Winter coats space investments, however how lot do friend actually have to pay to defend yourself from the elements?

In areas like Chicago, whereby temperatures felt together low as-40 degreeswith the wind chill, police are reporting a slew ofrobberiestargeting other you could not expect: winter coats. <"One high-end brand has equipped bandits thefts coats..."> <"...three times throughout the morning sirloin today."> <"...but last night, it happened again.">

The details coats in concern are by Canada Goose — a firm whose assets average approximately $950 andnever walk on sale. The brand regularly outfits celebrities and winter sports athletes, but for regular world braving harsh winters, are deluxe coats actually worth the investment?

Before we acquire into the answer, let's talk about the perspective of seeing clothing as an investment.Bloomingdale's former Women's Fashion manager toldRacked in 2016, "your coat is kind of like your car," and also a writer because that theCanadian women's magazine Chatelainebroke it down favor this: rather of see a $340 winter coat because that its full price, think of it as a everyday expense. If friend wear the coat 150 times throughout the winter, it's about 2 dollars a wear; and also if you keep it for five years, the cost drops to 45 cents.That logic functions the same method for high-end brands prefer Canada Goose, however as heat as they may be, another expert said Racked: "It's shocking to check out a $1,000 price tag for a jacket as soon as a nice Patagonia coat is just as functional."

While researching because that this story, i askedpeople top top Twiterhow lot they frequently spend on winter coats. Many of them stated they spend in between $100 and also $300, which wake up to it is in the median price of winter coats at areas like Columbia, Uniqlo, L.L. Bean, Dick's Sporting Goods and REI. Price differ in between men and also women, yet for the stores i looked at, coats for men seem come be much more expensive top top average.

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Experts toldABC News that components like greater quality insulation, to trust and, yes, fashion fads can affect prices. Since of that, it's better to look in ~ a winter coat practically like a piece of technology, fairly than a piece of clothing. If the typical prices tho sound favor too much, shoppers canalleviate costsby shopping in ~ thrift shop or taking advantage of sales.Market experts saythe ideal time come buy winter coats is ~ December, since by that time, stores room clearing out their inventories for spring.

With every one of this in mind, it's up to shoppers to decide how much they're able to invest into a winter coat.Luxury brands prefer Canada Goose might be warm, however they aren't have to the finest brand for human being on budgets.

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Chicago regulation enforcement will probably agree, and also until the city's coat robbers space caught, police are telling world to "maybe stay a various coat."

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story claimed the was standing temperature to be -40 degrees. It's to be updated come specify wind chilled instead.