearance in one of Jack’s videos remained in November 2011 during a video titled ‘Twins’. Soon after posting the pair video, their variety of views started to rise.

He and his twin brother together built a successful YouTube channel whereby they filmed their take trip journeys while informing a story to the civilization for a substantial cause. ‘JacksGap’, the YouTube channel was began on June 12, 2011, and also slowly and steadily Finn worked his method through success. The channel now has actually over 3 million subscribers ~ above YouTube, emphasizing ~ above the fact, the the function it dram in the life that the youth now is immense.

Controversies and also Scandals

After reaching one million subscribers on your YouTube channel, Jack made a video claiming that Finn was fake, and also that Finn was all simply special effects. After ~ a month, Finn made a video clip on the channel title ‘Finn’s Revenge’. However, in the video, Finn starts turn off tied up and also then that “escapes” climate goes looking for Jack. Later on in the video they describe how the last video clip was simply a film, and also that Finn walk exist. The channel got to a big milestone of two million subscribers on June 12th, 2013.

Further, in April 2015, ‘JacksGap’ posted a video called “What perform You believe In?” that declared Finn had moved to brand-new York City previously that year to examine Design and Architecture because that three and also a half years in ~ the Parsons school of Design, though he is still a part of JacksGap. Together of 2018, the JacksGap name has actually been replaced across all society media platforms in donate of “Jack Harries”.

Similarly, the official Twitter account has additionally been deleted and also the handle relinquished, currently owned by a member of the general public with no affiliation to ‘JacksGap’. After ~ two and a fifty percent years in may 2018, the channel has uploaded a brand-new video dubbed “Jack Harries – The stories We Tell”, which talked about depression and the issue in between his mental health and social media.

More around his career

Apart from gift a YouTuber, Finn is very concerned around the environment and believes that his generation is the critical which can assist save this environment. He states, “I’ve get an impressive to understand that the society and society I was born into is damaging the planet we live on in ~ a greater scale than ever before.” Therefore, that is this care and also concern he has for the civilization that renders him for this reason loved among his fans.

There to be a time when there were no videos posted on the channel and also fans go berserk saying, “Please come back, your videos truly offered me so lot comfort and also inspiration” and also “I always come ago to this channel to view if they’ve posted something … guess not :(” amongst the countless other comments. These posts from human being show just how much he method to the civilization out there.

He created his self-titled YouTube channel on Aug 18, 2011. The channel started as a task for Harries to reply to fans. He acquired 800 subscribers in 1 week. Probably the key reason for their rapid ascent to coming to be “YouTube famous” is their obvious good looks, reinforced by your demographics. The channel adopted the slogan/theme track of “Finn Finn, the far better twin,” and also each video is began with the line, “hi guys, how’re friend doing?”

The Harries pair are also noticeably part of a team of YouTubers frequently referred to as “The YouTube Crew”, consist of of a fairly large group that individuals consisting of Caspar, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, and FoodforLouis, among others. Finn additionally has one more YouTube channel also as ‘Finn Harries’ i m sorry was created on Jun 2, 2013.


Caption: Finn Harries and his twin brother, Jack Harries clicking a picture while attending WWF for the yearly State of the world Address. Source: Instagram

Personal Life

Finn has actually not shared any information about his date history. He is not dating anyone currently. He has never mentioned any kind of girl who he has linked up with. However, together of now, Finn could be focused on his career fairly than entailing in one. However, the was as soon as rumored to it is in in a relationship with Periwinkle Blue.

Body Measurements


Caption: Finn Harries posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

Social Media and Net Worth

Finn is well-known on society media sites. His Instagram account has actually earned much more than 1.3 million followers. He is also active on Twitter with more than 1.96 million followers. His very first YouTube channel ‘Finn Harries’ 8.73K subscribers. And also his another YouTube channel under his own name has got over 7.55K subscribers. Moreover, he additionally has a personal website.

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As talking around his earnings and net worth, over there is no doubt he would certainly earn a hefty amount of money through his profession. However, his approximated net worth is about $1 million – $5 million.