1862 Indian Head penny value of a well preserved example is end $40. Her coin, if among the couple of to endure without "problems" is sought by numerous collectors.

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Many of the risks of hefty use, over such a long period, results in old pennies enduring scrapes, bending, dents and lots the wear. An 1862 Indian penny without this distractions is the exception and highly valued through dealers.

Very rare room coins in the same problem as when leaving the mint. Pictured is an "uncirculated" 1862 penny worth quickly $70 since of its impressive brightness and mark complimentary surfaces.

Also enjoying popularity through many, Indian pennies minted during the us Civil war years are particularly popular. Do of copper-nickel a various metal alloy than later on pennies, your coin is actually heavier and thicker than the remainder of the Indian series. Incorporate all the above, popular with huge demand, few nice survivors, make of a special various metal alloy and also the important Civil battle years, your coin has actually a many going because that it.

1862 Indian Head coin ValueCondition the CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1862 Indian Head Penny value Updated2021
1862$9 $13 $43 $72

Rare 1862 Indian Head penny Value

When found in excellent condition 1862 Indian head coin value can reach right into the numerous dollars.

Of every the accessible Indian pennies v us today the majority are worn from use. Couple of of this old pennies have actually been preserved in like brand-new condition. The this pick group under still are with minimum marks, abrasions and original mint luster. As an example of the an extremely top in price, pictured is an 1862 penny the realized $862 in ~ a David Lawrence rarely coin auction.

Your coin also if worn is critical part that US history and gathered by a range of collectors. Attention is common by Civil battle historians, collectors of Indian pennies and also the affordability of easy circulated pieces makes them accessible to anyone through a passion for old coins.


Find accurate Value by judging Condition

Few of this old Indian pennies remain today in above average condition. The need for greater quality survivors creates a doubling or an ext in value for the nicer coins. Judge the "grade" and value classification of her coin by to compare it come the images and descriptions.


Uncirculated: Rare is an 1862 coin in "uncirculated" condition. It is a coin that has never circulated and there is no wear to its surfaces. To confirm your coin is in this condition examine the really ends that the feathers, if stay is present it smoothes the end the regular "grain" and also flow present of the metal. Her cheek and also extending to encompass the chin is an additional area vulnerable to early on wear. Again a worn surface mirrors smoothing come the metal, a distinctly various look contrasted to the surrounding area.


Extremely Fine: In "extremely fine" condition all parts of the design remain boldly defined. Just on the highest possible parts of the coin is proof of a flatting come the generally rounded surfaces. One area topic to early stage wear is the finer details in the direction of the tips of the feathers. Just the an extremely ends of the feathers should present wear. Also, above the ear the headband and hair is a high suggest of design attracting wear. Although worn, a clear separation that hair and also headband is visible, consisting of the lettering within the headband.


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Fine: Pulled native circulation with ample detail remaining, Indian pennies in "fine" condition are pleasing. She face and hair are totally separated through rounded contours. Lettering and date is bold. From the top of the headband, following her forehead and down behind she ear room the highest possible points of design. It is these areas that wear gets rid of much of the finer detail.

Good: 1862 pennies in "good" condition are collectible and also worth a pretty premium. Although worn to almost an outline, her portrait still reflects slight detail. The lettering and date follow me the pickled in salt is clearly visible yet in shallow profile. If her coin has actually avoided any type of serious dents and nicks and is not any worse than just described, the is thought about solid because that the grade.