Harris Teeter to represent a extremely respectable chain of grocery stores primarily operating in the American South. Roughly 225 locations autumn under regulate of the local supermarket. With widespread success throughout eight states, the chain based the end of phibìc Carolina bring away on new employees to to fill entry-level and also professional tasks with regularity. Hundreds of employment methods stand readily accessible offering generous pay and access to job-related benefits. Job hunters have to fill out the suitable forms and also submit the papers in stimulate to obtain hiring consideration.

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Facts around Working at Harris Teeter

Minimum period to job-related at Harris Teeter: 16 years old (How old perform you have to be to work-related at Harris Teeter?)

Harris Teeter hrs of Operation: open up every day: 7:00am-11:00pm

Available location at Harris Teeter: Cashier, Bagger, Meat Clerk, Seafood Clerk, create Clerk, Customer company Clerk, Sandwich Artist, Baker, fresh Food Clerk, grocery store Clerk, dairy products Clerk, Frozen foods Clerk, Pizza Clerk, Barista, Assistant keep Manager, save Manager, maintain Technician, human being Resources Associate, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Inventory manage Specialist, Sanitation Janitor, Buyer, Accountant, Quality manage Inspector, Food and Services Director

Printable Application: No. Search project Openings or visit official site.

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Harris Teeter task Opportunities

The effective grocery keep chain offers amenities and also services typical to the supermarket industry. Workers may uncover viable location in miscellaneous departments transparent Harris Teeter stores, consisting of employment in deli, bakery, frozen foods, meat, seafood, produce, and non-perishable foods items sections. The grocery store stores also regularly boast flower shops inside of every location. Entry-level job opportunities represent the most usual forms of employment available; however, applicants may find managerial careers quickly obtainable, as well.

Regional applicants might submit hiring forms online or in-person at neighborhood Harris Teeter locations. Potential workers should expect come wait up to a month to hear ago from the supermarket concerning employment consideration. Big grocery save chains regularly attribute high sales rates, together each respective location requires dozens of employees in bespeak to maintain operations. Fill out an online job application now to begin the hiring procedure and secure factor to consider for entry-level and professional careers through a influential chain.

Harris Teeter employment Prospects and Wages Information

As most positions accessible at Harris Teeter supermarkets function part-time, entry-level status, applicants generally need no actual work background to obtain employment. Aside from age restrictions limiting job-related to people 16 and also over, the grocery store only imposes more requirements ~ above managerial candidates. Positions most often obtainable include:

Bagger – Harris Teeter baggers generally work part-time and also carry out miscellaneous supportive functions within the store. Major job duties include bagging groceries, assisting client in transferring groceries, and also retrieving purchase carts from save parking lots. Baggers connect with patrons regularly and also must own personable attributes. The place requires associates to work conveniently while offering excellent client service. Terrific communication skills and solid work ethics advantage potential baggers. The regional chain payment baggers hourly rates in between minimum wage and $9.00, in many cases.

Clerk – favor bagger positions, Harris Teeter clerk jobs involve continual interaction with customers. Extr job duties incorporate stocking and organizing room shelves and simple sanitation. Clerks also assume cashier duties throughout busy hrs as needed. Ancillary project duties performed by clerks vary by department. Associates in meat departments might spend time cutting, cleaning, and also packaging orders. Produce clerks frequently arrange product displays and check fruits and vegetables for quality. Part-time shifts represent the most typical schedules awarded to clerk employees. Applicants should possess the capability to comfortable perform hand-operated labor and work top top foot for hours at a time. Friendly attitudes and dedicated personalities likewise prove best for salesperson jobs. Typical starting pay hovers approximately minimum wage. Endure may result in hourly pay as much as $9.00 or $10.00.

Management – career opportunities accessible to grocery store store job seekers in ~ Harris Teeter locations incorporate tiered positions in management. The local supermarket conducts hiring for department manager and also store manager project titles. Individuals currently employed through the grocery store may receive promotion into manager-in-training programs, i m sorry guide encouraged associates into full-time, professional careers through the company. Exterior applicants might receive hiring factor to consider with year of experience and proven management in similar positions. Every manager supervises, hires, and also trains entry-level workers in addition to spring after save operations. Specific responsibilities differ by title however generally incorporate establishing business relations with customers and suppliers, maintaining and logging inventory, setup work schedules, addressing conflicts, and also driving sales. Department supervisors tend to carry out much more specific task duties, if store managers tend to much more administrative matters. Prospective employees must expect come make between $25,000 and also $70,000 yearly salary. Job title, experience, and time invested with the company generally identify afforded salary options.

Tips for Applying

Harris Teeter grocery store stores perform stringent medicine screening and also background checks before making rental decisions. Various other considerations applicants need to take include maintaining terrific hygiene and outward appearances and remaining personable and courteous at all times. The miscellaneous physical facets of many positions because that hire should likewise be taken right into account, as many entry-level tasks involve bending, stooping, lifting, pushing, and pulling as day-to-day activities.

Application Status

Most workers spend about two main going v the hiring procedure at Harris Teeter supermarkets. Individuals in the hunt for managerial positions might experience also longer processes, v deliberations and reviews lasting upwards the a month, in ~ times. Applicants develop user file to send hiring forms through the company careers page. The virtual profiles grant individuals access to real-time alters in application statuses. Employees may also check on applications via telephone or in-person visits to keep locations. Arriving during slower hrs when supervisors possess an ext time to talk works to the advantage of candidates, in most cases.

Benefits of working for Harris Teeter

Paid training, career advancement, and competitive salary options comprise a small part of total work benefits accessible to standard associates. Harris Teeter project benefits incorporate discounts ~ above products and also services and corporate-sponsored financial savings plans and healthcare coverage. Standard employees receive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance money options, versatile spending accounts, tuition assistance, 401(k) retirement plans, payment time off, and legal assistance.

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Additional details on Harris Teeter

The Harris Teeter company website offers in-depth, interactive access to products and services available through the supermarket chain. Customers may log on to find information on brand sold, product descriptions, save amenities, solutions provided, and also discounts. The website offers patrons the alternative to search by department and also even offers information on new items recently stocked in stores.