The exhaust flex pipe, an accordion-shaped pipeline which is an installed on the motor, will protect your car’s exhaust device by giving it the extra flexibility it demands by handling any contractions, vibrations and/or contractions.

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How much does an exhaust flex pipe fix cost?

The expense of one exhaust flex pipe repair, together with any type of car repair, will greatly depend ~ above the automobile you drive, the mechanic girlfriend hire and your geographical location. Together we were able to find multiple price quotes online, we discovered the mean price appeared to be in the $115 come $275 range in ~ a local muffler shop if you were to repair a ar of it; however, if you to be to replace the entire flex pipe, then the costs could range from $400 to more than $1,000 at a local car dealership if the pipe had actually a converter built in.

As for simply the parts, without any type of professional labor, the expenses can range from $15 to $35+, depending on the brand and the manufacturer.

To make it easier, we broke it under by vehicle makes and models in the table listed below to market an average as to what you may pay for your car.

Price QuoteSource
$40 for parts + $40 for job at neighborhood muffler shop because that Saturn SL2LINK
$288 because that unknown vehicle at MIDASLINK
$745 for parts + labor for Tiburon at regional dealershipLINK
$300 for Toyota CamryLINK
$140 because that Toyota CamryLINK
$150 for Toyota Camry through aftermarket partsLINK

What is a flex pipe?

The flex pipe is the bendable chunk of pipe which provides the exhaust system some flexibility, according to As a vital component of a prior wheel journey vehicle and also even on practically all all-wheel-drive vehicles, the component will protect your exhaust system from wreckage together you accelerate your car. There is no this extra versatility that the component offers, climate it could cause the exhaust system to crack, which will certainly then leak and create a loud noise.

How perform I recognize the component is bad?

Most the the time, it deserve to be straightforward to tell once this part starts come go bad as in the at an early stage stages, you will begin to hear a minor exhaust leak-like sound as you begin up her vehicle and start to accelerate. However, as lengthy as the leak isn’t considered to it is in major, it will slowly go away together you drive, however for a larger-than-average leak, it will certainly not walk away and will be much louder, essentially letting you recognize there’s something wrong. While nearly all flex pipes will certainly break from the internal of the pipe, it can sound prefer you execute not have actually an exhaust at all. If you hear any sounds comes from her exhaust, do not neglect it as it have the right to cause significant damage to your exhaust mechanism in the future, boosting your fix bill also more. This can include breaking far bolts, flanges or even ruining the exhaust manifold, an additional repair the can cost well into the thousands of dollars.

Tips to know

All dealerships will want to replace the whole flex pipe together per your shop standards, but 99 percent of the time, this isn’t required. To save thousands of dollars, consider finding a local mom and also pop muffler shop in your area to see if a portion of the flex pipe deserve to be replaced to help you save money and keep her exhaust device in functioning order. Most of the time, a an easy weld and about 30 to 45 minute of her time will result in a functioning flex pipe.

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