The Vin Diesel workout supplies supersets to gain things excellent the way you’d expect–Fast & Furious. To get in shape for his roles, including the recent Fast & Furious 7, Diesel focuses on one body component per day. In a recent interview with Train Magazine, Vin Diesel common his workout routine.

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Vin Diesel typically plays the difficult guy role. This contains The Fast and also the Furious, wherein he plays Dominic Toretto. It’s also true that his duty as the star in The Chronicles the Riddick. Because that these movie roles, Vin Diesel desires to be muscular, however agility is additionally important.


Vin Diesel desires to display off the he’s difficult enough to wake up to any kind of villain. Yet, he understands the prominence of dodging a beat or having actually to dash away in a flash. The Vin Diesel workout gives him the physique he requirements to develop the it is too dirty drama and an excellent action scene in his movies.

Vin Diesel workout Routine

The Vin Diesel exercise routine originates from his current interview v Bodybuilding’s Train Magazine. Diesel’s regime is based on bodybuilding workouts he has actually used since before he began acting.


Vin Diesel’s rep range is usually about 8 reps every exercise. This is perfect because that someone spring to acquire muscle, while providing off the figure of gift agile at the same time. Talking around the Vin Diesel workout regimen for The Fast and also Furious, the says:

when i was younger, i was make the efforts to get as lot weight together possible. Now, I focus on every body component and specify it. I trained the bodybuilding method for end a decade before I was an actor.

Vin Diesel Chest Workout

Here’s the Vin Diesel Chest Workout routine from his interview v Bodybuilding’s Train Magazine:


Bench Press48SS #1
Decline Bench Press48SS #1
Dumbbell Flys48SS #2
Pushups48SS #2
Incline DB Press48SS #3
Low Cable Crossover48SS #3

For the chest workout, Vin Diesel uses supersets. This method you execute 2 practice back-to-back, there is no rest. Then, remainder for 1 minute, prior to repeating that superset. If he has time, Vin Diesel to add abs/core come this workout. Vin walk not administer his details abs routine. So, you would need to improvise.

Source: Train Magazine

Although Vin Diesel creates a huge chest, he also says it’s essential to be well-rounded. About his body, Vin Diesel says:

Generally I want the character – especially personalities like Dominic toretto and Riddick – to not simply look built. Ns don’t desire them to look boxy. I want to it is in agile, and also i desire them come look like they deserve to handle a wide selection of opponents.

Vin Diesel Triceps Workout

Here’s the Vin Diesel Triceps practice routine. It’s native the interview v Bodybuilding’s Train Magazine:

Overhead Triceps Extension48SS #1
Skull Crusher48SS #1
Reverse grip Triceps Push-Down48SS #2
Incline Barbell Triceps Extension48SS #2
Triceps Dumbbell Kickback48SS #3
Dips48SS #3

For the triceps workout, Vin Diesel offers supersets. This method you perform 2 practice back-to-back, without rest. Then, rest for 1 minute, prior to repeating the superset.

Source: Train Magazine

Time permitting, Vin Diesel adds biceps to this workout. Once asked about his bicep routine, Vin Diesel says:

For biceps: Hammers, bicep Curls, barbell curls, preacher curls.

Vin Diesel back and Shoulders Workout


Here’s the Vin Diesel back and Shoulders Workout regimen from his interview v Bodybuilding’s Train Magazine:

ExerciseSetsReps Notes
Shoulder Press48SS #1
Lateral Raise48SS #1
Lateral Pulldowns48SS #2
Bent-over Rows48SS #2
Deadlifts48SS #3
Shoulder Shrugs48SS #3

For the back and shoulders workout, Vin Diesel supplies supersets. This way you carry out 2 exercises back-to-back without rest. Then, remainder for 1 minute, prior to repeating that superset.

Train Magazine

If he has time, Vin Diesel adds an abs exercise this workout. Asked around how important training is to him, Vin Diesel says:

Honestly, maintain is so crucial to me. Not just due to the fact that on a many of movies I’m doing stunts and also it helps with my look, physicality and stamina, but I really do believe in ‘healthy body, healthy mind.’

Vin Diesel foot Workout


Here’s the Vin Diesel legs Workout regimen from his interview v Bodybuilding’s Train Magazine:

Barbell Squats48SS# 1
Standing Calf Raise48SS# 1
Sumo Squat48SS# 2
Lunges48SS# 2
Front Squats48SS# 3
Power Clean and Snatch48SS# 3

For the foot workout, Vin Diesel supplies supersets. This means you do 2 exercises back-to-back without rest. Then, remainder for 1 minute. Repeat that superset till you’ve completed every 4 sets.

Train Magazine

If you room sore, add in part bicep exercises, prefer bicep curls. Do this, and take longer rest periods throughout this routine. Vin Diesel says:

I try to switch points up every therefore often and also shock my body. But, it’s your usual muscle-mass structure moves that have been done for decades.

Vin Diesel Height and Weight

Vin Diesel is 6 ft tall (1.82m). He weighs 224 pounds (102 kg). Vin Diesel, or note Sinclair if you favor his real name, is date to Paloma Jimenez. They have 2 kids.

Vin Diesel Bodybuilding Plan

The Vin Diesel bodybuilding setup has changed over the years. Around the time of Fast Five, Vin Diesel determined to add yoga, Pilates and jiu-jitsu routines to his workouts. Vin noticed the this has provided him an ext control over his body.

About the switch from pure bodybuilding to a mixed plan, Vin Diesel says:

My load training regime and fitness regimen in basic is very much different now to what it was a couple of years ago. I still do the old-school meat and also potatoes, muscle-building moves, but now I’ve added much more core-based and also cardio based ingredient – even yoga and Pilates.


In activity scenes, he is able come maneuver much more genuinely. Working out with bodybuilding routines because before he was even an actor, the switch to yoga and Pilates was difficult at first. But, he’s now reaping the rewards the a much more limber body.

Vin Diesel Jiu-Jitsu Training because that Furious 7

Vin Diesel began doing jiu-jitsu training for Furious 7. The reason he chose to execute so is because that to be the martial arts discipline of the late Paul Walker. Vin Diesel functioned with Paul Walker’s former trainer, Ricardo Miller.

Together, they started training jiu-jitsu together Fast and Furious co-star Tony Jaa. Vin Diesel wanted to salary respect come Paul Walker with a legend fight scene making use of jiu-jitsu. About this action scene, Vin Diesel says:

I go a many jiu-jitsu for Furious 7. Really it was for what I believe is the ideal fight succession in the totality Fast and also furious saga. I functioned with Paul walker’s jiu-jitsu teacher…he knew how necessary it is because that Furious 7 to be the best film it have the right to be to respect my brother Paul walker–So we operated real hard.

The jiu-jitsu training for Fast & Furious 7 contained a most pad work, agility training, and also combat sequences. To get in shape, the Vin Diesel diet helped match his workout.

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Vin Diesel exercise Videos

Here space some Vin Diesel workout videos & clips: (the very first and second videos room Brazilian jiu-jitsu training by Vin Diesel and also Tony Jaa for Furious 7. The third video shows the equipment Vin Diesel offered to occupational out in 2012. The last is the first official trailer for The Fast and also the Furious 7).

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