Thinking around getting a household cow? You’ll love the remarkable taste the the milk and also have lot of of new cream!

How much will you obtain a day and also what deserve to you carry out to regulate her production?

Your cow will certainly most likely milk between 2-3 gallons every day. This will vary through feeding, phase of lactation, age, health and also breed that cow.

Congratulations, this is exciting stuff!

We have had actually a household cow for years, a Jersey called Aleene. (She was part of our herd once we milked for a living.)

We love the abundant milk and also are big believers in drink it genuine (you can say raw).

If you are an ext comfortable with pasteurizing your milk, walk for it! good news, it’s her milk so you can do together you please!

Here’s my video on exactly how to milk a cow. It’s easy, as soon as you gain a tiny practice.

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We’ll go over exactly how much milk you can expect from her cow and also what you have the right to do management wise that will readjust the quantity she produces.

Good management and husbandry of your cow will will help her live her genetic potential.

Poor monitoring and/or husbandry will have actually her living and also performing below her potential.

There are borders of production, largely individual ability and phase of lactation, however all cows can be managed for greater or lower production.

Cow Amount of milk
Jersey, height lactation3 gallons every day
Jersey, mid lactation2 gallons every day
Jersey, so late lactation1.5 gallons every day

Your cow will milk 2-3 gallons per day

Our cow produce 2-3 gallons every day, as an average.

You have the right to count ~ above at the very least a gallon a day, also in the so late stages that lactation once she is at her lowest milk per day.

If you room considering a cow that has production records, this is easy. Milk production is measure up in pounds and there space 8 pounds to a gallon.

Here’s one example: the manufacturing records state that the cow the your selection is developing 24 pounds of milk every day. Divide 24 by 8 to gain 3 gallons of milk per day.

Remember, your cow will milk the amount the is biologically suitable for she in the environment you provide for her.

Her daily environment has how friend treat her and also what she eats.

You carry out not have to feed grain

No, her cow does not require grain! us don’t feed Aleene grain, ever. But, and this is a pretty big but, our cow does just fine there is no grain.

She keeps on weight, she appears happy and she has actually plenty of grass or hay to eat to get all the nutrition she needs.

If and/or as soon as Aleene looks prefer she requirements some grain, we will happily offer it to her. Until then, she is doing well without it.

Milk Cow monitoring ChoiceMilk manufacturing Result(vs she potential production)
No grain to cowlower
High quality pasturehigh
Low quality pasturelower
Varying routine, particularly milking timelower
High stress, consisting of weatherlower
Restricted water intake(including slippery/icy footing to obtain the water)lower
Cow is fatlower
Cow is thinlower
Cow is fine fed v slick hair coathigh
Higher or reduced production is compared to your cow’s separation, personal, instance ability, i beg your pardon is a mix of genetics and environment (which you regulate through management).

Aleene (our Jersey) milks 2-3 gallons every day

For us, Aleene produces 2-3 gallons the milk every day.

She is no fed grain and also is provided the liberty to roam around the barnyard and close areas as she chooses.

She constantly has accessibility to grass, yet in the winter she requirements hay as well.

The plus side of this hands off format is she just needs accessibility to lot of of hay, in reality it’s haylage, and water and she takes treatment of herself.

The under side of this mechanism is she will certainly poop wherein ever and also we need to be vigilant about keeping the door to the feed shut!

Why to be I informing you this? What Aleene eats and also how she feels, happy or stressed, low or high energy food, will certainly all influence how much milk she produces in ~ a specific point in she lactation.

The exact same will be true for your cow.

Look closely, you deserve to see the cream heat on the milk! say thanks to you, Aleene!

A few lactation basics, supply and also demand

The milk a cow produces adheres to what is called a lactation curve.

The curve really looks an ext like a mountain: v a steep side to the top then a an ext gentle slope earlier to the bottom.

Here is a graph of a share lactation curve. Cows have the right to calve year round, so the peak have the right to happen any month. If you want grass based milk, setup the calving day accordingly.

Milk production is based on supply and also demand, you take the milk she provides more.

You leaving the milk (skip milkings or differ times that milkings) she interprets that together you leaving the milk for this reason she makes less.

For more info check out my write-up How come Hand Milk A Cow for every the details top top milking through hand.

Her milk manufacturing will height at around 6 weeks after freshening (having a baby) then it will slowly taper off together the lactation duration continues.

How long she remains at height production and also how rapid she tapers turn off in manufacturing are based off of genetics and your management.

The best milk cow calving cycle is 12 months

Ideally, you will certainly have she bred earlier at 3 months after freshening. This will placed her on a one year production cycle.

Being a month or so later on is no a large deal, but will move the birth of the calf and therefore the begin of milking back.

Not a huge deal uneven you obtain multiple months off schedule room are count on grass based milk.

If you require her come freshen in ~ a certain time for her area, detecting heats and also getting she bred earlier for the appropriate time is critical.

She will ideally be dry (you space no much longer milking her) at 10 months, for this reason she will have 2 month turn off of milking until she has another baby at about 12 months (close come the same day of critical year’s calf).

If she’s not bred, keep milking her!

As I stated above, ideally your cow will remain on a 12 month schedule.

For a commercial dairy products this is a pretty big deal, since maintaining this 12 month schedule is the best means to save a cow healthy and rewarding at the very same time.

For you, more than likely not together a big deal.

Just be mindful the much longer it take away to acquire her bred back, the more away from more milk you will be if she dries up quicker than you had planned on.

You can help your household cow produce more milk

Keep her in good healthKeep a milking scheduleFeed her more high power foodBe certain she has actually easy access to waterShe demands a comfortable location to cave outKeep her udder soft

Keep your milk cow in great health

How have the right to you tell f she is healthy, girlfriend ask? It’s actually pretty easy. She should have actually a slick, shining hair coat.

In the winter the hair coat through be thicker and longer, yet it still have to look nice.

Another easy way to point out a healthy cow is the she is laying down chewing she cud. When a cow is full, she relaxes and also chews she cud.

If you are not seeing lot cud chewing then look right into what can be missing.

She have to be eating, drinking or chewing her cud any kind of time girlfriend look at her. If not, perform some investigating.

Keep to a milking schedule, cows love routine

You have to milk her cow double a day together close to 12 hrs apart together you can. Once you milk doesn’t matter, just pick a time and stick to it. Cows love routine!

If you need to readjust the milking time, make the change slowly end a few days.

Your cow can’t call the difference between 6:15 and 6:30, yet she certainly knows the difference between 6:15 and 10:15!

Some civilization like to milk simply once every day, the calf handles the milk the rest of the day. The will certainly work, as lengthy as you store to a routine.

Cows develop milk based on demand. As soon as you miss out on milking time, she body thinks the the demand for milk has reduced so she provides less.

Having an erratic milking schedule way you will obtain less milk from her cow.

Feed your milk cow an ext high energy food

You can give your cow a little bit of grain or a flake of yes, really nice hay (not the entirety bale!) and also see if that bump up she production.

Don’t walk crazy here, present high power feeds a small at a time come make sure her digestive system has time come adjust.

Be certain your milk cow has easy accessibility to water

Your cow requirements a most water and she demands to be able to get to it easily. Your cow must never be quick on water.

Limited water=lowered milk production

Your cow must confidently walk come the ar where she it s okay water.

Slippery footing, slick or wet concrete, stairs. Etc. Space all points cows do not like and will prevent walking end if they can.

Cow trusted water placement rises milk production.

Your milk cow requirements a comfortable ar to hang out

Once your cow is full, she desires a comfortable place to place down and also chew her cud.

It should be well bedded and also at a comfortable temperature because that her, cows prefer it cooler than you do.

If you are in shorts and also a T-shirt, she is gaining hot. If you are in a sweatshirt and also jeans, she is happy.

Keep your cow’s udder soft, monitor skin condition

Our cow, Aleene, usually has soft skin, therefore she doesn’t normally need udder cream or moisturizing teat dip.

Occasionally, like if she it s okay muddy or lays down in poo, the skin of she udder can get irritated.

I an alert the dryness first at the height of the teat, where it starts to widen the end to the udder floor.

I just take part bag enjoyment or petroleum jelly out through me the following milking and also rub the in together I milk.

Ideally, take it some v you as soon as you walk to milk her, so over there is no hold-up in moisturizing the skin.

The dryness/irritation does not directly lower milk production, that makes relocating the skin hurt, like when your skin crack or you have a cut.

Save you yourself the potential kicking and also keep the skin supple.

Your milk cow can milk an ext than you need

Aleene always produces more milk in a day 보다 we deserve to use. Ns skim cream turn off of the gallons that acquire ahead of us, then us dump the rest.

Hard come hear ns know, yet we would quite dump milk than hazard lowering production. She doesn’t obtain grain, therefore this is her normal.

This is a good problem to have!

Sometimes you just don’t require quite that lot milk, so fairly than dumping it you can just readjust your administration a little and minimize milk manufacturing slightly. (Emphasis top top a little and slightly!)

Remove the serial from your milk cow’s diet

If her cow is a real go getter milk wise and also you space swimming in milk, yet still feeding grain, cut ago the grain.

Or even get rid of the serial completely. This is only for a cow in an excellent body condition, if your cow is thin carry out not lower her calorie intake!

Cattle carry out not need grain, her cow is the same. Grain is a fast, easy resource of supplemental energy. Your gal plainly doesn’t require it.

Cut it back slowly and see exactly how she faces the change. As long as she stays full and keeps a slick hair coat she is fine.

If she has a difficult time adjusting, up the high quality of the forage she’s eating.

Be aware, for some cows this fall in milk manufacturing is no reversible (this lactation).

Some cows will certainly not go ago up in milk production if you decision to add back in more energy to shot to rise milk after ~ you have tried to reduced it.

Some cows will certainly hop back up in production, some will certainly not.

Breed that cow matters because that milk production

Yes, the breed of cow does matter as much as milk production and personality characteristics. That’s the brief answer.

The longer answer is the all individuals will differ off of the normal for a group.

An easy method to think that this is if you have siblings, you and your brothers and sisters are not carbon duplicates of one another.

Sometimes siblings can be rather different, also with the exact same parents and also same environment growing up. It’s the very same thing will all animals, including cows.

The breed descriptions of dairy cattle will provide you generalizations that will certainly be true throughout the breed, especially when comparing a breed as a team to an additional breed together a group.

Once you move to the individual level, the differences in between cows that the very same breed really start to show.

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Specifically, it is all about the separation, personal, instance cow the you have or space considering buying.

Don’t be as concerned about breed. Think about much more important things like attitude (super important!) and teat length.

I have actually an write-up on picking a family members cow, including a checklist of points to look for and also deal breakers come watch the end for!