Antique and Vintage Mickey computer mouse Watch Value

We have actually recently received a the majority of questions about the value of antique and also vintage Mickey computer mouse watch models. Therefore, we determined to covering this topic in this article. Hopefully, this means some the you can get a far better overall photo of the vintage Mickey computer mouse watch world. 


Disney watches have actually become more and much more popular over the years, v vintage timepieces exceeding the $1000 price mark. How much is her Disney clock worth, you might ask? Let"s discover out together exactly how much part models from various brands cost, and also you can get a much better idea of how to location yours.

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What renders a vintage Mickey computer mouse watch much more valuable?

There are plenty of things to take into factor to consider when analyzing a watch. Some of the most important things are the clock brand, year of manufacture, the number that watches that that particular model ever produced, whether the movement is mechanical or quartz, in its entirety condition, whether it has an extra function such as a music one, and also maybe the most essential if the is functional or not.

We will go v each and one of this factors and also show friend some examples so that you can differentiate in between different models, prices, brands, and values.

1. Watch Brand: What clock manufacturers have produced Disney Watches?

Disney has made plenty of partnerships follow me the years with plenty of reputable brands such as Rolex, Seiko, Ingersoll, Timex, Invicta, Lorus, Swatch, Gerald Genta & others. Their worth depends as mentioned, ~ above a range of determinants such together year of manufacture, movement, and also functionality.

The most high value Mickey computer mouse watches are those made by Gerald Genta, Rolex, Ingersoll & Seiko.



Gérald Charles Genta was a Swiss clock designer and also artist. He is known for his eponymous heat of timepieces and his architecture work with other high-end watch manufacturers, consisting of IWC, Omega SA, global Genève, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

He has designed several of the most iconic clock models from some of the biggest brands the end there. There space a couple of Gerald Genta Mickey computer mouse watches through prices ranging in between $2000 and $20.000.


 Gerald Genta Fantasy Retro Mickey mouse Race Driver Ref RSF.X.10.123.CA.BD.RUB. Price $15.000 - $20.000


Rolex needs no more introduction, as it is the best watch brand of every time. Friend will discover the standard Rolex Daytona, and the Rolex Submarine, both the which also feature Mickey computer mouse on the dial. This watches selection from $4000 come $20.000. 




The an initial Ingersoll watches, referred to as "Universal" were introduced as at an early stage as 1892, offered by the Waterbury Clock Company.

By 1899 the Waterbury Clock Company was developing 8,000 of this watches per day for Ingersoll, who started proclaiming that 10,000 dealers lugged their disagreement watch. By 1910, Waterbury was developing 3,500,000 disagreement watches per year for Ingersoll.

The first Mickey mouse watch was made in the 1930s. There have actually been part remakes issued, for this reason make sure you"re looking in ~ a vintage one. The older the watch, the greater the price will certainly be.




Seiko is the pioneer that quartz clock movements. They virtually took out of company the entire Swiss watch industry. You can never walk wrong through Seiko watches that will keep accurate time and last for an ext decades to come.

There room a couple of different varieties of vintage Disney Seiko watches. Firstly, you have the ones through the Seiko Logo shown on the dial, which are much more valuable and also harder to find. These watches have been make in the 80s and 90s and have a value between $300 and also $2000. 

The price counts on the Seiko clock model, age, whether it additionally has the original box and also papers, and other components as well. When it pertains to quartz activities it is ideal to go v Seiko, or other brands owned by Seiko such together Lorus.



Secondly, friend may additionally find city hall that have been developed by Seiko instruments Inc. (SII), as shown on the ago of the case. This is one of the three core carriers of the Seiko Group. This watches will offer you the Seiko quartz accuracy, but at reduced prices. The Seiko branded persons will have actually more complex mechanisms and also that is why they are much more expensive.

The price will range from $50 as much as $300, with restricted edition watches and also rare models in ~ the higher end.




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Lorus is one of the brand made and marketed by the world-famous Seiko watch Corporation, also producing Pulsar watches, Seiko watches, and Seiko and Lorus clocks.

Lorus and Seiko started producing Disney watches in 1985. few of the most interesting watches room the music ones that have one or 2 Mickey mouse songs. Each of this songs deserve to be triggered by 2 extra buttons that the the town hall have. Some have actually only 1, definition they deserve to play just one Disney song.

When buying or marketing a comparable watch, make certain that the watch is in full working condition. The second hand must move as the tune plays and also then go ago to its initial position. We have a video clip about this that will certainly be contained further along in this article.



 1990 musical Mickey mouse Lorus Seiko Quartz V422-0011 R2 watch (2 songs). Prices: $95-$260




 Musical Lorus Mickey Mouse human being Flags V421-0020 Lorus watch (1 song). Prices: $75-$200

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Timex is one American manufacturing firm founded in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock company in Waterbury, Connecticut. Ingersoll and U.S. Time, both that which have actually produced Disney watches room actually the same company (current Timex). 

Most Timex city hall that function Mickey mouse are either newer models or developed under Ingersoll and U.S. Time brands. The vintage Mickey computer mouse watches are mainly mechanical.

The more recent Disney Watches developed by Timex often attribute other Disney personalities as well, such together Winnie the Pooh, eye White, Lion King, and others. 





There are other watch brand such as Citizen, Invicta, and also others that are developing Mickey computer mouse watches, yet they deserve to not be taken into consideration vintage yet, since these partnerships are rather new.

2. Year of Manufacture: very first Mickey mouse Watches were created by Ingersoll.

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The very first Mickey computer mouse Disney clock was produced by Ingersoll ago in the 1930s. This way that until 2030 no Disney watch can actually be referred to as antique (antique = at least 100 years old). We simply wanted to do this clarification, so the you know that the so-called "antique Disney watches" room actually vintage.