Chris Uhland, owner of Grout remedies of Carmel, says regrouting a bathroom usually costs in between $100 and also $500, depending upon the amount of tile. (Photo by Brandon Smith)

Dear barisalcity.orge: i hired a contractor to acid wash, regrout and seal my bathroom tile. He did not eliminate the old grout – simply sponged over a brand-new grout coating. He states this is standard operating procedure, together we did no contract because that old grout removal. Is this true, or did i just gain ripped off? — Angela K., Philadelphia

Dear Angela: Unfortunately, there are a number of contractors that regrout tile this way, even though the is not a encourage or reputable solution. People in the market refer come this practice as “skim coating.” that a way of making the area look better without actually addressing it, and the new grout will wear off once the area is used.

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While you deserve to leave a small section of the old grout, you have to remove a majority of it. That way, there’s sufficient room for the new tile grout come bond to the political parties – no the peak – that the tile. Even if the grout is worn under in areas, you need someone to remove it before applying new grout.

Luckily, regrouting brick is a practice you shouldn’t need to do often. If you take care of and also clean her tile grout regularly, you need to only have to replace that every 12 come 15 years. Lesser quality tasks or fail to care for the grout may lead to the require for replacement every eight to 10 years.

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To acquire the maximum quantity of time in between grout replacement, be certain to treatment for that properly.

Never use bleach, ammonia or acid-based cleaners top top grout. Shower cleaners that show you must spray the cleaner on and leave the there also damage grout long-term. Usage a neutral pH cleaner if you desire to get an ext life out of her grout.

You should also make certain to remove any type of excess humidity from the room, as that can damages grout. Squeegee your shower ~ use, and make certain to use exhaust pan to remove moisture.

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When it comes to regrouting tile, understand what it need to cost. Low-priced estimates may show the contractor doesn’t market old grout removed as component of the job.

Non-sanded grout generally costs in between $5 and $6 per square foot for removal and also replacement. Sanded grout, which would certainly be offered for any kind of joints with a one-eighth inch gap or larger, expenses $6 to $8 every square foot. It’s necessary to recognize that the cost of regrouting depends on a close check by the contractor. A simple job could drop to as little as $1 come $2 per square foot, but a complex job might surpass $10 every square foot.

Contractors have actually a variety of factors to consider, such as the type of tile and grout used, structural integrity of the floor or overall challenge of the job. Also, relying on the dimension of the area, some may use a flat day rate rather of charging by the square foot. No matter just how the contractor calculates the job, the or she need to be able to carry out a breakdown of the estimate, for this reason don't be fear to ask because that that.

Keep in mind the whoever is replacing her grout should also be place 100 percent silicone caulk in edge joints and around tubs and also shower basins. This action is important, due to the fact that grout has actually no flexibility. If there’s any kind of movement between a tile and also a edge joint, grout will crack. Together for sealing the grout, always ask the contractor if this is included. Some believe grout have to not be sealed till it has actually cured for numerous days, and therefore leave that step to the homeowner.

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Staff writer Kaley Belakovich contributed to this report. 

Editor’s note: This is an updated version of an short article that was initially published on march 22, 2016.