Neonatologists functioning in the joined States commonly earn incomes in the variety from $136,475 to $307,905 a year including bonuses according to the value data noted by Payscale. The yearly bonuses can amount to approximately $58,958. Neonatologists v the degree of physician of medication (MD) report earning salaries in the variety from $102,129 to $314,633 a year.

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Men normally earn an ext than women: male neonatal professionals report income in the selection from $116,923 to $312,480 a year, while female neonatologists report being paid between $100,671 and $307,921 yearly according come Payscale.

Average salary

The average yearly salary for neonatologists work in the United states is $275,400 according to the recruitment certain Profiles, $205,236 follow to Payscale, $222,743 follow to, and also $204,417 according to Jobstat.

The finest paid neonatal physicians earn $303,260 annually, when those v the lowest yearly revenue make about $138,581.

The salary info on reveals the the height 10% the neonatal specialists earn $309,949 or much more annually, while those on the lower end of the range make $156,077 a year or less.

Salary range

The salary range for neonatologists varies relying on a variety of factors. Experienced experience is among the significant ones. Neonatal medical professionals with 1 to 4 years of experience generally report earning incomes in the variety from $117,798 to $226,215 a year, and those through 5 to 9 year of experience frequently make between $126,045 and $240,961 annually. Experts with 10 to 19 year of experience space usually paid between $144,688 a year, and those with 20 or an ext years of expert experience under their belt earn an yearly pay in the variety from $186,526 to $394,530 a year follow to the value information noted by Payscale.

Neonatal doctors employed by establishments with 10 come 49 employees frequently earn an annual pay in the range between $189,649 and $218,733. Specialists with a certification native the American plank of Pediatrics (ABP) make in between $122,554 and also $302,919 annually, and those through a certification in Neonatal-Perinatal medicine from the American board of Pediatrics earn wages in the selection from $165,000 come $221,695 a year follow to Payscale’s revenue statistics.

Neonatologists functioning at basic hospitals generally report earning an annual income in the range between $115,296 and also $304,218. Specialists employed by hospitals usually earn between $154,839 and also $224,556 a year, and the average salary variety for neonatologists functioning in the health care sector is from $150,395 to $305,761 a year.

Starting salary

The starting salary because that neonatologists in their an initial year top top the job is $196,000 a year follow to These specialists get $2,510 a year on typical in bonuses according to Payscale’s salary data.

Salary by state

Neonatologists’ salaries additionally vary indigenous state come state. Professionals employed in Florida, because that example, frequently earn between $176,874 and $307,392 a year, and also those based in Texas normally report earning annual salaries in the variety from $162,699 to $209,609. Neonatal physicians working in brand-new York make between $147,395 and also $238,917 annually, and also those employed in California are generally paid between $100,671 and also $397,317 a year according to Payscale’s salary figures.

Hourly wage

The mean hourly wage because that neonatal physicians working in the U.S. Is $101.65. The best paid neonatologists earn $150.80 per hour, and those v the lowest wages make $68.91 every hour top top average.


Neonatologists’ benefits packages deserve to sometimes reflect their average yearly pay. Specialists who acquire 401(k) plans typically report wages in the range from $135,741 to $307,270 a year, those who get malpractice and also liability insurance generally earn between $118,588 and also $263,555 annually, and neonatal experts who acquire life and also disability insurance room usually paid in between $135,000 and $285,000 a year.

Neonatologists who obtain 403(b) to plan as part of their benefits package generally earn earnings in the selection from $152,338 come $313,551 a year, and those who have actually paid vacations and holidays commonly earn indigenous $116,394 to $300,570 annually.

Neonatal doctors who get cell phones earn in between $176,874 and $244,168 a year, and also those who obtain paid sick leave generally have yearly salaries in the variety from $147,395 to $233,994 according to the salary figures noted by Payscale.

The most well-known perks and also benefits amongst neonatal physicians are 401(k) plans, malpractice and liability insurance, life and also disability insurance, 403(b) plans, and also paid vacations.

In terms of vacation weeks, neonatologists in their first year frequently get 4.5 weeks off, those through 1 come 4 years of experience report getting 3.8 main a year on average, and professionals with 5 come 9 year of experience get 3.2 holidays weeks ~ above average. Neonatologists with 10 come 19 years of experience get about 2.3 weeks off, and also those with 20 or much more years of experienced experience report obtaining 4.3 mainly of vacation on average according come Payscale.


The mean bonuses because that neonatologists count on a selection of factors, consisting of years that experience. Neonatology doctors with 1 come 4 year of suffer get about $10,000 each year in bonuses, those through 5 come 9 years of experience space paid roughly $5,000 a year, and professionals with 10 come 19 years of experience report acquiring yearly bonuses in the mean amount the $9,000.

Experienced neonatologists with 20 or an ext years of endure under their belt room paid $40,000 a year on median in bonus money follow to the value information noted by Payscale.

Yearly bonuses will rely on the employer, too. Because that example, neonatologists to work by MEDNAX report acquiring $19,500 a year ~ above average, when those work by the Pediatrix Medical group are paid roughly $15,000 a year in bonuses follow to Payscale.

Neonatologists’ annual bonus earnings likewise vary from state to state. Professionals employed in California obtain $60,000 a year on average, those functioning in West Virginia room paid around $16,250 a year, and neonatology doctors based in Texas report obtaining $12,000 a year top top average. Experts working in brand-new York earn roughly $10,000 a year in bonuses, those based in Florida gain $2,750 top top average, and neonatology experts employed in Massachusetts room paid around $1,750 a year in bonuses follow to Payscale’s value statistics.

Other revenue factors

Neonatologists’ annual salaries additionally vary depending on employer type. Professionals employed through hospitals frequently earn between $123,648 and $302,588 annually, and also those functioning at universities and colleges report an yearly income in the variety from $147,395 to $187,000. Neonatal physicians employed by exclusive practices and also firms are commonly paid in between $193,550 and also $228,907 a year, and those to work by companies generally make in between $197,151 and $254,341 a year follow to Payscale’s salary figures.

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Neonatologist earnings can additionally be impacted by the variety of hospital beds. Because that example, specialists working for organizations with much less than 50 hospital beds generally report salaries in the range from $147,000 to $275,000 a year, if those employed by establishments with 50 come 99 beds are usually paid between $124,800 and also $236,500 a year follow to Payscale’s value data.