Don’t allow Vermont’s little size fool you. When it comes to dessert, particularly ice cream sundaes, we carry out not chaos around. The Vermonster™ Sundae to represent the divine Grail—a 20-scoop hill of magic produced for you and your friends in ~ participating Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops.

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Our professional Scoopers can build you a full-size or mini version that will collection your taste buds totally free as you discover seemingly unlimited flavor combinations. If you’re not drooling already, follow along below as we build one for you. Then gather your friends and also family and get after it!

Item number1

Choose her ice cream flavors


20 scoops of ice cream is where this adventure begins. And while 20 different flavors may sound enticing, ours scoopers recommend sticking v 4-5 favorites for the best results. Rod with standards or gain creative, friend can’t go wrong. The hardest component will it is in agreeing ~ above the seasonings with your friends.

Item number2

Go bananas!


Four whole bananas are what it takes to break-up this sundae. Our scoopers slice them into wheels, then layer castle on top.

Item number3

Cookie and also brownie time!


Next we chop up 3 cookies and a brownie; then sprinkle the goodness on top. No shortcuts in ~ our Scoop Shops—these cookies and brownies are prefer homemade and fresh-baked on-site!

Item number4

Hot fudge or caramel... Or both?


Time come drizzle on 4 servings of hot fudge or warm caramel. Can’t decide? Go through 2 the each.

Item number5

Go nuts!


Ten spoonfuls that chopped walnuts creates that perfect crunch. Don’t problem if you have allergies, ours Scoopers always ask first.

Item number6

Toppings galore...


Whipped cream plus two spoonfuls every of your four favorite toppings seal the deal. M&M’s, rainbow sprinkles, noodle candy pieces…the list goes on. Lighter toppings choose sprinkles float nicely atop the whipped cream.

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Item number7

Devour your Vermonster!


Dig in and enjoy your creative genius. Simply make certain no friend is left there is no a spoon.