Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls

Johnny Gruelle is ideal known for developing the civilization famous rag doll characters, Raggedy Ann and Andy. If the Raggedys were the indisputable centerpiece the Gruelle\"s career, in his love of hearts, Johnny was a dyed-in-the-wool freelance artist, who felt most at residence at his illustration board, do illustrations and also features for newspapers and magazines.

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Marcella, Johnny Gruelle\"s daughter, lugged him one old rag doll one day, and he drew a challenge on the worn fabric. Pulling a publication off the shelf, he noticed two James Witcomb Riley poems, \"The Raggedy Man\" and \"Little Orphan Annie\". Why don\"t we contact her Raggedy Ann?, that said. Or for this reason the story goes. Gruelle\"s family made the original doll by hand, and also he offered Raggedy Ann life in 1915. She came to be a children\"s book character in 1918, and Gruelle\"s publisher P.F. Volland i ordered it to sell Raggedy Ann dolls together well.

The tie-in between Gruelle\"s Raggedy Ann Stories and also the dolls verified a an excellent marketing success. Gruelle average one new book a year because that twenty years.

Reprinted countless times, the publications renew the character because that every generation. In the stories kindly Raggedy Ann pertains to life when human beings aren\"t looking and also embarks on adventures v her brave brother Andy. Marcella Gruelle tragically passed away at age 13, simply as Raggedy Ann debuted. Yet she confirmed up together a tender remembrance in Marcella: A Raggedy Ann Story (1929).

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Raggedy Ann value and price guide

What\"s her Raggedy Ann worth in 2021? here are some recently sold items.

Item Title day Price
This article Is Not easily accessible Cannot Find connect To Remove07/2021$500.99
This items Is Not easily accessible Cannot Find link To Remove07/2021$500.99
Rare Pair 18 Raggedy Ann Andy Dolls Molly Es Doll07/2021$900.00
Halloween Toy Store display screen Folk Art large 6 Ft Raggedy08/2021$9.99
Rare Volland Raggedy Ann Doll W initial Dress07/2021$450.00
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Sara - September 21, 2020
I have actually near mint condition Knickerbocker 1960\"s Raggedy Ann #445 and Raggedy Andy #347. Is over there any means that you might tell me what they are worth? They are from mine childhood and also I\"m no planning on offering them. Ns was simply wondering if they space worth anything? I plan to happen them down to my kid\"s part day.
Hi Sara, Knickerbocker made various Raggedy Anns v the years and values differ. Ideal is come look in ~ this web page for part prices: Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann.

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Steve - may 16, 2020
I have a doll that\"s tag claims 1923 revised.1929. Do by happenings an boutiques Inc. N.Y.what is its value looks favor raggedy ann
I\"m sorry, I have actually no idea...
Rebecca - November 23, 2019