Each block is the tantamount of one meter. Provided that there is 1000 meters in 1 kilometers, girlfriend would have actually to build a track the spans 1000 blocks in one direction.

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1 km is 1000 minecraft blocks. Ns tried developing a one track, favor so:


However this did not work, as the accomplishment states you should travel 1000 blocks from your starting point. So, the just reasonably viable technique to the success would it is in this:


If you\"re doing that in creative, it\"s quite easy - took me about 15 minute to build the rail, and also 2-3 minute to journey it. If you\"re doing it in survival, I\"d introduce the adhering to tips:

Find an exit mine shaft, and also take every single track you can find. This is a lot better than using precious iron for minecart tracks.If friend crafted all 1000 tracks from scratch, you\"d be making use of 375 steel ingots.1000 tracks is identical to fifteen full stacks, plus a small more.
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