The days of going to a jeweler and also buying yourself a nice ring are over. Type of.

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Thanks come Diamond Candles, you can now enjoy the excitement of to buy a candle and also burning it until you discover a arbitrarily ring inside.

But how legit room these rings? Let us break it down for you.

What space diamond candles?


Photo via Instagram/diamondcandles

Husband and wife duo, David and Brenda, developed the idea once David went the end to purchase Brenda one engagement ring. While in search of something to placed the ring in, he observed a candle and also realized exactly how much Brenda love them. With both the ring and candle in his hands, Diamond Candles to be born.

For $24.95, you can buy a soybean beans wax diamond candle one of two people in its initial scent or in something fresh & fruity. But as girlfriend may have actually guessed, it’s no simple candle. Every candle consists of a ring.

The rings in every candle room worth either $10, $100, $1,000 or $5,000 candle. If you also find a on slide of document with a code in her candle, you’re a lucky RINGREVEAL winner, which way you can go online and also see if you won a ring at among the higher price values. Yet it’s unlikely since there’s a one in 100 chance of getting a $100 ring, a one in 1,000 possibility of obtaining a $1,000 ring and a one in 5,000 possibility of acquiring a $5,000 ring.

So you’re saying ns can’t choose the ring?

Pretty much.

You won’t recognize what the ring looks prefer or if it’ll also fit until you’ve burned the candle. Think the it as buying a candle and also being surprised v a bonus ring.

It’s choose finding a prize at the bottom that the cereal box for adults. You get every little thing is there.

But exactly how are they able to offer out ring worth thousands of dollars?

On their website, they describe that the company reinvest the money they do from your products back into their agency instead of into commercials. And they can’t bought to placed a $1,000 ring in every candle, however they perform receive a discount when they purchase in big quantities.

Also, prior to they created the RINGREVEAL idea, the firm used to additionally put the higher value ring in the candles. For this reason before, customers never ever knew how much the ring would be worth.

This led to a lot of of videos capturing the reveal.

1 and there space a lot of videos with clickbait titles.

How interesting could a video clip about a burn candle and also a ring actually be?

The woman starts the video by explaining the odor of the candle, and she describes that she important loves the smell of the candle. She fishes the ring out and also it’s sheathe in a small plastic bag and gold foil. It’s a fake diamond ring through a ruby colored stone in the middle. Unfortunately, the doesn’t fit her finger.

And after realizing that, that’s around it. There’s nothing rather to the video.

2 People also reviewed Diamond candle overall.

User budgetsavvydiva explains exactly how she’s a candle enthusiast and goes right into whether the Diamond Candles room worth the price.

She talks around how she to buy 10 candle at a discounted price but only shed eight. She showed every one of the rings she uncovered in her candles, which were basically just costume rings.

The video also talks around how the site explained rings that room unmarked room worth $10 while rings through a China or Tawaiian note are most likely worth more, but she disagreed through that fact. This candle fanatic wasn’t fooled through the whole gimmick.

When comment the inquiry of even if it is or not the candles space worth it, she says, “I think it’s precious it if you can get it because that $15 with complimentary shipping. Ethical opinion, that’s what i give.”

We appreciate your candor, budgetsavvydiva.

3 People also received dislike for posting probably fake videos.

While fishing she ring out of the candle, user dealsanddrivel to compare the endure to “Christmas morning.” She has actually trouble acquisition the ring out of the foil and also plastic bag because it’s still extended in wax however she expose a gold ring v a diamond stone.

The site supplied to describe that rings through a “14k” mark were worth hundreds of dollars. So once she reveals that the ring claims “14k,” you would assume she would freak the end a small more. Yet she just says, “And that is mine ring indigenous Diamond Candles, have the right to you watch it?”

Because that the absence of enthusiasm, dealsanddrivel received a lot of hate from viewers. Civilization called her out on it being fake, claiming castle heard her son whisper “act excited, yes, really excited” prior to she also opened the ring.

Another viewer kept it genuine by commenting, “Does it yes, really matter? It’s a fun surprise, and the expense isn’t much different from Yankee candle or any of the other big candle companies. I simply ordered two. I don’t care if I obtain a genuine ring or not. The scents are awesome, and also finding a little treat for yourself doesn’t pains either.”

So what’s the allude of buying these rings?

The exact same question can be asked once it pertains to lottery tickets and cracker jacks. Human being buy them for the thrill of it. But at least in this scenario, you’re promised a candle and relatively nice ring.

The product has started a trend among bloggers and also YouTubers, and the hashtag #diamondcandles has actually over 44,000 write-ups on Instagram. Pinterest likewise has multiple boards specialized to the trend.

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So when it involves whether or not this entire idea is a scam, dealsanddrivel’s viewer said it best: “Does it really matter?” It’s about the funny twist to burn candles. If girlfriend really wanted a $5K candle, then you should probably look elsewhere.