Full NameMichael Dwayne Vick
Nick surname Michael Vick
Birth PlaceNewport News, Virginia, united States
Birthday26 June 1980
Age/How old?41 years old (as that 2021)
Occupation American football quarterback
Net worth in 2021 $20 million
Sun SignCancer
EducationVirginia technology university
Wife Kijafa Frink (m. 2012)
Children 4
SonMitez Vick, Michael Vick Jr.

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Daughter London Vick, Jada Vick
FatherMichael Boddie
MotherBrenda Vick

Michael Dwayne Vick is an American football quarterback who has actually played in the NFL (National football League) for 13 seasons. Together of 2021, Michael Vick’s network worth is approximated at $20 million.

He played for teams like Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles.

Moreover, Michael is a four-time agree Bowl Champion and the winner of an Archie Griffin award.

At present, he is considered among the controversial NFL players.

But just how does all this fame and also popularity convert into cold hard cash?

What kind of precious does an American football quarterback make?

So, let’s dive deep to uncover out Michael Vick’s net worth and also how much this player made his fortune.

Do you know how old and also tall is he?

If girlfriend don’t understand then you have the right to go v this article around Michael Vick’s biography, network worth 2021, age, height, weight, family, and also many more.

Michael Vick’s age & Birthday

Vick to be born ~ above June 26, 1980, in Newport News, Virginia. Follow to his birthdate, Michael Vick’s period is 41 years. His birth surname is Michael Dwayne Vick. 

He is the second child that his parental Brenda Vick and also Michael Boddie amongst the four.

Michael’s father did a task in the shipyards as a spray-painter and also sandblaster.

Moreover, his parents to be married once Michael Vick’s period was 5 years.

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Michael Vick height & Weight

Do you want to recognize the physical appearance, height, and also weight of Michael Vick? have actually a watch below:


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