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About Hooters

The Hooters franchise is a world-famous restaurant and bar, famed for the beer, burgers and the iconic Hooter Girls. Right now, the firm are looking for franchisees to lug the amazing Hooters suffer to the UK. This is an chance to start your own multi-restaurant business, supported by an internationally successful brand.

The Hooters experience

Hooters considers chin to be much more than simply a restaurant. Sure, it serves the best quality burgers, sandwiches, steaks, salads, and also a huge choice of chicken wing in signature sauces. However it likewise provides the customer through a unique and unforgettable experience. Hooters is a destination, finish with food, drinks, sports and, that course, the above Hooter Girls.

The very first Hooters restaurant opened in 1983 as an April Fool’s job joke. The owner didn’t intend it to it is in a success, however the firm quickly grew and also started come franchise soon after in 1986. Currently there are over 500 Hooters web page in 120 countries throughout the world, including approximately 250 Hooter franchise restaurants.

The an international restaurant and bar attracts all manner of custom from lot of markets, from students come hard-working folk, and also families sitting in because that meals. The an option of drinks includes wines, beers and also spirits. Customers reap the excellent organization from trained ‘Hooter Girls’, who are friendly and welcoming and also are the trademark attraction the the company.

What walk the Hooters franchise commitment cover?

The Hooters franchise agreement includes full usage of the Hooters brand because that 20 years, v the choice to purchase a renewal of two further 10-year terms. If embraced as a Hooters franchisee, you will certainly pay one initial franchise fee. You will also require startup costs associated with purchasing and renovating premises, hiring and training staff, and so on.

Purchase the the Hooters franchise package sponsor you the complete support of the firm during all facets of setup up and also running the business. This starts with site an option and construction. When complete, that on to the substantial training program, which will offer you the knowledge and also experience that you need to lug your Hooters franchise come success.

This is a significant restaurant business. As such, startup prices are relatively high. Returns have the right to be substantial, and also the Hooters franchise covenant offers the possibility to open multiple establishments within your territory. Her Hooters franchise might truly grow into the millions.

What kind of training perform Hooters franchisees receive?

The Hooters franchise package consists of extensive cultivate to bring you up to scratch with every one of the business procedure and ideal practices the the company. The training and also ongoing support cover all aspects of the business, including real estate, advertising and also marketing, it is provided chain, high quality assurance and also more.

Hooters franchise maintain is also available for front-of-house and also back-of-house, and also for Hooters girls. This is of exceptional importance as soon as you open your an initial Hooters restaurant. Fees apply for this in-house maintain of staff.

How lot does a Hooters franchise cost?

The initial franchise fee price for Hooters is £60,000. Over there are likewise several various other fees come consider, consisting of restaurant advancement fees and also further training prices for staff, amongst others. This is a serious multi-restaurant franchise opportunity, and as together it is expected that you will need an in its entirety investment of in between £800,000 - £1.5 million.

The Hooters franchise agreement additionally stipulates the you pay an continuous royalty fee of 5 every cent of gun sales, and also a national proclaiming fee that is currently set at 2%.

Am ns responsible for marketing my own Hooters franchise?

The Hooters franchise is a vast brand name, and the company spends many of money ~ above its national and international marketing campaigns. However, the is supposed that you flourish your business, and this will require your own initiatives to market your neighborhood restaurants. In ~ the moment, the Hooters franchise requires that you spend at least 1 per cent of gun sales on local marketing.

Why need to I select to invest in a Hooters franchise end its food and also beverage competitors?

The Hooters firm is worth numerous millions the dollars and has proven that success roughly the world, both together a concept and also as a business model. Back the costs linked with opening a Hooters franchise are fairly high, you gain is the chance to be part of a large empire the high-quality restaurant destinations.

Hooters is renowned in the USA. Now it is comes to the UK, and also you could be among the civilization who command the way.

The Hooters franchise come with complete training and support, and also the early stage startup prices should yield substantial returns. A solitary restaurant have the right to generate upwards of £200,000 a year, and so you deserve to gain ago your initial investment in 18 months – 2 years.

What endure or qualifications perform I should run a Hooters franchise?

Hooters is trying to find the right world - both men and also women - to open up franchises throughout the UK. Franchisees should have 5 years or an ext experience in the restaurant industry and must have the capability to manage and also run at the very least three restaurants. That is vital that applicants show a high level of organization knowledge and the necessary managerial an abilities to do their Hooters franchise a success.

It is also important the applicants have actually a net worth that at the very least £2 million. With such high start-up costs, this is not an opportunity for the faint-hearted, nor for the inexperienced. Just those who have the right to make it take place should proceed through the rigorous applications process, despite anyone is welcome to request obligation-free information.

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How deserve to I uncover out much more about investing in a Hooters franchise?

The Hooters franchise application process is understandably designed to find the right human being for the job. This is a major investment, and also so it is essential that you have actually a high level the experience.

After requesting Hooters franchise information by pour it until it is full in the enquiry form found top top this page, the franchise team will call you to discuss your interest and also answer early questions. You have the right to then send your application form. In ~ this stage, there is still absolutely no obligation.

Next, one of the that company Marketing development Directors will fulfill with girlfriend face-to-face, and also then that recommended that you satisfy some of the various other franchisees, before seeing just how operations work for yourself at Hooters.

Your application will certainly be reviewed and also approved through the franchise testimonial board, and also you have the right to then authorize the disclosure. The whole process usually takes around 90 days, and also then you will be prepared to begin your own Hooters franchise business.

If you room interested in discovering more, friend can contact the agency via email utilizing the details below.