So What Is An original NES Worth this Days?

Oh the age old question. For all of those that watched storage wars years ago, that really included a headache together everyone believed they to be worth a million dollars all of a sudden! thanks fake fact TV. No, it is not worth a million dollars, but there space some variations that if in the right problem could be worth 10s of thousands of dollars to the best collector.

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To number out a better gauged price range, let’s take it a look at at several of the variables we require to think about first.

Is It simply A system With No crate Or Games?

Your typical NES mechanism 001 you will uncover on ebay, amazon, or a flee industry will frequently come through a console, a controller or two, a strength pack, and also a game switch. These used to offer for about $45-$60 however they fluctuate a bit depending on where you room looking. If girlfriend can uncover the conventional working setup for $35-$50, you have actually a quite solid deal. Normally this will be at a garage sale or rummage revenue at this price. Any included games to the is a bonus and also game prices deserve to vary anywhere the place, so if you have certain pricing questions, be sure to with out and also email me for an ext help.

Sometimes you will certainly run into the following….

Your great flee market uncover 😜

These end priced systems space from civilization who over worth everything and have no reservation what they room talking about. Simply walk away……

Ok, What Is An original Nintendo In Box worth Matt?

Great question, there are numerous “Original Nintendo’s” that people refer to, so lets clarify and also look at the different releases in order for this reason we room clear and also know what you room referring to…

NES system List

PictureSystemYear ReleaseVariationUsed value Range
Nintendo Entertainment mechanism (NES)1985New York and LA Test relax $300-$550
Nintendo Entertainment device (NES)1985Deluxe Set$250-$500
Nintendo Entertainment device (NES)1985Control Deck through Super Mario$100-$200
Nintendo Entertainment device (NES)1988Action Set$100-$200
Nintendo Entertainment device (NES)1988Power Set$100-$220
Nintendo Entertainment device (NES)1990Control Deck$100-$200
Nintendo Entertainment device (NES)1990Action Set$100-$200
Nintendo Entertainment system (NES)1990Sport Set$100-$200
Nintendo Entertainment mechanism (NES)1992Challenge Set$100-$220
Nintendo Entertainment device (NES)1993Top Loader$100-$300

1985: The Original very first Release non Deluxe collection Nintendo to chat System:

Outside of beforehand Famicom releases, this is the very very first release Nintendo Entertainment system in the USA. This was the brand-new York test Release and then there was the full blown 2nd release NES Deluxe set soon ~ that ns will short article below. This System complete (meaning whatever is inside the is claimed to it is in there) deserve to go for all over from $400 on up.

What determines the worth is always the same:

Condition (biggest factor)How finish it isWhich model/ releaseIs the still new or not

This finish systems can vary all over the map in price distinction just early to condition alone. I’d be more likely to buy a nice problem system vs a banged increase system also if it is complete.

Always feel cost-free to email me or contact me if girlfriend have more questions or possibly you have actually a device or gamings that you would like to market as i am constantly a buyer and then you don’t have to pay Ebay fees.

You can likewise check out my other blog on buying video games for cash.

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1985: Nintendo Entertainment device Deluxe Set:


This was really the first Nintendo to chat System set that fight the map full force and often described as the initial release because it to be the first in complete production and what most people were exposed to. Ns remember seeing this in the Sears brochure as a kid and also wishing I had $199.00 (first at an early stage model prices). My an excellent friend down the road had actually one however his dad wouldn’t let us play it there is no supervision, so we basically never played it…lol.

The worth of this is not much various from the first. I have actually seen these start finish for $250 and also go up from there. Normally between $250-$450 on Ebay. In ~ a game present with cash $250 talks