This is the story of just how Dr Dre walk from high school drop-out come the richest man in hip-hop. Indigenous his solo career, come signing Eminem and Snoop Dogg and finally, the megabucks money he's made through Beats.


2. If finances aren't fair, Dre won't be hanging around.

Dre had actually made it together a producer and also rapper very first in Work course Wreckin Cru and then with Ice Cube in the group NWA. But 1991 Dre famously decided to leave NWA after a 'financial dispute,' controlling to obtain out that his contract early.


3. The creating of death Row Records.

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That same year (1991) Dr Dre co-formed his own record company called 'Death heat Records.' currently an entrepreneur as well as producer and also rapper, Dre to be responsible because that finding few of hip-hops best players in the 90's, consisting of Tupac Shakur.


4. Dr Dre made background – and money – through the release of 'The Chronic'

It's an album that requirements no introduction. The went multi-platinum in under a year and over a te after its release 'The Chronic' is quiet making Dre money. It has actually been re-released three times and also has singles featured in best-selling video clip game grand Theft Auto: mountain Andreas.


5. Recognize a protégé in Snoop Dogg.

While at death Row documents Dr Dre likewise found a protégé in Snoop Dogg, presenting him to the civilization of hip-hop through features on The Chronic and also producing his debut album 'Dogglestyle,' which ended up being the an initial debut album because that an artist to debut at number one ~ above the Billboard 200 album charts. Us don't doubt that it earnt Dre a couple of bob.

6. In 1996 Dre left fatality Row and also started aftermath Records.

Aftermath to chat operated together a subsidiary of, and was dispersed through, global Music Group's Interscope Records. It's the brand that has actually homed acts consisting of 50 Cent, Eminem and also Kendrick Lamar.

7. Aftermath Records really took off as soon as Dre signed Eminem.

The turning point for consequences came in 1998, as soon as Jimmy Iovine, the head that Aftermath's parent label Interscope, and also Dr. Dre chose to sign Eminem. When Eminem's 'The Slim Shady LP' reached number 2 on the Billboard 200 and received basic acclaim from critics, everyone shortly realised the power of Dre's new label.

8. Dre love music, but he experienced it together a business as much as a passion.

Dre co-produced the fastest marketing rap album of all time, Eminem's 'The actual Slim Shady.' he was great at his job due to the fact that he to be passionate around music – the once declared he spent 79 hrs straight in the studio, but Dre also made clear that music is around business an ext than anything for him, saying;"Once it come out, because that me, it's simply business. Numbers."

9. In 2001 Dre apparently earned $35 million native one sale.

Dr Dre sold 30% of his share of his aftermath label come Interscope records in 2001, a deal that earned him a huge $35 million.

10. Mar J Blige family affair artwork

The single, additionally released in 2001, which was developed by Dre, topped the Billboard warm 100 for six weeks and also according to Rolling Stone, earnt Dr Dre $2 million, acquisition his total tearnings for the year as much as $51.9 million – put Dr Dre together the second highest payment musician in 2001 (after U2.)

11. Exactly how much walk Dr Dre earn because that every track he produces?

Rappers Eminem, 50 Cent and also Dr. Dre arrive at the Shady national Convention come launch shade 45, a brand-new satellite radio station at the Roseland Ballroom October 28, 2004 in new York City. (Photo by frank Micelotta/Getty Images)

12. So what walk Dr Dre fee to produce a song if you aren't signed come Aftermath?

Rolling rock reported: "For outside projects such together the Gwen Stefani/Eve cooperation 'Rich Girl,' see the physician is expensive: Dre earns around $250,000 every track."

13. However we all know it isn't music that's do Dre the big bucks.

In 2008, after discussing the poor quality of Apple's white earphones, Dr Dre partnered with his long-time friend and mentor Jimmy Lovine to produce 'Beats Electronics.'

14. In 2012 Dre sold HTC 51% the the firm for $300 million.

When smartphone agency HTC paid $300 million because that a 51% stake in win Electronics, Dre took home $100 million pretax. The deal intended that Dre visited the optimal of Forbes greatest paid hip-hop musicians list in 2012. Later on Dre and also his partners bought back half of what they had actually sold.

15. "We're make the efforts to ultimately be 2nd to Apple. And also I don't think that's a poor position"

Dre was the richest guy in hip-hop yet he wasn't about to stop. In a 2012 interview through HipHopDX Dre stated of Beats; "I'm shocked myself regarding how fine they're doing. We're gonna keep new and amazing product coming. We're make the efforts to at some point be second to Apple. And I nothing think it is a poor position."

16. A year later, Dre moved back down to third place on Forbes hip-hop well-off list.

Diddy's attend to Ciroc expected he took the number one spot, and also Jay Z come in at number two since of his Rocawear and Live country ventures. Dre was suddenly 3rd on the list through a precious of $350 million.

17. That's not to say the Beats to be doing badly in the slightest.

In 2012, NPD group reported that Beats had actually a industry share that 64% because that headphones priced greater than $100, and also was valued in ~ $1 exchange rate in September 2013. Dre had actually the product, and he had actually all the appropriate music sector contacts to acquire the promotion his headphones needed – they conveniently began showing up in music videos and were snap on celebrities' heads. Picture: Getty

18. Two weeks prior to his attend to Apple, Dre sat as number two on Forbes 2014 hip-hop richlist

At $700 million Diddy preserved his place as the richest human in hip-hop – and he wont be relocating out that the height five any time soon as a attend to Diageo's Ciroc brings Diddy an eight-figure value every year! however Dre did control to overtake Hov, significantly his worth to $550 million. Picture: Getty.

19. Then, Dre announced the best deal of his life.

News broke earlier this month that Apple is set to to buy Beats electronics for an incomprehensible $3.2 billion. Dre released a video calling self 'hip-hops very first billionaire.' here Dre's pictured through (on his right) Jimmy Iovine, Beats electronics CEO & Co-Founder, and also Luke Wood, chairman & COO of to win Electronics.

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20. Dr Dre signs on the dotted line v Apple.

It's official! to apologize has gained Beats electronics for a staggering $3 billon. Forbes to speak they have actually done the math and Dre, the boy that dropped the end of school, will be precious an estimated $800 million after the apple acquisition. Not fairly the 1 billion he claimed, however certainly sufficient to crown him (by a lofty $100 million) the richest male in hip-hop.