Amassing vintage the town hall is a great way to include value to your collection and also your overall style. If you take place to be a clock connoisseur, then you know this and have probably begun looking into obscure watch companies that offer high-quality vintage models. 

Unfortunately, various vintage watches have actually gone the means of the dodo. However, they have the right to still be found through a little persistence and patience. 

Companies prefer Elgin, Enicar, and Lemania might not sound familiar to you. But trust us, they offer fabulous pieces. 

One that the best vintage watch companies which has because fallen from the public eye is Gruen (now own by MZ Berger). Despite this agency may no much longer be producing new watches, their standards from the early 20th century stay spectacular.

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In this guide, we look at whatever you must know about Gruen watches, and take a small peek in ~ a couple of of the most essential Gruen models you have the right to find. Taking the moment to research and also find that best Gruen watch can include something distinct to her collection. It can permit many various other watch collectors know specifically who friend are.


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As one immigrant from Germany, Dietrich Gruen began with a humble patent because that a safety pinion and grew his company into one of the finest watch providers of the beforehand 20th century. In fact, Gruen was once one of the biggest watch manufacturers in the united States. 

The company went through numerous name incarnations till it went through Gruen in the early component of the last century. Numerous things stuck out about this brand, but chief among them to be the manufacturing of their own patented motions in Switzerland. However, despite Gruen built its movements in a small factory in Biel, Switzerland, they were an American firm which had the remainder of your manufacturing process done in Cincinnati.

Much choose their an initial patent, Gruen’s safety pinion assisted decrease the opportunity of marring in the inner motion in the event of a mainspring malfunction. In fact, Gruen assisted introduce a lot of new technology come the clock world. 

Though Gruen developed watches because that both men and women, it appeared to discover a more far-ranging following v women. Possibly it was due to the fact that of your penchant because that introducing brand-new case shapes and overall designs, including the movements themselves. 

At times, the activity itself precipitation a brand-new design. Models prefer the Curvex or the Veri-Thin both came around via a desire to save pushing the limits of watchmaking consisting of the movement. 

Gruen’s innovation and also attention to information ensured that is watches’ popularity amongst wearers transparent the 20s, 30s, and 40s. Unfortunately, the firm itself failed to regain momentum during the latter component of the 50s. Though it to be purchased by various other companies, none of them were maybe to keep it afloat. Together a result, Gruen’s last factory was closeup of the door in 1977, and also the company’s continuing to be watches formed part of collectors’ dreams.

Important Gruen Watches

Though there are plenty of Gruen watches out there, including both wrist species and bag types, the adhering to are a couple of models that us think you should have actually a closer look at at.

1. Gruen Curvex 1940’s

Though us centre on the 1940s version of this impressive watch, it in reality finds its origins in the 30s. Trends come and go. But in those decades, men and also women loved lengthy rectangular watches the curved with the edge of their wrists. The difficulty with this architecture was that the need for a flat movement minimal the size of the watch. 

Gruen, discovering that they want to solve this problem, worked on a systems to relocate things around in the internal casing. The company eventually came up through a curved movement that enabled them to offer larger models and thinner ones as well. These Gruen watches continued to be at the elevation of fashion well right into the mid-50s, once the last design was produced.

FeaturesThis watch features a situation crafted in 14K yellow gold and also measuring 24mm x 41mmIncluded in this watch is a lens that is crafted in acrylic domed crystalThis watch has a silver-coloured dial and hands coloured in the exact same shadePowering this watch is a Curvex calibre 440 Gruen manual-winding movementThis watch includes a strap measure 16mmPrice

$200 – $1300

2. 1974 Gruen Precision

Photo through Joe Haupt from Flickr

Known as among the an initial James shortcut watches, the Gruen Precision is a nice elegant watch with a activity that might not be viewed as modern. Nonetheless, the offers an imaginative style that is simply spectacular.

This watch got popularity once it to be worn through Sean Connery in the film Dr. No in 1962, despite it had actually been roughly for many years prior.

There are plenty of varieties of this watch. Though we space centred top top the 1974 edition, you can also try your hand with its earlier versions.

FeaturesThis watch attributes a yellow plated case with the complying with dimensions: 33.5mm x 41mm x 10mmIncluded likewise is a leather strap measure 18mmThis clock comes with a champagne-coloured dialIlluminated baton hands likewise adorn this watchPower make reservation of approximately 41 hrs. Is noted by this watchA 510 calibre manual movement strength this watch along with 17 jewelsPrice

$300 – $2000

3. Gruen Pan American Pilot 24 Hr. Dial

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This watch’s place in background was developed firmly on the wrists that the Pan American Airways’ pilots. 

In the at an early stage 40s, this watch was specifically for aviators. This remained even as the firm ceased commercial flights and only flew solely for the military.

This watch came to be a an excellent tool come ensure the pilots came down on time at your designated locations. As soon as the battle ended, Gruen determined to sell this version to the general public as well. 

With the launching of this clock to the public, Gruen released much more models because that both men and women come the market, each through different case designs to boost its elegance. 

FeaturesA bezel and ago crafted with 10K yellow bezel adorns this watchThis watch comes v a stainless-steel case that is gold-plated and measures 33mm x 36mmThis model’s watch confront is dual-toned Powering this clock is a Gruen calibre manual movement (420SS)This watch’s dial comes with a clock in a 24-hour formatA animal leather strap is offered to for sure this watch on the wearer’s wristPrice

$300 -$1000

4. Gruen Ristside motorists Watch

Nowadays, we don’t need to worry around telling time when driving because most vehicles have actually a clock somewhere on the dashboard. But back in the 30s and also 40s, this just wasn’t the case. 

Back then, if you wanted to make sure you to be on time because that that really special date, you needed to check your watch. However, it was a problem whenever you had to eliminate your hand native the wheel to examine the time. With that in mind, Gruen Watches made decision to design a watch whose case could be worn on the side of the wrist.

This model is a little harder to discover as that did not have actually as much success ~ above the market. In fact, only a limited number that models and quantities to be made. The initial lot was developed in the so late 30s if the next collection wasn’t exit up till the 50s. Very quickly, this model’s popularity and also novelty faded, and also it left the human being as quickly as it had actually come.

FeaturesAdorning this clock is a gold-filled situation which is Curvex-designed and also measures 21mm x 41mmThis watch’s dial is designed in a silver- satin shadeGlass crystal constitute the lens that this Gruen modelPowering this clock is a Curvex Caliber 440 hands-on winding movementThis watch attributes a strap measure up 7.5-inchesPrice

$300 – $ 2000

5. Gruen Veri-Thin

Photo by Joe Haupt indigenous Flickr

Initially only targeting bag watches, it no long prior to the developers at Gruen realized that a slim architecture of theirs can be supplied quite effectively for wristwatches as well.

Looking for a method to remain with the fashion that the day and also still offer their customers a precision timepiece, Gruen Watches tried to find a way to construct slimmer watches. When you look in ~ this version however, you can feel confused regarding its really slimness.

With a small inspection, you have the right to see an optical illusion in that the centre of the watch is in reality thicker 보다 the sides.

FeaturesA animal leather strap measure up 18mm is had with this specific modelThis watch runs and also is powered by a Gruen 410SS calibre hands-on winding movementThis watch is distinct as that comes v illuminated watch handsThis model’s dial is coloured in a shade of silverThis watch comes in numerous variationsIncluded v this watch is a steel case with the adhering to dimensions: 32mm x 38mm x 10mmPrice

$200 – $1500

6. The Carre

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Designed at the height of the arts Deco movement, this small pocket/purse clock exemplifies this change with class.

Gruen exit The Carre in 1931, and also it wasn’t long before it came to be a large success. That is success didn’t critical long yet as it was released on the cusp the the good Depression. Its last advert appeared in 1934. With that, the Carre to be gone from famous fashion.

While it to be still in circulation, this watch come in many variations with different metal finishes and designs. This was among those timepieces i m sorry you can tailor come your style and permit you to do a statement. It deserve to still carry out the very same for any type of buyer, just like when it to be released.

FeaturesThis watch is powered by a manual-winding 15-jewel Gruen movementThis model actions 1.25 inches when closed and also 2.5 inches when openedThis certain watch deserve to act as a pocket/purse watchThis model’s watch confront is obtainable in multiple metal finishingsThis certain timepiece is available in lot of variationsSliding side button is included to this modelPrice

$300 -$1500

These are simply some that the amazing distinct options available when in search of Gruen watches.

Where to uncover Gruen Watches

Gruen Watches space no longer in production. Therefore, you won’t have the ability to find a website built by the agency that deserve to make it less complicated to locate any kind of of the exceptional pieces mentioned. 

However, you deserve to find many of the models floating roughly on sites choose Amazon. There are also other an excellent sites that provide not only a lot of of information but additionally tips on just how to uncover the appropriate vintage Gruen clock for her collection.

Though these watches may be difficult to find, that is not impossible. Besides looking at second-hand sites, you can simply Google the brand and also find a wide range of understanding and choices for your perusal.

Final Thoughts

When thinking of building your collection, often you might ponder around the value of the watches the you amass. 

In the instance of the the town hall mentioned and other models native Gruen, what you space looking in ~ is a nostalgia piece. Moreover, these room models the will lug you ago into the at an early stage 20th century with ease. The distinctive innovations that room come with other similarly-unique designs do a Gruen watch a high-quality enhancement to your collection. 

Though girlfriend can uncover these watches on the sector at an extremely low prices every the method up come a couple of thousand dollars, remember the the true value of this watch doesn’t lied in that is price.

Gruen has lugged to the watch civilization so much class, elegance, and also innovation that any budding or seasoned clock collector should understand its name by now. So, if you feel in love through the era that old watches and also want a piece to showcase that, make sure to inspect out Gruen watches the following time you discover yourself online.

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