Gabi butler is one American All-Star Cheerleading athlete, television personality, YouTuber, and actress. Gabi butler came into the spotlight after ~ joining the ‘California All-Star SMOED’ cheerleading team.

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Gabi Butler pertained to this people on January 16, 1998, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Presently, she is 23 years old and her sun sign is Capricorn. Likewise, she mother’s name is Debbie and also her father’s surname is John. Later, she relocated to California to it is in a expert cheerleader.

Moreover, she to be homeschooled and also has 3 siblings including sisters, Ashley and Amanda, and a brother, man Michael. She to be an active campaigner against bullying in institutions in America and also used social media to gain her message across. Further, Gabi attends ‘Navarro College’ in Corsicana, Texas, wherein she is a part of the cheer team coached by Monica Aldama.


Caption: Gabi butler clicking a photograph with her grandmother. Source: Instagram

Gabi started cheerleading in ~ the period of eight. And, she was a component of an All-Star gym called ‘Top Gun and Trinity’. And, while tho winning many championships locally, she checked out the people Championships as component of ‘Top Gun and Trinity’ in 2010.

Sadly, she gained injured a month prior to the competition and was can not to compete. As result of the disappointment, she was about to stop cheerleading once her job turned around. She obtained an possibility to cheer because that the All-Star team based in California called, ‘Cali SMOED’. And also then, this breath of new life meant she left Florida and also joined the team.

Therefore, she went on to victory the civilization Championships through the team in 2013 and 2014. Similarly, in 2014, she additionally won a coat in the NCA along with her team yet it was likewise her critical year as component of ‘Cali SMOED’. In November 2014, she join the international team ‘Gymtyme Blink IOC5’ and also continued come cheer for them to date.


Caption: Gabi servant doing she stunt. Source: Instagram


Gabi appeared regularly on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube collection Cheerleaders because that a pair of seasons as soon as she to be on Smoked in between 2012 and 2014 and occasionally appeared on a couple of episodes of later on seasons. Luckily, the two human being Championship ring she won and also appearances top top the reality web collection ‘Cheerleaders’ (2013), turn her right into a star in the human being of compete cheerleading.

Therefore, the first episode ‘Eat, Sleep, Cheer’ aired on 3 march 2013 and also was well received by viewers. Additionally, it depicts she team ‘Cali SMOED’ as they prepare because that the civilization Championship. Similarly, the last episode, ‘The out of Towners’, was aired on 20 October 2013.

Moreover, in January 2020, she appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ together with other members the the team. Gabi also has a YouTube channel, which offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look right into her cheer life. Currently, she is a member that the top Gun OO cheer formation in Miami. Furthermore, she has actually done endorsement work for brands prefer FabFitFun, Shein, and Murad Skincare.

Personal Life

At the present, Gabi is romantically associated with the football player, Jordan Brooks-Wess. The two have actually a good bonding and spend many of their time together. Both of them keep posting their pictures on their corresponding social media accounts mirroring their love and also affection in the direction of each other. However, together of now, the duo has actually a solid connection and is enjoying their life together.


Caption: Gabi Butler and her friend posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

Social Media and also Net worth

Gabi is socially active on numerous social media platforms. She Instagram account ‘
gabibutler1617’ has actually earned end 1.6 million followers. She is obtainable on tiktok under the username ‘
gabi_butler1617’. There, she has actually gathered more than 1.3 million followers and more than 27.2 million likes.

Similarly, she ‘
GabiButlerCheer’ Twitter account has got over 117K followers. And, her on facebook page has actually earned over 355K followers. Likewise, her self-titled YouTube channel has actually gathered over 106K subscribers.

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Being a cheerleader and also stepping into expert work in ~ a young age, she probably has actually earned a an excellent amount the money. However, together of now, she has a net worth of about $1 million.