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Fiskal says:

# how soon after ~ they"re born?Those cute tiny newborn hatchlings... They simply look so hungry don"t they? You"re thinking to yourself... "surely the wouldn"t hurt if ns fed them simply a little". Don"t do it! You have to resist those motherly (or fatherly) instincts! your newborn pets are just fine and also have many of food accessible when first hatched. The packet of immediate Live eggs you just poured in also contained enough food supply to feed your newborns because that a variety of days. Wait at least "5 days" (and no much more than "7 days") prior to feeding them because that the an initial time... And when doing so, always use the small end of the feeding spoon.# How regularly do ns feed them?Feeding your Sea-Monkeys "once" a week usually works quite well. It yes, really depends greatly on how plenty of of her pets make it through to adulthood after the first couple of weeks of life. Much less than 16 adult Sea-Monkeys, and you may want to earlier off to as soon as every 8 to 10 days. Salary close attention! If your Sea-Monkeys water begins to come to be cloudy, it"s a sure sign that you"re over-feeding them. If this is the case, prevent feeding them until the water removes up. Likewise observe the body of your Sea-Monkeys. Healthy adult Sea-Monkeys will have actually a dark streak to run the length of your bodies. This indicates that they are eating properly and also have a full gut. If this is the case, once every 8 days is simply fine... But always continue in your observations. Another factor is "green algae" growth. If you provide an adequate light source for her aquarium (with indirect daylight or a plant light), you"ll advantage from the development of environment-friendly algae which offers both oxygen and also a supplemental food source. When again, be observant... If you an alert a significant amount of environment-friendly algae in the tank, think about feeding them when every 10 days. It"s likewise a great idea to have actually a technique for maintaining track of their feeding schedule. I indicate an cheap pocket calendar therefore you have the right to jot under the feeding dates. You"ll discover this tip particularly helpful... And also even much more so if you have multiple aquariums to save track of.# What around other food suppliments?Remember, never ever attempt come feed her Sea-Monkeys anything other than food that was intended because that them. If you"re interested in feeding your pets something different, Transcience produces a variety of other additional for your Sea-Monkeys (read about them by clicking the "Sea-Monkey Supplies" switch to the left). It"s essential to pay attention to the directions detailed on the earlier of every of these packets. When using one of the food supplements instead of the regular growth food, the main thing come remember is to stop overfeeding them. You do this by picking one OR the other. Never ever use both in ~ the very same time! together for the various other supplements, read the packet instructions. I like to provide my pets variety by utilizing a various food complement from the one I offered for the previous feeding.

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My Sea-Monkeys really seem to reap this... Specifically when I acquire to the "Banana Treat" supplement!This tip was taken indigenous www.seamonkeymania.com4:57PM, 14 April 2008 PDT(permalink)