Creme brulee has actually been a standard dessert favourite for centuries. Its creamy base and brittle caramel peak are perfect because that finishing off any kind of style that meal. This dish is commonly made v a bain marie, which have the right to easily ruin the fragile custard or make a chaos in your kitchen. Ours recipe rather uses a combi oven that cooks with steam, so you don’t have to worry around the water bath or the time required to bake the custard in a convection oven. If you desire a seasonal dessert the will prevent these pitfalls and raise her profits, keep reading to discover out ours recipe for 18-minute pumpkin creme brulee.

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What is Creme Brulee?


The ax “creme brulee” method “burnt cream” in French. This provides a lot of sense because the recipe is composed of an egg custard that’s topped through a tough caramel coating. Usually, the custard is baked in a bain marie, or water bath, prior to being sprinkled with sugar that"s burned and also caramelized through a broiler or butane torch. This can be a an extensive process, with the custard baking in the bain marie because that close to an hour. However, us made our recipe with a combi oven, i beg your pardon uses heavy steam as a cooking method to same distribute heat, remove the require for the water bath.

Traditionally, the food is only made through vanilla, however many restaurants include other flavors to do the food seasonal or much more appropriate because that a details event. Chocolate, lavender, citrus, and also cinnamon room all popular options. We made decision to incorporate pumpkin and also some fall spices in our recipe because nothing screams “fall” quite prefer pumpkin.

History that Creme Brulee

Like most standard dishes, the exact origin of creme brulee is unknown. The name would suggest a French origin, and there have been documents dating it together a French dessert as far ago as 1691. Over there are likewise Trinity cream and also crema catalana, which are similar desserts indigenous England and also Spain that claim to it is in the beginning of this dish.

18-Minute Pumpkin Creme Brulee


While it sounds fancy and is regularly served in upscale establishments, creme brulee is very simple and inexpensive to make. With just a handful of ingredients, girlfriend can create a dessert that looks and also tastes more complex than the is. Together an added bonus, by making use of a combi oven rather of the classic bain marie, you deserve to speed up the moment it takes come prepare the dessert and also won’t have to worry around a stray splash the water affecting her bottom line.

Cost failure of Pumpkin Creme Brulee

The format of restaurant, serving size, and recipe you decision to usage can influence how lot this dish costs to make as well as how much you charge for it. We looked in ~ menus from a range of different restaurants and other foodservice facilities that serve creme brulee and found that the prices ranged native $6-$12, with most listing about $8 per serving. Also with the extra spices and ingredients added in, our recipe just cost about $3.50 to do one serving, which pipeline you through a large profit margin because that this innovative treat.

Sold on menu - $8Food cost per offer - $3.50Profit Margin per Serving - $4.50

Pumpkin Creme Brulee Recipe

Our recipe renders 6 servings the creme brulee that are 4 oz. Each. The ramekins we supplied were depth than traditional creme brulee dishes, so they require longer baking times than their shallower counterparts (about 18 minutes as opposed come 11 minutes). Inspect out the video clip below for our complete recipe because that pumpkin creme brulee!


5 egg yolks1 egg17 oz. Heavy cream4.5 oz. Sugar3 tbsp. Pumpkin1 tsp. Pure vanilla extract½ tsp. Cinnamon¼ tsp. Nutmeg¼ tsp. Cloves


Combine all the ingredient in a large bowl and whisk castle together.Strain the cream mixture into a pitcher.Pour the batter into 4 oz. Ramekins.Preheat your cooktop to 220 levels Fahrenheit.Steam her batter in ~ 220 levels for 5 minutes.Lower your oven’s temperature to 212 levels and steam for second 13 minutes.Remove her ramekins native the oven and put castle in a frozen fridge or blast chiller because that at least 10 minute or until completely cool. Store the custard cool until you’re ready to serve.Right prior to serving, sprinkle a thin layer of street on optimal of the custard, and brown it using a torch.

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Pumpkin creme brulee is a very delicious seasonal treat that your customers will certainly love. While it seems favor a complicated, time-consuming dessert, you’ll be amazed at just how quick and easy it is to prepare. Ideal of all, by using the steam settings on your combi oven instead of the traditional water bath, friend won’t need to worry around ruining her custard or do a mess with the water.

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