The cost of a towel mermaid tail because that beginners ranges in between $60 come $200. An ext advanced mermaids who are trying to find silicone mermaid tails can expect a price from $1300 come $5000. Mermaid tails differ in price depending on five main factors: the material, monofin, manufacturing, size, and tail maker.

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#1 The product it is make From.

Different tail machines use different materials to do a mermaid tail. Over there are towel tails, silicone tails and hybrid tails (mix the the 2 materials).

Fabric tails room the cheapest together they space made of reasonably inexpensive waterproof product such together polyester, spandex, nylon, neoprene, or scuba knit. Many will cost in between USD$50 come USD$200, v the more expensive options costing as much as USD$500. For example, fabric tails cost $100.


Silicone tails are much an ext expensive as result of the price of the materials and labor involved. That is likewise more an overwhelming to work with silicone 보다 fabric due to the fact that molds have to be used and there room several contents of the silicone to mix together, complied with by a prolonged curing process.

Silicone tail price usually begin at around USD$1300 and go approximately $5000. The price distinctions usually boil down to:

The brand/tail maker’s an abilities and reputationNumber of colour on the tailCustomization (e.g. A strip tail will expense more)Addition of fin on the hips, ankles, or back

For example, silicone tails cost approximately $1400. Some silicone tails space cheaper due to the fact that the silicone is used to a great of neoprene fabric and also is not only silicone material. This method offers the same high-quality finishing, however neoprene often tends to be yes, really buoyant and makes that more an overwhelming to dive deeper. Also, neoprene take away a while to dry through a coating that silicone. 

Note: If you room a beginner (wannabe) mermaid, nothing buy silicone mermaid tails. Friend are far better off with cloth mermaid tails and then you deserve to work your means up come silicone mermaid tails. If you space a experienced mermaid though, you deserve to use a silicone mermaid tail. It requires a little much more skill come swim in a silicone mermaid tail.


Hybrid mermaid tail mid-range pricing. Good compromise with a reality look and more affordable pricing than silicone. The price can selection from $500 come $1500. For example For example, hybrid tail (scuba knit, reversible sequins body & silicone fluke) cost around $700


#2 Monofin 

An important component of a mermaid tail is the swimming fin, additionally called a monofin. Because that most towel tails the fin can be removed. That makes it less complicated to dry and also wash. For silicone tails the monofin is glued within the material and also cannot be removed. Over there are countless kinds the monofins ranging from $30 come $150. Very cheap cloth tails come v a plastic monofin insert that often tends to crack and also break. A better option would certainly be a an ext resistant product like rubber and semi-flexible plastic, choose"s monofin for $60. Over there are an ext expensive options if friend are searching for bigger and much more rigid fin designed because that freediving and also swimming in the ocean. Something necessary to psychic is that no all fins deserve to fit all towel tails; plenty of manufacturers make their tail to only fit one specific kind of fin. For some guidance inspect out ours 10 best monofins article. 


#3 how it is Made.

Is that handmade or manufactured?Manufactured (fabric) mermaid tails room cheaper 보다 handmade.Cost of produced mermaid tails: $50-$500Cost that handmade mermaid tails: $1000-$5000. The most expensive handmade mermaid tails are commonly individually sewn sequin tails or detailed painted designs. 


#4 The Size.

According to the manufacturer, some companies charge a lower price for kids and also junior sizes contrasted to adults. Together the size increases the price increases… there is regularly an extra dues for size extra large and bigger, early out to more material being required. The size refers to your belt size.

#5 The Tail Makers.

The mermaid tail sector is flooding with tail makers because of the farming trend that this fun and also fantastical activity. There space well-organized tail makers, but some that space scams.

Some mermaid tail makers carry out you with cheap mermaid tails made of low-quality fabrics that tear personally in the first use, for this reason don’t simply spare her money because their tails watch alluring. Pictures can be edited to make tails look at better.

More expensive tails room usually make with better quality materials, or are simply a much more popular or reputable brand.

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If you want to uncover out about the pros and cons of every tail, execute your research study first to learn about the best tail makers and also avoid being scammed. Examine out our other write-up Top 10 Silicone Tail Makers. 


What to watch for: 

3D printed tails are brand brand-new on the market and also still nice rare, yet they combine a really intricate and also realistic design with a chain manufacturing process that considerably drives prices lower. Gripmore at this time offers part for about $1200. 

Knock-off tails:Thanks to our free-market economy, there are suppliers selling really cheap fabric and silicone mermaid tails. However, you generally obtain what you salary for. Really cheap fabric tails come with frayed cloth edges and also will quickly overstretch or lose their color. Service providers that market knock-off tails of renowned brands for lot cheaper room usually low-quality. An extremely cheap silicone tails are of bad quality materials, bad finishing, and do not look as realistic.