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Who is James Franco?


James Franco is a multi-talented American actor, screenwriter and also filmmaker. He, who has always been passionate around learning, has likewise been a college lecturer, schoolteacher and an author.

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Early Accomplishments

He thrived up as a math whiz-kid and also was great on his SATs. That was additionally in trouble v the regulation as a teenager for graffiti, underage drinking and stealing designer colognes to market to his classmates.

He dropped the end of UCLA in his first year to examine acting at Playhouse West while working at McDonald’s to survive. 

He featured in a TV ad for Pizza Hut in 1988 and soon landing a main duty on 18 episodes of Freaks and Geeks in 1999.

Best known For

James has showed up in a the majority of movies through his most prominent roles being together Harry Osborn in the Spiderman films from 2002 come 2007 and notable roles in Milk in 2008, Why the in 2016, Pineapple refer in 2008 and also 127 hours in 2010. 

He is recognized to regularly collaborate through Seth Rogen on-screen.

Other worthy mentions space The Interview in 2014 and also TV collection 11.22.63 in 2016 and The Deuce airing because 2017.

Sexual Orientation

James is straight and also has been dating Isabel Pakzad because 2017. 

Before then, he date Marla Sokoloff in 1999 and Ahna O"Reilly in 2006, both because that 5 years each. 

He has likewise been rumored to have actually hooked up through Emilia Clarke, Lana Del Rey, Lindsay Lohan and also Amanda Seyfried at different times.


He is the first of 3 boy of Douglas and Betsy Verne v his brothers being actors Tom and Dave Franco.


He flourished up in a secular family but embraced his mother’s Ashkenazi Jewish methods in his adult life and also just had his Bar Mitzvah ceremony in 2015 at 37 years.

Worth come Know

He auditioned for the role of Peter Parker but the producer went through Tobey Maguire.

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To pat the titular role in James Dean, that dyed his hair blonde, acting 2 packs of cigarettes daily, learned come ride a bike and also play the guitar.
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