In the last post, I composed a topic on how much is a tungsten ring worth. Yet today, ns going to focus on the Triton tungsten carbide ring. World ask this question due to the fact that tungsten ring vary significantly in the price: native $20-$600. I know you males want to the Difference in between Cheap and also Expensive Tungsten Rings

Triton tungsten carbide ring was sold by Triton jewelry. Triton jewel is a famed jewelry brand established in 1989. Triton tungsten carbide ring have modern-day and standard styles. Triton provides the greatest choice of jewel in modern jewelry metals- Titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver, tungsten carbide, and also other metals.

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How Much is a Triton Tungsten Carbide Ring Worth?

Triton tungsten carbide ring price range:$165-$425. Watch the photo below.


Or you can click here to view the price ~ above Amazon. Watch the photo below.


You will uncover the price is above $165.

You may think: walk a Triton tungsten carbide ring worth that money?

Maybe Yes possibly NO.

Let’s begin with YES.

If you buy a Triton tungsten carbide ring as vital gift or together a wedding band. It is worth the money.


Available top top Amazon-Please Click the picture to examine the Price If You prefer it

Let me tell friend in details:

1. Triton tungsten carbide ring was constructed on technical and style innovation. Therefore, Triton tungsten rings have actually the durability to defy one unforgiving world and the power to do a statement that is equally solid and unique.

2. Triton tungsten ring collection an industry-standard in design, durability, and also fashion. Each Triton tungsten ring crafted to last a lifetime.

3. Triton tungsten ring is at the head of tungsten jewelry technology.


B.Tarnish resistant


D.Advanced technology

E. Nano-technology coated

4. They provide a life time warranty. Check the link here, they claimed they provide a life time warranty. ( as I said plenty of times, tungsten rings v a lifetime warranty is much more expensive than other tungsten rings. They generally cost an ext than $200. Because you can change the tungsten ring for totally free at any time if you break it or her finger gets stronger.)

Available on Amazon-Please Click the photo to inspect the Price If You choose it

Let me phone call you an ext about the tungsten the Triton tungsten ring use. Ns quoted your explanation here. Friend guys deserve to read carefully.

“Tungsten Carbide is a uniquely forged steel that is perfect because that a man’s energetic lifestyle. The durable, scratch-resistant and will keep its complete over time with normal use.

Triton Tungsten Carbide TC.850™ represents a formula consist of of approximately 85% Tungsten Carbide, yielding a strong, heavyweight, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant material. This unique forged metal is perfect for a day come day activity. Tungsten Carbide is the many scratch-resistant metal in the jewelry and also bridal industries.

Available ~ above Amazon-Please Click the picture to inspect the Price If You favor it

 Triton TC.850™ uses exclusive patented nano-technology coatings used to the surface ar of the steel using a unique method that outcomes in high scratch-resistance, high wear-resistance, and also increased hardness and durability. The patented metal’s micro-grain structure provides tighter, an ext compressed molecules, developing the best balance in between hardness and its lustrous finish. (US PATENT NO. 6,928,734)

At 1300 Vickers, or end 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, Triton’s Tungsten Carbide TC.850™ is the hardest material easily accessible in bands behind a diamond. In comparison, Triton’s Tungsten Carbide TC.850™ is 10 times harder than 18K gold and has substantial, luxurious weight prefer that that platinum.

The products that combine to make Tungsten Carbide retain their end up over time through normal use. Every colors the Tungsten Carbide (black, white, classic gray, yellow & rose) space scratch-resistant.”Triton jewelry.

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As you can see, the Triton tungsten ring uses much more advanced tech to manufacture your tungsten rings. Therefore, you get what you salary for.

Lets say NO.

Available on Amazon-Please Click the snapshot to examine the Price If You favor it

In mine view, Triton tungsten carbide rings room not worth hundreds of dollars. I know the ins and outs of manufacturing a tungsten ring. I understand the exact expense of making a simple tungsten ring. Check out this short article Why tungsten rings vary substantially in price? if you desire to know more.

If you just want come buy a tungsten ring because that a daily outfit or as a take trip ring. You dot should pay that much for a tungsten ring. You just go come Amazon or Walmart to gain one. You only must pay $20-$30 to acquire the exact same tungsten rings you can buy somewhere else. Read much more here: why tungsten rings are so cheap ~ above Amazon?

Available ~ above Amazon-Please Click the photo to examine the Price If You favor it


Pro tips: if friend buy a tungsten carbide ring as a wedding tape or crucial gift, Please carry out pay an ext to gain a better service and also lifetime warranty. ( Such together this one top top Amazon.) If you simply buy it because that your everyday use, buy the on Amazon. There are many tungsten ring brands you can trust. Such together King will certainly tungsten rings. Click below to watch the an option of Kill will certainly tungsten rings here. You acquired no difficulty with it. If you desire to know an ext about kill will tungsten ring, this short article is for you: Are Kill will tungsten rings any good?

Guys, many thanks a lot for reading our post. I will certainly be an extremely appreciated if friend share this short article with who who wants to review this topic.

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