Today I’d favor to talk around Confederate currency. All currency seems to it is in collectible — especially prior come 1940. Countless pieces that American currency are simply worth 1% come 10% over the challenge value, however of course over there are plenty of examples that are worth hundreds of dollars because that a solitary $1 bill.Most Confederate currency bills room worth in between $5 and $20 each. Condition is a large issue. If Confederate receipt are an extremely crisp and have not been urgent or circulated, they deserve to be worth $10 to $100 each. Earlier versions native the early part of the Civil battle and an ext decorative versions can be worth much much more money; if you get a $500 invoice it deserve to be worth thousands of dollars.Today I’m showing you 3 examples. The very first example is a fake parchment note. If you have a keep in mind that looks choose old-fashioned parchment and feels an extremely brittle, the is likely just a counterfeit note — they are always rather dark and an extremely brittle. Next, we have actually the facsimile fake notes that room actually significant with the word facsimile in small print on the back; these are likewise worthless. Additionally shown is a an excellent example the the $100 Confederate keep in mind from 1864. Notification the C top top the top left-hand corner — this is the origination of the hatchet C-note or centre keep in mind or $100 note. These room valued between $15 and also $1,500 depending on condition, year, and who signed the note. A good way to check out if your keep in mind is real is to view if the signatures ~ above the note are in a different shade of ink climate the rest of the black ink top top the note.We are consistent buyers the Confederate currency and also we are specialists — provide us a call before you sell.If you room thinking of selling your Confederate currency, give us a call. You have seen united state in Forbes Magazine, the brand-new York Times and the wall surface Street Journal. ALL legal rights RESERVED.We will accomplish you at your home, bank, or attorney’s office.Need a house contact in Tampa or Pasco County? provide us a call! No estate too small or as well large.Stop in or call 727.896.0622 for an appointment. Residence calls easily accessible in details circumstances.

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