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I put up a shed supported by 4x4 posts and also noticed a good amount of vertical cracked in the supports. At first this fear me as I thought probably I had too much weight and also these were tension cracks. However then I gained to looking in ~ some miscellaneous decks, fences also went come the hardwood yard and also noticed the same form cracks in every the dried 4x4s ns found.This still obtained me thinking tho... Exactly how much load can a upright 4x4 support?
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What i figured if the load is distributed evenly is the each 4x4 article is supporting a max of around 420 pounds. Thats around 3 the me and also I i do not know imagine that weight gift a danger to a upright 4x4... Even a horizontal one through a kind span.
A 4x4 in an excellent condition, if held in a upright position, have the right to take countless pounds of pressure. The cracks you"re seeing room likely just drying checks.
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A 4x4 in great condition, if organized in a upright position, have the right to take thousands of pounds that pressure. The crack you"re seeing are likely simply drying checks.

It is approximately 4,300 LBS for the entire post. This have the right to vary by varieties but they can support a lot of weight.
Although "varying by specie" is an extremely true and something to be considered when girlfriend get outside the "norm" of traditional framing product ... The dominion of thumb would certainly be 500lbs. Per square customs of product = finish grain carrying capacity. Therefore a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" item of material is 12.25 sq. Inch of material = 6,125 lbs. Of finish grain support. Ns would use this number up till the suggest that member reached 8" of vertical hold without diagonal line bracing. If the 4x4 were provided in a shed with rated sheathing top top the exterior wall ... The original number will certainly hold.

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As much as the "cracking" that you see ... It"s dubbed "checking." really common in all materials 3" thick or thicker. I perform a most post and also beam construction and it"s one of my numerous headaches trying to define to HOs that have exposed beams and see this happen. I"ve had them asking "how carry out you fix it" ... Mine general solution is "that"s wood ... That"s what the does ... And quite frankly, those the truly "love" wood ... Enjoy every little of personality it adds ... Speak of character ... Ns threw that in because that free." most times they just laugh and also understand.