Skyy Vodka is a spending plan vodka produced by Campari group and packaged in a distinctive cobalt blue bottle. Skyy is distilled making use of wheat and marketed based on the insurance claim that that has virtually no congeners, or hangover bring about substances, in that product. If it no going to punch you away in regards to quality, the affordable price and widespread availability make the a well-known choice.

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Beyond the bottle and also what’s in it, Skyy is recognized as a gradual company. Based in san Francisco, Skyy has a history of publicly supporting the LGBTQ community, being the very first spirit brand to feature a lesbian pair in your advertising. In 2015, Skyy ran a “Toast come Marriage” marketing campaign to promote marital relationship equality. They have actually also promoted legislation to safeguard transgender people and also helping to fund programs that assistance LGBTQ concentrated journalism.


Initially, Skyy vodka production was outsourced come Frank-lin distillers in san Jose California. Frank-Lin would have a railcar tanker that ethanol and a railcar tanker of deionized filtered water ceded to their railyard. They would certainly then mix the two appropriate out that the railcars and also bottle the mixture ~ above site. When the process has to be updated due to the fact that then, the ingredients remain lot the same. Today, Skyy is produced in framework owned through the Campari group. The vodka is distilled 4 times in pillar stills and also then triple filtered. Skyy Vodka is bottled in ~ 40% ABV in the USA.

Skyy Products

In addition to the standard Skyy Vodka, Skyy brand additionally produces a number of flavored vodkas under the name Skyy Infusions, and a heat of reduced proof vodkas designed come be used as craft cocktail substitutes referred to as Skyy Barcraft.

Skyy Infusions

Skyy Infusions room Skyy’s heat of flavored vodka products. Bottled at 35% ABV, Skyy infusions space a tiny less potent than the initial Skyy vodka. The Skyy Infusions line contains Cherry, Georgia Peach, Citrus, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Sun-Ripened Watermelon, and also Wild Strawberry. Some other flavors which have been stop or created in minimal batches incorporate Honeycrisp Apple, seaside Cranberry, Ginger, Coconut, Pacific Blueberry, Moscato Grape, Passionfruit, Texas Grapefruit, dry Mango, Berry, Grape, Vanilla, Orange, and Vanilla Bean.

Skyy Barcraft

Bottled in ~ 30% ABV, Skyy Barcraft is marketed together an easy, hassle-free alternate to do a real cocktail. Just mix few of your liked Skyy Barcraft seasonings with soda water and also ice. SkyyBarcraft flavors include White Sangria, Watermelon Fresca, and also Margarita Lime.

Skyy Vodka Pricing

Below are the recent Skyy prices.



Similarly affordable, and obtainable in a wide selection of flavors, Pinnacle provides a decent substitute because that Skyy. If you’re searching for a flavored party no longer developed by Skyy it’s likely that a comparable flavor is still gift made by Pinnacle. Plus, your whipped cream vodka is a huge hit through those who reap drinking your desserts.


For plenty of vodka soda drinkers, Stoli is the old standby. Accessible in a variety of basic flavors, and also a couple of more adventurous ones, Stoli is a an excellent alternative to Skyy, particularly if you don’t mind payment a dollar or 2 more. Check out your Stoli warm pepper vodka for a serious upgrade to your bloody mary.

Deep Eddy

Deep Eddy Manufactures a clean, fresh vodka the is easily accessible in a variety of less classic flavors. This is a great brand to check out if you’re growing bored v your citrus vodka and also soda water and want to shot something an ext exciting.


Mile Skyy Club

1 oz Skyy Vodka1 oz Skyy Infusions Pineapple¾ oz Lemon Juice½ oz simple Syrup3 fresh raspberries1 Egg White

Muddle raspberries and the straightforward syrup in the bottom of her shaker. Include vodka and also lemon juice and shake tough with ice till your shaker starts to frost. Strain out the ice cream and add your egg white to the shaker through your cool cocktail. Shake tough for thirty secs with no ice and twin strain right into a coupe. Garnish v a couple of fresh raspberries or a mint leaf.

The goal below is to acquire a special egg white foam on her finished cocktail, i m sorry is why I suggest a reverse dry shake. This drink will likewise work wonderfully with various other fresh fruits and also Skyy Infusions flavors. Experiment to view what you many prefer!

Skyy High-Five

1 oz Skyy Vodka½ oz Skyy Infusions Blood Orange½ oz aperol1 oz grapefruit juice½ oz lime juice½ oz an easy syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice together, strain up into a coupe. Garnish with a high five.

This one is a Skyy-ified variation of the original High 5 cocktail developed by bartender Alex job of Death and also Co fame.

Nick Lappan has functioned in the restaurant industry due to the fact that age 13 and most recently has worked as a cocktail bartender and also bar consultant in the united States and China.

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