DJ Paul, also known together Paul Duane Beauregard makes far-ranging contributions to the hip Hop music industry. Because that starters, he is just one of the founding members of three 6 Mafia Group renowned for the hit, Stay Fly.

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If you wish to know how much Dj Paul’s net worth amounts to, then you’ve pertained to the appropriate place.

Dj Paul network Worth, sources of Income 

Paul has actually some different sources of earnings to add up in his network worth. First, he is a effective American rapper. His career began in the so late 1980s when he was a DJ. However, a couple of years later on he recorded some solo tapes, which were fairly popular and also gave that the confidence to continue work in this direction.

Dj Paul net Worth is approximated to be $15 Million as at the time of creating this article. As a result, Paul releases three albums. These albums were released with helping his half-brother, mr Infamous. His solo career carried to his awards and population.

Dj Paul with his deluxe car

Dj Paul has lived most have the right to only dream. But he spends huge time for this, and he says that the sleeps just 3-4 hours, since if he no work, that feels the he loose life. Also, sometimes he pays attention to less lucky people. He deserve to give out developers clothes, luxury family members items, pizza.

Dj Paul Girlfriend, Relationships and also Ex-fiance

For the longest time, the document producer had only been in love v one girl, Madja Baltic. She even stole his heart sufficient to make him suggest to her. Moreover, the couple also common a kid called Nautical. However, they broke up and also the Dj uncovered himself a new flame.

Paul is now in a relationship with a woman named Perla Hudson. The pair met at DJ Khaled’s birthday party and also instantly hit the off. Their connection has already surpassed the parents’ introduction phase and also is currently at the equivalent tattoos stage. Let’s expect he will placed a ring ~ above it.

Dj Paul Age, early Life, Family, and also Wiki-Bio

DJ Paul to be born on January 12, 1975, in Memphis, Tennesse whereby he also grew up. The is regarded the late rapper called Lord Infamous, his nephew who passed away from a heart assault on December 2013. This to be a hard point in Paul’s life because he and Lord were not just organization partners yet also really close.

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Quick Facts

NameDJ Paul
ProfessionRapper, record Producer, key Jockey
GirlfriendPerla Hudson
BirthdateJanuary 12th, 1977.